23.04-26.04.2017 The way of a disciple is a way of learning.

On Saterday I skyped with Daniel and Daniel told me his back hurted, I asked him if I could pray for it and after the short prayer I asked him if it was gone, but he said that he could only tell me on Sunday. We also skyped on Saturday and then he told me: “Thank you for the prayer yesterday! The pain is truly gone: thanks a lot!”. Daniel is the guy who lives in Gent and who we baptized in December.

On Sunday I went to S-market in Forssa. The shop next to the pentecostal church in Forssa. Beforehand I wanted to pray also for the people but from the moment I entered the shop I became discouraged and was thinking; “Ooh no Tim, people don’t want prayer, it’s a useless question, save your breath and the discouragement”. But I didn’t listen and when I saw a handsome 30-40year looking gentleman I first thought “No, he surely don’t want any prayer” but when I was already walking towards him I thought, Tim; you don’t have to be afraid, you just want to give him a present; if he doesn’t want it, then you just go away. So I did and after I asked him if he had any pain he smiled and answered a bit wondering, “no”. We ended up in a very nice and open conversation. I could give him my contact information and told him that he had to send me his questions after he would see the TLR movie. He was very friendly and thanked me. We said goodbye and both went our ways.

After church me and my wife still went to Prisma to buy all kind of stuff. I saw somebody walking very difficult so I went to the guy (maybe 26y) and asked him if he had somewhere some pain. He said “yes” so I asked if I could pray for it. He agreed. I prayed more than 7 times for it and decided then to stop cause the guy already said that it was much better and that he was thankful. I gave him my card and said that he should check the movie so that he could see that what I did is happening all over the world. He was happy and said again “thanks!”.

I really want to keep those people in prayer cause they were really nice people! Jesus has overcome, Jesus let them meet “Father God” in a new way that they just want to surrender everything to you! Amen.

Wednesday was a “humbling” day for me. There were people from the “Labour’s office” of Finland who came to our class to talk to us. They came with many so that we could be divided in groups and every group would have one or two people who were send by the Finnish Labour’s office. I went together with a friend of mine from class and we spoke with two Finnish ladies. They asked us what we actually wanted to do in Finland, so my friend explained what he actually wanted to do. When it was my turn to answer I said that I always have said to my students in Belgium that they should follow what they have on there heart to do. Were do they see themselves in ten years? What would they want to do/ or want to see themselves in ten years: that’s the passion they should try to follow (if there’re ok with it). I mean, “a passion”, is a strong motivation that will help you. So I explained to them that I also want to stay true to what I taught my students. My big passion is “following Jesus”. So, because in Finland there is a lot of darkness for almost 6months, I would like to be (in the other 6months) on the street/shops to talk to the people about Jesus his gospel. It looked like they understood what I was saying. Then there was a coffee pause. I went outside to get some coffee. One of the women who had been speeking with us from the Finnish “work office/deploiment office” came to me with one of her friends. “Her” she said, this is my friend who has already a long time pain in her back. I was glad that somebody was even brought to me to pray for and that I didn’t had to search for “the sick” myself. I firstly asked the woman if I could pray for her which she agreed on. I prayed for her with the faith that something would change but nothing happened. For a second, third and a fourth time I shortly prayed but still nothing happened. I said that it sometimes takes a bit longer and after the seventh time I asked her if there was any improvement. “Well, she said, in the start it was painlevel “12 from 10, now it is maybe pain level 10 from 10… I wanted to go on praying but she wanted to take some coffee. I said that I would go on praying when she would return, but she never returned. I shared my blog with the lady send by the Finnish work-deploiment and said to her that 70% of the people I pray for get healed, but that I didn’t know why the others were not healed. We went back inside and I heard that we needed to be divided into new groups… I was thinking, “what a pity that it didn’t work this time when the unbelieving girl was watching. I was very sad about that but I decided to set my heart on the “new group” we had to make. I went with two of my other good friends from Syria (a couple) which I have a very good connection with. I basically told the same as last time and even though I didn’t know what they were thinking they seemed to understand the point I was trying to make. (Maybe also because I always share in the class about my “healing stories” in all kinds of Finnish shops). After that we all went home.

Being home I cried before the Lord, “why, why, why”? I know God is sovereign and does what He wants, but I also know that He wants all people to be set free from pain/sickness etc…  I was crying because I felt desperate; we have to face it but people without God will finally all go to hell; the only place were God is not found. I wept and wept because all students of my Finnish course had become my friends and I want all to be saved. Why can’t I be just like Jesus and go out in the power of Jesus so that people would see the power of God and open their heart? Jesus already came and now we are His workmenship who should continue doing His work. If everyone would “just” be a disciple on the place he is, this world would look so different!

FAKTIA Finnish class group

Concluding words:
Even though I make myself a bit look like “stupid” because nothing changes (with few people) when I (keep on praying for them, sometimes even more than 5-times) I will continue to do this because:

1. I have already seen many people being healed (more than 100 over these 8 months);
2. I have already seen someone getting the holy Spirit when I prayed for it.
3. For the last 8 months I have baptised already four people.
4. I’m following up on people whom I helped to be “kickstarted” (first time praying for people to get healed and seeing the healing happening)
5.  I want to hear my Lord say “well done my good and faithfull servant…”  when I will finally come before the throne of God.
6. (in my next post, “Vappu weekend” you will read that also the demons get scared and want me to stop, a reason to go on with it all the more!!!).




One thought on “23.04-26.04.2017 The way of a disciple is a way of learning.

  1. Hi Tim, you are doing awesome ! May I encourage you with this .. if the pain does go quickly, flip over to plan B cast the demon out. I do it exactly the same as Torben as if they’ve come out of the waters of baptism. Come out come out you can just say “spirit of infirmity”. Of course, I want to see them healed before I tell them that they were setfree (from a demon) We walk by faith and not by sight, but I ask “can you feel anything happening?” If they say lighter, dizzy, floaty those kinda feelings they’re being setfree from a demon.
    When I hit a point where I couldn’t get breakthrough, then I’d fast and pray. I would study the word when each demon was cast out.
    God is sovereign DOESNT mean God is in control. Ie Queen Elizabeth doesn’t control our lives. The meaning of sovereign is not control. Sovereign means a person rules or reigns over an area.
    Lastly, we may meet a person of peace without any pain, so it’s good to share “cups n cookies” or as much of the gospel in the short time we have with them advice that I was give from leaders from the Jesus hotel.


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