17.04-21.04.17 The normal life of a disciple can be quite amazing

This is my friend who came to me to tell me that he was healed when I prayed for him more than two weeks ago. I had prayed for him in Prisma at 31.03.17 and now that he saw me he came to tell me that he was healed. He asked for some more prayers and my contact information which I had forgot to give last time I met him. I was happy to hear that he lives close to me so that we could easely meet again when he would have pain/or would like to meet up with me.


During the week we baptised a Finnish guy who I met in Prisma, somewhere during the start of my 40-day fast. We made up a plan and now the time had come to be baptised, his story was quite unique! This is what he told:

  • “My friends asked me if I had already met the Belgium missionary in Prisma. I hadn’t and I was wondering, why on earth would there be a Belgian missionary in Forssa? I had been thinking whether I should be baptised as an adult or not because I was baptised as a baby but lately I started to have some doubts about that because I couldn’t find from the bible that Jesus asked his disciples to baptise babies. The opposite is more true, Jesus was 30 years when he got baptised and John the baptist didn’t baptise babies but adults who came to him in the wilderness to be baptised.  I asked God if my baby baptism was valid in His eyes. The crazy thing was that the next day I went to Prisma with few friends and this “Belgian missionary” came to talk to us. I knew in that instance that he was God’s answer to me in this matter. I said to him “So you are the light of the world”, he said; “no, but I have the light of the world inside of me”. He went on asking me if I was a Christian and I said “yes”. Then he asked a question that came as a total surprise: “Are you baptised?”. I said, “yes” but then he went on asking me if I was baptised as a baby or as an adult. I said that I was baptised as a baby. He then told me that baby baptism isn’t valid and that I must be baptised as an adult on my own choice. He said that if I wanted to get baptized, he could baptise me.  He gave me his contact information. Later on I contacted Tim and told him, that I wanted to get baptized later this spring, after my exams are over.” 

We baptized the guy on Tuesday 18.04. He didn’t want to be on picture because he is shy. The Finnish culture is a lot like the Belgian. People don’t want to stand in the spotlight”.

My wife and I were so honoured to Baptize him to his own faith! To bury the “old man” under the water and see the new creation rising from the water!

    On saterday my wife went to some christian girl-friends. They are all older than her but she likes it a lot since they can all learn from each other and are a big encouragement to each other.

    I was home alone and decided to go to Prisma. First I would eat something at the Pizzabuffet and then I would go to the shop and pray for people. It was a Wonderfull day, even though I couldn’t pray for people with pain, because no one had pain. I could gave 5 of my contact information cards and had wonderful encounters… this is how the card (hand written) looks like. Ps: at the bottom I made a mistake and wrote “laten dopen?” (that means, want to “be baptised?” in my mother tongue). I of course explain to them what it means 😀


    Be blessed my brothers and sisters! Go out into the whole world and share the good news of our risen Lord Jesus Christ!



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