08.04- 12.04.2017, Teenagers are starting to know me


On Saturday I had agreed to kickstart another friend, but he was sick, so I went on my own. No one had pain or sickness to pray for until I saw one of my refugee friends. He was in Prisma with a friend of him. I asked them if they had pain. My muslim friend said “no no” and I waited for the other to react.  Because I wasn’t moving on and was waiting on his friend to answer my question my friend interpreted my question to his friend. His friend, Mustafa (not real name), told that  he had some pain. I asked if I could pray for it (his chin hurted) and he agreed. All the pain left from the first prayer. I could see that the guy I prayed for was a bit shocked, but since my refugee friend was already moving on, he had to leave. I quickly gave him a TLR-card and said that Jesus just healed him and that he should check out the movie. He said, he would.

As I was going through the shop I came upon all kinds of rejection: people who were looking weirdly at me, people who immediately wanted to go when I mentioned the word Jesus and one muslim who became “very” mad and wanted me to believe that Jesus was just a normal man who had died. He really became furious. Such a pity, but we have to continue and by doing that we show God that we are trustworthy workers in His harvest!

On Monday afternoon I went to my Finnish internship: my finnish course is organized by the Labours office, so they gave me my first voluntary internship in the lutheran church (3 hours on mondays and on tuesdays). On Mondays I take part to a food delivery: the system is that every church in Forssa takes turns to take the responsibility to organize the food delivery on mondays. So each time I’ll go to help them on Monday I see new people 😀 When I entered the kitchen I  began to introduce myself in my best Finnish to the women who were already there making  I ended with saying that for the last months I have been going to the shops to ask people if they have any pain, and if I can pray for them. Almost always when they let me pray for them they get healed. At least if they let me pray several times. I asked the older ladies at the table if they had any pain but first no one reacted. Then one older lady said that she has pain everywhere . She laughed, when I asked what I could pray for. Out or her Finnish talking I could make up that she had pain in her butt, when she was sitting. Without touching her, I prayed one time for her butt and her legs and she thanked me and wanted to sit down. I asked her if there was a difference, but she was already walking back to her seat… It’s easy to become a bit frustrated when you see that no one really believes anymore in the power of God. But when she sat down (from what I understood from their Finnish) I could hear that the woman, who I just prayed for could feel a difference and that she was positively surprized about it. I couldn’t understand everything from the conversation, because it was all Finnish and the woman were speaking to each other and not to me. Anyway I came home earlier than normally because, my wife and I baptized someone I met a week earlier in Prisma (I can tell more about it later).

On Tuesday I went to my second voluntary work. I went with a smile on my face to the place I had to be at and when I entered the building, I saw many youngsters who I have seen many times in Prisma. There came a girl towards me with a mocking smile on her face. “Onko sinulla kipuja? (do you have pain)”, she asked me trying to be funny, because that’s what I have asked them in Prisma. I answered: “Ei, mutta onko sinulla kipuja? (no, but do you have pain?)”, and to my surprise the girl said “Yes, I have a headache”. I asked her if I could pray for it and surprisingly she said, “Yes”. I shortly commanded all pain to go in Jesus name and asked her if the pain was still there. She shortly checked but said: “No, I don’t have pain anymore”. Before I even had time to tell about Jesus, another girl came before me and said also, “I have also a headache”. I asked if I could pray and she let me pray. After the first prayer she said “Thank you” and wanted to go, but I asked her if she still could feel some pain. “Yes, but much less”, she said. “Ok, then we just pray again”, I said. I prayed again and the headache was gone. I was happy, but before I could say something a third girl had a headache. I could hardly believe it so I asked her, if she was not joking with me. “No, no”, she said. “I really have a headache”. After one prayer all the pain left. Amazing to see how the “sowing” of seeds at Prisma (shoppingcenter) starts to produce first signs of fruit! I could pray for the girls only because they already knew me and that I pray for people with pain. Before they have just been laughing at me, but now they could feel themselves that it was no joke! Great!! 😀
In the evening we had our friends, a muslim couple, visiting us for dinner. We had a great time and we also shared stories how God has healed people through my wife and I. They have already heard about it and even seen it themselves, since they are at my finnish course. It’s so nice to talk about the things that God has done in our lives!

On Wednesday I went back to school but nothing special happened. When my school day was over, I went to Prisma to do some little shopping cause we needed some things. I was thinking about praying for people, but decided not to ask too many people because I had still some things to do at home. I saw the guard of the shop passing me so I thought “Ooh, watch out Tim”, but when he had passed me and I saw someone limping I quickly looked if the guard was gone and went after the limping man. I asked the limping man if he had some kind of pain were I could pray for but said that he didn’t have, so I explained him why I asked that question and left him. I went home but when passing the pizza buffet I heard a youngster calling to me that he had some pain. I stopped and asked him “Really?” and he said “Yes”. So I went to him and he told that he had pain in his stomach. He let me pray for him and the pain left him already after the first prayer! Halleluja!
The guy asked me if I believed in God and I said “Yes. He asked “why?”. I stold that God has saved me already so many times so that I can’t deny  anymore his existance …  I shortly told him my testimony (how I have been 2 months in coma and God saved me etc.). Because there was other youngsters, who weren’t so interested, I decided to leave him after giving him a card of the last reformation with a link to the documentary. I told him that he really needed to check out the movie so he could see what I was doing (praying for the sick by laying hands on them). I wrote my email on a piece of paper and gave it to him, so he could contact me if he had any questions when he would see the movie. The girls next to him were secretly laughing (with their hands on their mouth) so I knew that I better leave them before the guy would get really uncomfortable. He got everything he needed so I could leave him with a “good conscience”.




3 thoughts on “08.04- 12.04.2017, Teenagers are starting to know me

  1. If the world will have more people like you will be better, it is good to here how you help people 🙂 Looks like God loves very much you and is using you to bless others 🙂 great job 🙂


    1. Haha, thank you Ana. Just remember that I’m not “special” what I can do, you can do too cause were both the same. Servants of the LIVING GOD! Jesus said: “Go out in the harvest fields cause the harvest is ready!” Be blessed Ana!


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