Tuesday 04.04.17, Kickstarting a friend, Part 1


I kickstarted a friend (let’s call her Elina), but since she didn’t get perfectly convinced that God really healed through her hands, I call it “Part 1”. We have to still organize another meeting with her (:
We started from “our” famous PRISMA! We went in and the first person I felt drawn to had some kind of pain in his head.  He was sitting on a bench and was looking to Elina, who was interpreting some things. I prayed for him once and he was totally amazed: “Yes”, he said “Amazing!”. I asked if all the pain was gone but he said, that there was still a bit. I prayed five more times but he said he didn’t know anymore if it went better, and he kept on saying that the first prayer was really a clear change. I told that I commanded the pain to leave and that it had to leave but sometimes it needs a little time. Anyway he was looking very happy and thanked us. I said to him: “Sano, kiitos Jeesus!” (Thank you Jesus)!

I told Elina that when I ask people, if they still have pain, they quite often are not sure. I think many times it’s because they don’t understand what just happened. Especially if they don’t believe in God it can be quite a challenge for them to confess “Yes, I got healed by the prayer in Jesus name”. When I kickstart people (show and teach them how to pray for people) I want to find people who react clearly and admit that they are heealed. But as I told Elina, people react according to their personality: if a quiet person gets healed,  you can be happy if he/she will tell you that they’re healed, but if an energetic person gets healed everybody around them will know! That’s just the way it goes.

We went on searching for people with pain or sickness. After five minutes walking through the shop we found a group of 20-years olds and one of them had some kind of pain in his legs. I asked if Elina could pray for it and he said, “ok”. The pain level in his leg was 5/10. Emilia prayed once but the pain level stayed the same. Then she prayed a second time and it went down to maybe 4 (I knew God was doing something but they just didn’t know it yet). Their friends looked like they wanted to go on. I told Elina to pray a third time and then the guy said strongly: “Yes, now it’s totally gone! Thank  you!”.

I thought “praise God”, but such a pity that they had no more time to talk. Emilia wasn’t so happy with it, because it looked as if the guy said that the pain was gone just because he wanted to move on. I told Elina that I  believe the guy was healed. You could really hear a difference in the way he said “now it’s totally gone”.  I told Emilia that on my first visit to Prisma, I had to pray quite many times for the first person before that person got healed. Also when I kickstarted one of my friends in Ghent it was very hard: my friend prayed for a girl, who told she was healed, but he didn’t trust that she was speaking the truth. He was thinking that she just said it was healed because she wanted him to quit with it. I told Elina that the secret in all of this is “to HANG ON and to BELIEVE MORE IN GOD than in THE CIRCUMSTANCES”. At a certain point you’ll see big break throughs, if you persevere. Elina was very convinced, at least she looked like it!

We went on and just before we wanted to go out of the shop I asked one more person. He told that he had some pain but I forgot to ask how much. Elina prayed for the pain to go away and asked how it felt. He said: “Yes, better”. I told Emilia that she should ask how much the pain was (they had been speaking in Finnish). Emilia prayed still some times and it went better and better until he said; “There’s no pain anymore, thanks!”. We said, “great! You know it was Jesus who just healed you!”. The guy seemed to be very thankful but now he needed to go so we couldn’t really talk and explain more. Anyway the purpose of kickstarting is not so much to evangelise, but to let the person whose being kickstarted to see that he/she can do the same things as Jesus did when he was on the earth.

We still went to two other shops but no one had pain. Again a guard came to me and asked me what I was doing (it has once happened in Prisma, but now we were in Citymarket). I told him friendly that we  were asking people if they had some kind of pain, but no one (in that shop) had had. “what will you do if someone has pain?”, the guard asked. “Then we just ask them if we can pray for them: if they say  “no” we go away, but if they say “yes” we will shortly pray for them.”, I told the guard. It had been some kind of misunderstanding: somebody had come to tell to the guard about us, even if we hadn’t even prayed for anybody. Elina was really surprised about the “complaint”: at least she learned that Jesus’ words were really true when he said: “Remember, that I’m sending you out as sheep among wolves, but I’m with you all the days of thy life”.

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