Wednesday 15.03.17, The motor is on again! :D

Fantastic, that’s how I can call this day!

Finnish spring is in town; the ice is everywhere melting away what doesn’t give the most beautiful sight (everywhere melting brown ice) but the sun is shining and it is not cold! “Ilma on kaunis” (the weather is beautiful) as they would say in Finland. With a lot of joy I walked home, eat one bread before I left my home again to go to Prisma (the shoppingmal in Forssa).

I had to buy three things and would look out if I could find some people to pray for. At the start it didn’t really work very well cause the first 5 people didn’t have any pain and one of the youngsters was even “aggressively” making clear that I had to go away. It doesn’t scare me but it can have an effect on my motivation. I pray for them that they would get to hear more about Jesus before it’s too late cause without Jesus were all facing an extremely frightening judgement day! For many people it will be the most horrific day of their lives, and that’s what I really would try to prevent cause no one has to go there. That place is made as a place for punishment for the devil and his angels, but we have a God of justice and everyone who didn’t accept the sacrifice of the son of God will go to that horrific eternal  place of punishment. I am so glad that I can go around and tell people the GOOD NEWS that no one has to go to that place! We even can show the truth by performing miracles in Jesus name! Hallelujah!! God is good!

So after 5 or more rejections I did some shopping and suddenly I could hear my name: “Hey Tim! I looked up and there stood a woman with her daughter (I guess she was 35y old). They seemed to know me so I  friendly said hi back and asked them from where they knew me.” We have sPrisma 15.03.17een you in the church, (Saalem pentecostal church of Forssa)”. We talked a bit and before we went our ways I asked them if someone of them had some pain. The daughter said she did felt pain in her arm. I could pray for her and I asked her if I could lay my hands on her, she agreed. I asked how much the pain level was and she said 7. “Oh, that’s much”, I said. I prayed 6 times or something like that for her arm and all pain went away! Glory hallelujah! When I asked if I could take a picture of her she was ok with it but only a pic. with her arm who got healed, not her face.

I got Holy Spirit power in me. Also when I was living in Belgium and I spoke to people about God on trains or busses, it often felt that the Holy Spirit was really on me. After a conversation with someone, I mostly had another efficient conversation were I could share about Jesus. Nowadays, when people are healed, it feels a bit the same. It’s always good to continue, when one person gets healed, because there’s more to come! Just press on! 😀

I asked more people and I think the third person I asked had pain. I was surprised but didn’t want her to see that so I asked her “Aah, I pray for people with pain because I believe that Jesus can take that pain away”. “Yeah, but I don’t believe that”, she responded (or a bit like that). “That’s no problem”, I said, “..because I believe and that’s enough, can I pray for it?” She agreed. She seemed quite ok with me praying for it because maybe she didn’t expect anything to happen. The pain level was 7/10 and after the first prayer it was already reduced to 5. I told her that it mostly goes away with few prayers and if she was ok with me praying for it some more times. She still said very resolutely “yes” but now I could feel that she was a bit puzzled. I was really happy and prayed again and asked with a smile on my face, “and how is it now?” 😀 … she said: “2.. or, no it’s gone!” I said, “Really? Waaw!”. I could share the gospel with her a bit and showed her the card from the last reformation. I told her that she really should go to the site on the card and check out the video. I believe that the Holy Spirit will lead you closer to him, just don’t let it go! Today you have felt that God really wants you to know that he exists.” She was very thankful. She was on her way to a meeting, so I let her go because I don’t want to give her a bad feeling, when she would come too late at her meeting.


I felt very happy when I left her and thanked God. I bought my last things and was almost on my way home when I saw a older woman sitting in a wheelchair pushed forward by a teenager. I immediately felt that she would have some kind of pain, so why not asking her? I knew somehow that she would be healed. I  just hoped that she would let me pray for her. So I went to her and explained my request. She was immediately ok that I would pray for her. Her pain level was 9.5. Even though she let me pray for it, she also said that she didn’t believe that something would or could happen: she wouldn’t fake it at all. I said again that I believe God could heal her and that’s enough. After the first prayer I asked her to check it. “No difference”, she said. “Ok, then I pray again”, I answered.  She said, “… Hmmm, yes, maybe 9”. When I prayed again, the woman started to laugh a bit (not in an accusing way, but in a curious way, like she never had heard anyone praying two times or more for the same problem). I prayed again and asked her how it felt now. The woman checked it and said maybe 7. She also said that her leg was starting to feel hot, and my hands were also hot. I told her to feel my hands (which were cold) and said to her that it wasn’t me but the Holy Spirit that was healing her. She didn’t really say something back. I was happy that there were two people seeing this happen: The teenager who was assisting this woman, and the older lady herself, who was in the wheelchair. I said I would pray again because all pain had to go. I was encouraged by her remark that she felt warmth and I knew that all the pain would finally go away. I think I prayed 10 times for her, in total, but in the end she was totally set free from the pain. I gave them both a TLR-card and we exchanged our phone numbers. I told them that they should really check the movie, which they promised to do. We happily said goodbye.

Just before I wanted to leave the shoppingcenter I saw a “big” guy, kind of gangster-type with black sunglasses on. I feel quite compelled to talk to those kind of people. They can look very “hard and furious” outside, but on the inside there is quite often another kind of a person and that’s the one I want to meet. I went to the guy and asked if he had some kind of pain in his eyes, or if he had problems with the light from the sun or another kind of sickness. The guy was a bit surprised and asked why. I explained that I believe that Jesus could take all pain away if he would let someone pray for it. The guy looked at me and said “Come on”. He took me a bit by my arm and guided me towards the outside were we could talk without people passing us all the time.  I asked the same questions again and he said that he didn’t have some pain but I could pray for him. I asked him if I could pray for him now and if he would tell me where I could pray for. He said, “Ooh, for everything’, so I prayed that Gods spirit would come on him and I put him in God’s hands. He looked very happy and blessed and with a smile we said goodbye. What a Wonderful Day!

It feels that God has turned the power on again! Hallelujaah! I’m ready for MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!

9 thoughts on “Wednesday 15.03.17, The motor is on again! :D

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Ilze! Today my hands can’t follow anymore! Every day people get healed, etc… I try to put the most important on my blog!


    1. Thanks James, God is moving in me. The most important that from what is happening now is that my love for Him became much bigger, my understanding, my relationship is much intenser and by all those things my faith has become bigger so that it is almost logic that I see so much miracles happen when I step out in faith! 😀 It is amazing!!! I love it (too:) !


    1. Thanks Emanuel! I experience so much these days that I have no tine enough to write everything down! Weekend: 5 people got healed, monday 2, Tuesday4, today again 2 + I could ask someone if she wiuld consider to be baptised on her own faith. Please pray with me for that girl! It’s very important!


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