Mon 20.03- Thu 23.03.17, I’m tired of my micro-belief

Lots of things have been happening this week!

Maybe one of the most important things that have taken place is not so much the healings, etc… but it is more the inner change that has taken place!

I came to realise that Jesus has paid the price and has done everything it takes, he’s just waiting on us to “radically believe” Him (not just believe IN him, but actually believe what he’s saying!). Remember what he said to his disciples when they couldn’t heal the person possessed with a demon.

“17 One of the men in the crowd spoke up and said, “Teacher, I brought my son so you could heal him. He is possessed by an evil spirit that won’t let him talk. 18 And whenever this spirit seizes him, it throws him violently to the ground. Then he foams at the mouth and grinds his teeth and becomes rigid. So I asked your disciples to cast out the evil spirit, but they couldn’t do it.”

19 Jesus said to them, “You faithless people! How long must I be with you? How long must I put up with you? Bring the boy to me.”  (Mark. 9:17-19)

We see here that Jesus is not quite happy with their unbelief! They had disbelief even if they had seen all those miracles. What about us? We weren’t there witnessing all those miracles that Jesus made. but all of us have seen some kind of power of Jesus been displayed. Maybe you saw somebody get healed, or maybe you saw a demon been kicked out or you got a prayer answer. Whatever it is, most people have already seen God at work. This and other things have built up our faith.

This weekend I become pretty mad at myself for my “micro-faith” as I call it. IF I really believe that God has paid the price and that His son has all the power in heaven and on the earth then I better start to believe everything the bible teaches! Without leaving anything out because of tradition or peoples criticism. So out of that revelation (when I was laying awake in my bed) I suddenly get the understanding that Satan is “VERY HAPPY” with “our little faith” so we can’t tap out of the “amazing” power of Christ witch He gave us as a testimony for those who don’t believe in Christ …yet! Since that night I can say that there were more healings, more divine encounters, etc. Cause I know that God every time wants to set people free (when they want to)  heal (when we command the sickness or pain to go!) I’m bolder than ever before! 😀 Come on people, let’s take back what the devil has stolen from us!

So this is how the week went:

Monday: revelation from God

Tuesday: 2 people on my Finnish course get healed, one in his back, and the cleaner lady  from school also in her back. In the evening 3 women from my wife’s bible group wanted to join me in Prisma to see what am I really doing there. One of them went around with me and help by interpreting when needed, whil the other two were looking at us with my wife from a distance. I prayed for the first who get healed the following I asked if my friend could pray for her. She prayed for someone and saw that she was healed (after I think 2 or 3 prayers).

When we were about to end the evening the woman who had helped me told that her shoulders were hurting. I then said to the group: “Well this is perfect, Sonja (name changed)  can you now pray for her? If it doesn’t work, I’ll pray some more and certainly the pain will go, it has no chance to stay!!”. She was a bit shocked, “Me? But I don’t have the gift of healing!”. We talked about it how Jesus never told disciples that some have the gift and some don’t. Jesus said that those who believe, will put their hands on sick people and they will become healthy. She then laid her hand on her friend and commanded the pain to go, and the pain left! Sonja was very shocked, “Whaaat!? Really?”, she nearly couldn’t believe it

GREAT! I was super happy! We said goodbye and went home: more to come, that’s for certain!

Though, when we came out from Prisma I also prayed for a teenage girl who had pain in her chest. I didn’t touch her but kept my hand 20 cm from her. I prayed for 4 times, but she said that there was no change. She also told in a matter of fact way, that she doesn’t believe in God. I don’t know why it didn’t happen, though I also can’t know if it happened when we left (I’ve heard many stories were people get healed a bit after the prayer, or maybe she didn’t want to admit it? I’ve seen both. One thing I know. God is rejoicing over me and that’s what I like!

Wednesday: 1 Muslim friend from my Finnish course got healed. When I came home, I had a conversation with our roommate (a refugee friend who’s now sleeping at our place for some weeks). He is working a lot and told that his feet are hurting. He happily let me pray for him and he got healed in his feet after the second prayer!  Hallelujaah! He is a muslim, but he has seen already many, many healings. Still, he hasn’t been open to talk about Jesus and God (how Bible describes God).

When I went to Prisma I had an encounter with a girl from my first Finnish course (a course I started to follow in the autumn). The girl said “Hi” to me and I sat down to chat. In the end we talked around 30 minutes as she seemed to have time for it. She was from Italy so she belonged to the catholic church. I could give her a TLR-card and tell her about the necessity to get baptised on your  own faith (she was  baptised as a baby). I told to her that my wife or I could baptise her and I could see that she was nodding. Waaw, this would be amazing! If she would get baptized I would immediately after that take her to the streets and I could show her how to pray for the sick. Show her a bit how it is to live in the Kingdom of God. I would like to go through the whole package with her (Repentant of your sins toward God, Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ,  Be baptised in water and Receive the Holy spirit).

Thursday: 1 guy from my Finnish intensive course was healed in his knee, and I could tell him a lot about Jesus (his wife Monika (not real name) was already two times healed, read older blog posts! He suffers from depression and I really hope, that I can bring Him to Jesus cause he’s so lovely! (like all the others!).

When I came home I went for a last time to PRISMA this week (because tomorrow my wife and I would travel north for a wedding: I’m already looking forward what will happen on our travel and on the wedding itself! :D). I entered Prisma and asked around 20 people if they had some kind of pain, but no one had. On the other hand I had amazing talks with people about “the last reformation”, “baptism”, “being a disciple”, etc… I could give my contact information to the first man I met (see the picture) and I told him that he could always contact me if he would have a question. He was a believer, and seemed happy to have met me. It was a nice conversation.


I still had some other very nice conversations but no one had any kind of pain. It saddens me a little bit cause I’m hungry to see the Kingdom come in Power, but you can’t do very much without praying for the sick. I’m already quite used to pray for sick, but I still have to grow in laying my hand on people to pray for the Holy Spirit.

When I went out of Prisma I still met a girl from Forssa’s pentecostal church. She was walking with a friend to Prisma. I went to talk with them and it seemed that the friend was also a believer but was baptised as a baby. I said that Jesus wants that we would make a decision for him when we have the ability to choose and without our free will, it’s not valid. I told her that she has to think about it and that she could always contact me or my wife or her friend (daughter of the pastor) to get baptised.

I was thinking that eventhough I could feel a bit discourage about the today in Prisma, I must be happy because the purpose of a “healing” is to get the people’s attention on what you want to share with them. So if they already are open about what you eant to share with them without a healing, you can just tell them what the gospel is all about!



4 thoughts on “Mon 20.03- Thu 23.03.17, I’m tired of my micro-belief

    1. Yes amazing isn’t it! If you want to read more… just keep on checking the blog ;p today our latest post was made. Be blessed my sister! So nice to hear and see that all over the world “his disciples” are stepping out of their boat! Love it! Thanks for your reply!


  1. Hi Tim, if there is no pain left to heal through laying hands or prayer, you can ask Holy Spirit to reveal certain things about them you/they don’t know. These are words of knowledge, words of wisdom, or prophecies. 🙂 That too can open up their haert to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.
    Oftentimes a word of knowledge goes before a prophecy for the person. Why? Just to get their attention to speak Life and Hope into them afterwards via a prophecy. 🙂
    Isn’t it fun to do these things?! 😀


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