Thursday 09.03.17, A new start!

I’m calling this “a new start” even though it’s more like a continuance of my former experiences with God almighty! Anyway this is my first “going out” (my main goal being to pray for people with pain) after my fast.

I planned to go to K-market and discovered that it’s actually another nice shop close by. Before I went in I saw an older woman with a crutch. I went to her and asked her in Finnish if she had pain, pointing to her crutch. She said “yes” so I asked again where the pain was. She said that it is in her knees so I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed. I prayed two times and the women said that she had no pain anymore. I could hardly believe that all pain was gone already after the second prayer because she didn’t react very enthousiastically but anyway if people say that all pain is gone I choose to believe them. The opposite happens also: people who are healed just lie in your face even though they got healed. In former posts you can read that I have already been in two different places were I could “discover” people lying too me. So if people say they are healed or feel no pain any more I believe them.

Anyway because we were standing outside and it was snowing I pointed to God who healed her and said goodbye. I quickly went into the shop, bought some small little products, and asked a guy if he had pain. The guy looked a bit confused by my question but seemed to be interested and said that he did had some pain. He pointed to his calf so I asked if I could pray for him. The painlevel was 7 and already after the first prayer it went down to 3. I wanted all pain to go so I went on with praying for more than 5 more times after which all pain totally disappeared. He wanted to treat me with a coffee so I followed him.

I went with (let’s call him) Ali to his shop/work and drank quickly my coffee before going “overjoyedly” home 🙂

Jesus is alive guys. He wants to show himself to all people, he’s just waiting for us to move! Come on! When will you go? Creation is waiting on the revelation of the sons and daughters of God!

This is “Ali”, whose calf pain was healed by Jesus!

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