09.05.2017, Something new at Kamppi, Helsinki!

This morning when I arrived at the busstation there was a young man (36y) standing at the stop with destination Helsinki. . I started speaking with him.

“Haai, this bus goes to H. isn’t it? I asked if he had pain because I had seen how God can take away that pain with a simple prayer. He had pain on his kneecap so I prayed for it and it went down. From 5 to 3 to 1. He was happy and said that he was also Christian. The bus came and we went together on the same bus. We both talked about last reformation and how it had changed our lives. The guy (let’s call him Juuso) connected me with his friend who lived very close by my house. His friend was a christian but had fear to go to places were he could possibly meet lots of people (Some kind of fobie). Because most of his friends who had lived close to him had moved away, he was now lonely most of the time. After having changed cellphone numbers through Juuso who connected us, I asked if he wanted to meet up with me? I would surely like that because I was thinking that this could surely be an evil spirit who had to be cast out. Of course I would first talk with him and “make a connection”. Since we were both Christians this wouldn’t be hard.  I can come to him, he agreed ,so now I am already looking forward to see this man being set free. I made an appointment to see him on Friday 11.05.2017. Let us spread the Kingdom power 😀 ALL GLORY TO HIM!

09.05.17, Helsinki Kamppi 3

Arriving in Helsinki I quickly went to get my passport at the Belgian ambassade and returned to Kamppi. I still had to buy my ticket back to Forssa, so I looked it up and saw that their was a cheap bus (-50%) who would leave in 2 hours. That was still a very long time, but hey! Tim! This is what I wanted, isn’t it? -…I encouraged myself- In 2hours I can talk to lots of people about Jesus so why not?
I had to think back on the video from Torben Sondergaard, “how much can you do in just 10hours“, ok. I didn’t had 10hours, but if I could just do one fifth of what he did in 10 hours it would be quiet awesome.


I started to think about my starting sentence for all my conversations, something like: “Sorry, can I ask you a question? I love people, and that’s why I’m doing this, but do you have some pain or sickness at the moment, like a headache, or pain in the stommach, etc… any pain! …

People reacted differently but some nice experiences I want to share with you!

Firstly I met a group with three Romanian (don’t know for sure any more, at least East-European) girls who were very friendly. I asked them if they had pain. Nobody had but when they heard I would have prayed for them, the girl who took the “lead” in the conversation said that I could pray for a save stay in Finland. They would be here for three weeks. It was a nice meeting in which I could encourage them. Great!

09.05.17, Helsinki Kamppi 1

Then I met some rejections, but we have to press on whenever we face rejection. In the end it is not us they reject but Jesus.

PS: whenever I speak about “rejection”, I am talking about the “weird” look they give you when you say you want to pray for their pain and then many of them just walk away.

Than I saw a woman with crutches. She was accompanied with a friend so I went to them and asked “Do you have pain”, “No” “But you can’t step very well”? I asked. “Yes”, she said, “it has just been operated”. I know that God always wants to show his power so I said, “no problem, can I pray for it”? They smiled and said, sure. I prayed once but nothing changed, also with the second time nothing changed… not that she wanted to test it really good but she didn’t feel a big difference anyway. Then they they needed to go, so I left them. Pity, I wanted to pray some times more for them because I have seen lots of healings come just after the third or fourth prayer.

Sad that some people just don’t want to check if the’re healed or if there is a change, but I have to remember that I’m fishing and if the fisherman doesn’t catch a fish in the first 30 minutes he shouldn’t be discouraged. No, he is a GOOD fisherman if he persists!! That’s what we should do to! PERSISTING, even though we don’t see the fruit of our labour right away! God is faithfull and will give us what he promised us to give at the right time! … But only to those who continue, so no matter what; I will PERSIST!

I spoke with a lot of people but no one had pain or was interested in prayer. Then I saw a homeless guy. He couldn’t speak English so it was in the best Finnish I could speak. I understood that he wasn’t interested but still said that his knee was hurting. I prayed for it and all pain left him but still he wasn’t interested because he didn’t give me much of attention. Sometimes I really think that I want to see them healed much more then that they themselves want to see theirselves being healed. A pity but I had to go on.

Then I could pray for an African woman. She  was sitting down and had a headache. 5/10. With the first prayer the pain went down to 2/10. With the second prayer all pain was gone. Then I did something new, I spoke a word of knowledge over her. I had the feeling that God wanted her to know that He hasn’t forgotten about her. After telling that to her I continued: “God has forgiven you and has given you a new chance. Your never alone! Does that speak to you? I am also learning and this is one of my first times I’m doing this”. She was very quiet and said “yes”. It looked like she almost would start to cry. She said to me: “sorry can you go now”. I looked a bit confused to her and she said “I have a lot to think about” so I left her perplexed.
I went away thankful that I had understood God’s voice and that  I had given somebody words of comfort from God. Now it was time to go home; a nice trip it was for sure.

What a blessing it is to be a disciple among all people; Ooh, how I love this life!!! It is a life of learning and stepping out but all glory to God who gave me lots of “UNfearfulness” as a result of the big accident I was in (see section “ABOUT” from this disciplelife blog”)..

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