A normal week of a disciple; 27.03. 02.04. 2017

On Wednesday I went to Prisma. On the way I asked some guy’s if they had pain; but no one had! Pity ! I explained that I could totally agree that they didn’t believe in God (yet). If there was a God and they hadn’t felt or seen Him I could understand. (Although as believers we know that Gods creation is all around them and testifies of God’s existence).

I tell them that there are so many “fake” things in the world, every advertisement screams; “this product is absolutely the best” that it’s easy to become  very sceptical. That’s why I want to meet people with pain, so that I can let them FEEL that there is a God. So now I stood before PRISMA,  I started with doing some shopping and asking some people if they had pain, but no one had. Then I saw a nice looking guy of my age and before going to pay my grocery’s I decided to give it a try. I asked if he had pain, and he said he actually had! I started my conversation with telling in my best Finnish that I was a student Finnish and because of that I just spoke a very little bit finnish yet! I told him in Finnish that “this would be my exercise”. I firstly asked him “where” he had pain and how much the pain level was on a scale of 10. He said “5”. I asked him again if  I could pray for it and he said “yes”.  I prayed the first time but it went just down to (maybe) 4, when I said that I just would pray a second time very shortly he smiled like he had never seen someone pray more than once for the same problem. I prayed and than he said that it was reduced to “2”. Halleluja, still a last prayer I said, he smiled but after that prayer he said that the pain was totally gone. Praise God. I told him that this was the way Jesus wants to make himself know to people who don’t even believe in His existence. Later they can feel that they are  healed in Jesus name. I asked the guy if he had felt something in his body, like heath going though his body cause a lot do, but he said it wasn’t “hotness” but he defenitely had felt something. I said “well, I can’t heal, but this was the Holy Spirit healing you! Because Jesus has said in His Word that “they (his disciples/followers)” shall lay there hand on the sick and they shall recover, He (Jesus) sends his Spirit out to heal, each time his disciples/followers lay there hand on the sick and command the sickness to leave. Because Jesus had defeated death He has the absolute power over all pain and death. This was for you today your proof that I’m not lying, you felt it  yourself.

On Thursday I was so happy that the school where they teach me Finnish, gave me  a “voluntary” workplace at the Lutheran church in Forssa. This with the goal of learning Finnish more quickly! I’m so happy for the job description because it is actually what I really wanted to do! Helping the churches of Forssa with giving food to the poor and assisting a priest with visiting a home with disabled people and another home for old people. Thank you Jesus!

Still another nice thing to tell is that I made it clear to a teacher and my two student collegues that I’m praying for another teacher who’s heart is in a bad condition and who would have to be operated.  I told them that I’m praying for her to be healed totally! My study collegue said; “yes, if that happens; I really have to talk to you! (meaning that he would like to know more about my God!, the other teacher was smiling and agreeing). I want to pray 7 times with the teacher for heart (when she gives me lessons Finnish)  and I believe that the healing will happen. I’m stretching myself totally; if I don’t believe that my God could do something like that I wouldn’t be praying for it  (everyone can see me praying for my teacher), but if I do believe my God is ALmighty and can give my teacher a totally new heart than I keep on praying and believing that by the prayers of the saints God will perform a miracle. The whole school can be amazed about what God has done! This day, Thursday, was the sixth time I prayed for her! Tomorrow will be the last. Me and my wife are also fasting (all together) 7 full days and on Tuesday 18 April my teacher will go to the hospital to hear about her situation. Please people pray with me!

When I came home I was reading a blogpost from my  sister in the Lord which encouraged me to go immediately to Prisma to search for some people to pray for or have some good talks and gave some TLR-cards. I went to Prisma with a little list of things I needed to buy myself and was joyfully singing as the spring is starting to come more and more in Forssa. I went in and the first girl I saw looked like an interesting person to start a conversation with so I began to talk. She said she used to believe but not any more. I asked her “why”, and she said because of all the bad things that were going on in the world. I told her that that was because our God gave us the freedom to choose. It looked like she had never heard this. We spoke around 7 minutes about God and then I asked her is she was already baptised. She was, as a baby. I quickly told her that Jesus wanted us to take that choise to follow him when we are able to make a choice ourselves. So a baby baptism is not valid in God’s eyes. If she would see the film (I gave her a TLR-card and my contactinformation) she could always contacted me and ask me more about it. She could even ask me/or my wife (if she would be more comfortable with that) to baptise her. The girl asked “how/and were I would do that”. I said, “just in my bathtub”. The bible doesn’t teach were we should baptise so it is perfectly valid! 😀 She smiled a bit and said she would surely watch the video, than we said goodbye. What an interesting conversation. It looked like this was the reason why I had to come to Prisma today, but still I wanted to pray for some person(s?) with pain, so I went  in the shop, searched for the things I needed and in meantime ask all kinds of people around me if they had pain, but no one had.

When I was leaving the shop I still wanted to go to the bank (which was also in the small shopping center). I took a number and could see that the next person would be “me” so I needed to be ready! A homeless guy (don’t know for sure but he did look like that) passed me by and I felt that I should speak to him. So I asked him if he had any pain. He said that he had pain in his whole body (or at least that’s what I could understand because he didn’t speak very clear). I asked if I could pray for him and I made up out of his “answer” that it was ok. So I started to pray for his head which had painlevel  7. I prayed one time and he said, thank you and looked like going on but I told him that he should check it, so he did. How is it now I asked. He said, yes   maybe a bit less. I prayed again and the pain was again less and after the third prayer all pain left! He said again, thank you, thank you but I wanted to go on with praying for the other parts of his body were he had pain. His knee, he said. I put my hands on his knees and commanded the pain to go. I could here his knees clicking and I asked him if he could feel the difference. He said that it was the same as before … I quickly prayed another time and asked again if it was still there (cause I believed that God already healed his knee, he just didn’t realised of felt it yet because I had heard his knee “cracking”. All pain is gone, he said. Thank you! Thank you Jesus I said! I wanted to ask him what the next “thing” was were I could pray for, but before I realised he was already walking away. Glory to God! He is faithfull; with a smile on my face I left the shop.

First of all I want to say that I’ll try to keep my stories short(er) as I’ve heard from someone that it might get to long and “fuzzy” so I’ll try to post a bit more and shorter pieces. This is sometimes hard for me cause there happens so much that I want to tell anyone cause it will/or can build there faith up!

31.03.17, PRISMA bezoek2

Yes, God is the God of today as much as He was in the time when Jesus walked on this earth. This blog is mainly to show people that God has given us an “extremely” good tool to draw people to Him, or just to let people “meet” His Kingdom were there is NO PAIN or SICKNESS! So on Friday my wife and I went to Prisma and I met a woman who’s also a believer and just had an operation. I could pray for her that it would heal correctly! The doctor had said that it just needed some rest to recover from the operation.


Then I went in to the shop and asked still some people if they had pain and if I could pray for  them (if they had pain) but no one had pain; or if someone had pain and I asked if I could pray he refused. “I’m already to old”. Pity but if they don’t want prayer I leave them.

31.03.17, PRISMA bezoek


I went on and saw some people who looked familiar to me. I asked the mother with her child if they had pain but the child (who was the translator cause her mother didn’t spoke English, nor Finnish) said that I prayed already for her (mother) in ystävän kamari (where we often go on sundays) and she was healed. The mother looked with a very happy face to me when her child was telling it to me. PRAISE GOD!

They needed to do some shopping so I left them and wished them a good day! The weekend can begin.




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