A muslim friend asked me to pray for his back!

Today was last day of the “work”/school week with a nice perspective on the weekend. Amazing! Even though the Finnish lessons are not bad or boring it is always nice to enjoy a nice weekend with my wife were we are free to do what we want. This weekend we would go to my wife’s parents with her siblings. Something I also enjoy a lot, cause I really like my family in law a lot! A real blessing of God!!

What I will remember about today is that a good friend of mine had back pain and asked me if I could pray for him. Logically he got healed, something I now know happens (all the time) and when it doesn’t happen I really can speak of an exception! In just 5% of all cases there is no change at all; is such cases I tell them that if Jesus would have been here he would defenitely have healed you; sorry, but I’m his disciple and still in the learning school. I have never had any bad reaction when they let me pray and nothing happened, if they give you a bad reaction it will be before you even had the change to pray for them). But how did it happen today you might ask, well my wife and me have been making lots of contacts with all kind of people here in Forssa. Mostly people we have  met in the “meeting place” in Forssa were we go almost every Sunday (See other posts if you want to know more!) At that location lots of people have been healed, not because we use that place as a platform to evangelise, but only because we are humans with a big heart who love people and when they have pain I ask them if can pray for them. 95% of them  got healed; hallelujah!! The situation is now that the/our friends from that place come with people who have pain or are sick to us just before we want to leave, and ask me if I can pray for their friends cause they know that they will be healed! Isn’t that amazing!! I love it, I always point to Jesus and tell them Jesus is the big healer and often hear them saying, yes, yes we know! We know!! … All glory to God, on the right time I know I’ll get an open door to tell them more about our saviour! I love it!!

So today I was on the school where a young muslim couple  also is attending the course. The new module has started just on 16 Januari, but I know the couple from the Finnish meeting place at Forssa (Ystävän kamari). From the meeting place  the couple already knew that I pray for people with pain and that they get healed by Jesus. Now the wife of Mahmod (name changed) came to me after the coffee brake and told me silent “Mahmod his back hurts”. I said, a10.03.17ah, ok. Can I pray for him? His wife said, of course, so I went to Mahmod and asked him where he had pain. He showed his back and he told me I could pray for him after I had asked if I could pray for it. His painlevel on a scale to 10 was 7 so he really had some pain. I prayed the first time but it just was reduced to 6 so I prayed a second time and after that it was already 5 (if I can remember correctly): with the third prayer it went down again with 2 points, so 3 was the endpoint after the third prayer. I told him that all pain had to leave so I prayed a fourth and a fifth time and ALL PAIN LEFT! Glory Hallelujaah! We both were very happy; not just because Jesus had  healed again but also because Mahmod is a very good friend of my wife and I. (This week they invited us again to eat at there place, actually a month ago already but because I was fasting they posponed it to this week). We (my wife and me) are really looking forward for a nice meet-and greet between good friends.

Tomorrow the new week starts; love the life I have with God! Every day is a new day full of adventure! 😀  .



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