30.4.-01.05.17, Vappu-weekend

This weekend we went to Turku to celebrate Vappu with friends. There wasn’t a big reaching out, but we could encourage other christians with words and practical example.

We took a hotel room for one night (what we have never done before when visiting Turku), since it was the easiest. Vappu (elsewhere 1st of May) is a big feast in Finland and it’s for everybody. Especially university students celebrate it with great enthusiasm. 

After the starting speeches on 30th of April, we asked some friends to come to our hotel room for some nice time and snacks.


We had nice time chatting and listening to music etc. At some point one of the friends said that her stomach felt a bit weird and she added, that she had maybe eaten too much candy today before she had come to see us. I quickly said (as I’m now a days used to say immediately when I here such a sentence) “Ooh, if you want I can pray for it”. But as soon as I said it I stopped in the middle of my sentence and thought,  hmmm, but if the uneasiness is caused by too much candies then the stommach signals to her that she shouldn’t eat any more… Praying for that mechanism to go away won’t be so good, I thought. I said outloud, that it might not work, since it’s not a sickness, but caused by candies. My wife, who is a wise woman said: “But you have before prayed for 2 persons with a hang-over who got healed. Isn’t that a bit the same? Both are body’s mechanism to show that we ate or drank something that wasn’t so good”. I thought for a second and realised that she was right so I quickly said, “Yes you’re right. Can I pray for you?” and she said agreed. I also asked how much the pain level was on a scale of 10 and she said: “3 or maybe 4” . After one prayer it was already changing. She was a bit surprised but said: “Yes, it’s a little bit better”. “So, not all gone?”, I asked and she said ,”no” so I prayed again and asked her the same question again. “yes, now it’s all gone”! Great! She’s a youth worker in lutheran church and I was so happy that the christian friends who were present, could see how easy it can be to pray for sickness or hurt!

On Monday me and my wife went to the “big Vappu-piqnick” and had all kinds of nice talks with people. One of Anni’s friends asked another friend to join us, as she thought that him and I could have nice talks.

I told him about The Last Reformation and asked him if he was baptised as a baby or as an adult. Because this was Finland were they baptise babies it would be very possible if he would say that he was only baptised as a baby, and yes he was. My wife and I told him about the importance of “being baptised on your own faith” I gave him a TLR-card and said he really should check it (the movie etc.) and see the power of baptism. He said he would. I hope that the Holy Spirit would really touch him and that he would make up his mind and tell me/or someone else that he wanted to be baptised on his own faith. It is a Wonderful thing that our house/appartment in Finland has a bathtub in which we can baptise people: nowadays it’s not common to find bathtubs in appartments in Finland. We talked a lot and had a great piknick. Holy Spirit, do Your work! 😀

After the pickik we walked to city center to say hi to some christian friends who were going for an ice cream. It was a group of 8 people and there were also 2 foreign looking 20-ers in the group. My wife went to greet her friend, but I turned to the muslim looking guys, if they had any pain. I felt immediately that, I should ask them if they wanted prayer because from the “international-meeting place” in Forssa I had met a lot of muslims who were really open to receive prayer in Jesus name, even though they did not share the same faith. Only once or twice I have met a muslim in a grocery shop who became furious when I asked him if he had pain and that I wanted to pray for it.  In Belgium, in Ghent (the city were I grew up) I once had to flee because there was several muslims who were about to kick us (I was kickstarting a friend) but apart from that I have gotten only good responses from muslims…  “not so today” 😉 One of the muslims took my hand very strongly and said: “we have a different faith than you. Then he told a bit of the accusations muslims always make towards the Christians, the words of the bible are changed, etc….  He looked at me straight in the eyes and said: “you don’t have to be so nice for the people and ask if they have pain, don’t do that”!!! I smiled and kept my mouth shut cause I think it wouldn’t be the right thing to start a fight. When I told my wife she said “I think that was spiritual, that he reacted so strongly and out of the blue. Devil wants you to stop what your doing”. Also my wife was really suprised that those guys were not christian, since they were standing there with a group of christians. I was quite happy with that comment cause now I knew again that someone is getting mad and afraid of what I’m doing. Hallelujaah! Tim, come on, let’s go on with it!



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