03.04.17, A surprising day!

Amazing! On  Monday I had to go to my first day of internship from the school were I’m taught Finnish.

As a wonder they gave me “a job” in the streetchurch from Forssa. This means that this Monday I had to go to to TORIKIRKKO (marketplace church) which is in “VAPAASEURAKUNTAA,  = the free congregation. Different churches in Forssa organise together to make some food and give it for free to those who need it! I was thinking; WONDERFULL! This is what I always wanted to do; to give food to the poor! Amazing how God really lead me  to this work.

After making the food I could still go to my first Finnish course what was every Monday at 17.30-19.00. I told the teacher that because of the internship I wouldn’t be able to finish the course (what would take only 2more lessons). The teacher was very happy I came to tell her this and let me go.

I decided to quickly go to PRISMA to buy some things we still needed. When I was walking in Prisma I told myself, “no Tim, now you don’t have any time to start praying for people and sharing the gospel so, just go on! I did my shopping and just when I wanted to go the place were you can pay for your bargains I saw a girl and felt very compelled to ask her if she had any pain, so I did. She looked at me and said that she actually had a little pain (a four on a scale of 10, so not nothing I would say!).  I asked her if I could quickly pray for her cause I believed that Jesus could take her pain away! She smiled and said, “sure”. I prayed for her and she started to smile even more. I told her how she felt and she said that she felt that I was kind of send by God, she felt like power going around her. I asked her, no; how do you feel. She said that she felt like she was in a sauna. I smiled and asked her how the pain was. She said, now it’s a 2. I said ok, let’s pray a bit more. I prayed one time more and asked if she still could feel the pain. She said, “no” it’s gone! She looked at me with “really big” eyes. This girl was really open but as I started a conversation with her I came to know that she was actually involved in all kind of occult things. She has seen the third eye looking at her and had experienced visits of spirits. I understood that she wanted to be free from them but now she was fine and had no problems with “them” any more. I said to her that when you give an open door to a demon/spirit it will never flee from you without asking Jesus in your heart, somebody praying for you and commanding the spirit to go; and ultimately you have to be baptised because with doing that the demons have lost and can’t get a hold on you ever more (at least not if you won’t open new doors for them). I felt a bit in shock; here I stood, searching for words, my mind racing 100miles an hour; I should  know exactely what to do, how to do, etc… but I was helpless. All my study years of theology, all my bible schools were of no use cause I never had the chance to put them in practise. In my life I had seen already some manifestations in the spiritual world and from that I had seen that Satan “ALWAYS” has to bite the dust. He is nothing in comparison with God. But now that I stood for this helpless girl with BIG eyes looking at me I felt a bit helpless! I really wanted to help her all I could but I also knew that I could only give her an invitation to follow Christ by giving her a TLR card and my contact adress/e-mail and the adres to this blog.

03.04.17 (intership+shopping, 2)


She was shining and overly happy that she met me; before we left she wanted to give me a hug out of appreciation for this meeting what “we” believed was not a “co-incidence”! To be continued!

I paid my bargains and went back to my workplace.

At the workplace there was a service were people sang songs to God; heard a sermon, heard some more encouraging words and sang some ending songs. I didn’t understood much but I think that this was good for me to learn more Finnish.

When it ended the people who were attending the church could afterwards go to take a food package and also take some food and coffee and sit together with all the others to have a nice fellowship.

When it was finnished and the people went home, I stayed with the woman who were a bit in charge of the evening and cleaned the place.

03.04.17 (intership+shopping, 3)

When we finnished I went back to my home and get a phone call from my beloved wife who told me we still needed some things for our guest who was staying at our house that evening. I said I could take it and so I went to another shop who was on the way back home.

I was happy and was 03.04.17 (intership+shopping, 1)praising God. When I wanted to enter the shop I saw some girls standing in a circle so I asked them if someone had some kind of pain. One girl said immediately “NO!”, the others said “no” to; but then there was another girl who was wavering. I asked her is she had some kind of pain and she said, yes actually I have. I think she had throat pain. I asked her if I could pray for her, (the other girls started to laugh) but she said a bit hesitating, “yes”. I asked her how much the pain level was on a scale of 10 and I think she said, 7. I prayed and asked her “how much pain level was that she still could feel now, 1,2, 3, 4…  She said, 5. I prayed again and it was all gone. Hallelujah! Then one of the girls said, look there are the boys. After a closed door with glass you could see a lot guys hanging out so I decided to open the door and ask them the same question. One guy said immediately “yes I have pain”. I asked him “where” and he pointed to his chest. I asked if I could pray for it and he said that it was ok. I prayed and asked him were the pain was. He said, … O, thank you, I asked him if he could still feel it and how much it was now on a scale of 10. He said, hmmm, maybe a 2. I prayed again and asked again, he said… now it’s all gone… but after 10 seconds he said, no, maybe still 1. I prayed again and it left. We took a picture (with those who wanted because there was a gang of 5 girls, and 3 boys) and said goodbye after giving them a card of the last reformation with the video on it. They would check it out… I also wrote on a paper my email adres and said to them that they should send me a mail if they had some questions or if they wanted to know more about God.
They smiled and we all said goodbye. What a surprising day!




6 thoughts on “03.04.17, A surprising day!

    1. Thanks Steven! All thanks to God who makes me bold! Please pray for us. Tonight or this week the girl wants to be baptised and one of her friends wants to see it.

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  1. Thanks a lot! Like you could read, she comes from an occult background; and her friend who wants to see this and is interested is also involved in the occult! We need ALL PRAYERS! 😀 God has overcome; and will ever be-D


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