Thursday 11.05.2017, Prisma shopping with my wife(2)!

This morning I decided to go to Prisma, buy some things, walk a bit around searching for people to pray for. I went to visit two shops but no one had pain or wanted some prayers.  I bought the things I needed and went back home. Pity! Normally I always have at least one good encounter but not today. Just before I wanted to leave the shoppingcenter a woman I had get to know better (we were on the same Salsacourse I had followed together with my wife, and I had seen that she was also working on the school “Faktia” were I followed my first Finnish course) since I moved to Forssa with my wife, said “hello” to me. I looked a a bit surprised and said “hi” back.
We had a very nice conversation in which I said that I just had finnished my first course Finnish language and now would concentrate on “my big passion” Jesus! 😀
She was smiling and said she was also Christian. I quickly asked if she was baptised as a baby or as an adult cause were living in Finland where Lutheran religion is the state religion and baby baptism is practised. Surprisingly she said she was baptised as baby but later also as an adult because she went to a pentecostal church.  I was very happy to hear that. I gave her a card of the Last Reformation and said that she could check out the movie so she could see what I ment with “praying for people in shops etc…” I also said that these 6months already more than 100 people have been healed in Jesus name, not to say that it would probably more close to 200 than 100.  She took  her cell phone so that she could visit my blog and later on check it. We said goodbye and went both our way. When I came home I went in my sleeping room to thank God for meeting her. I also asked now specifically that next time I would go to Prisma God would send the right people on my way where I could pray for; have good conversations with, etc…

11.05.17 Elisa-Prisma (2)When my wife returned from her work in the late afternoon we still went to visit the Prisma shoppingcenter again. Firstly my wife went in Suomalainen (Finnish bookshop). My wife bought some things and I asked the ladies from the shop if they had pain; one of them had some pain in her back. I asked her if I could pray for her and a bit surprised she said “yes”. I prayed two times but nothings seemed to change.I wanted to pray again, (because sometimes it really takes few more prayers) but the lady said “no, thank you. I have to go on with my work”. I said, Ooh no problem. The lady also said that her legs were not the same length. Ahaaa!!! Can I pray for it because that’s the reason why you have pain. If you can sit down than… “no no, I have to go on with my work now”, “Aah, yes, sorry, no problem!  Have a great day”!
I know God would have healed her but yes, it didn’t went away from the first prayer and she was working. I also needed to grow out her legs because that could also be a cause of her pain. She said she had already an appointment with the doctor because she had this pain for more than 5-years. I know that that is not a problem for God, see my first blog post were I prayed for a girl who was healed from some “problem” she was born with “MN-festival, maata näkyvissä“. But we have to let go if people want that.

11.05.17 Elisa-Prisma (1)Than we needed to go to a mobile operator “Elisa”. My wife went to speak to the operator of the shop, and I went to two young girls who just came in the shop. I asked them if they had any pain and one girl said no, the other said that she did had some pain; in the morning more than now, but still. I asked how much pain and she said it was in the morning 9 on a scale of ten, now it was only 2 any more. I asked if I could pray for it and she was a bit surprised. Euh… yes. I prayed and it went better she said. After a second prayer all pain left. Isn’t it wonderful I asked. “yes” they said. Did you aspect it? “No”. Well, now you have something to think about. God just showed you that he DOES exist and that you have to think again … look to this movie I said, and I gave them a card of TLR. I wanted to give them my contact information but I noticed that I had no papers anymore. I said goodbye and they could go to the operator cause my wife had already came back.

11.05.17 Elisa-Prisma (3)We went into the Prisma store. My wife bought some stuff and I went to ask people if they had any pain. Everybody was polite and listened to what I had to say, or ask. I could give a lot of TLR-cards and I could see that some were a bit confused. I also went to a guy with crutches but he didn’t want any prayer. Pity, but the man listened friendly to my story. I saw my wife and we both went out the shop. Then at the Pizzabuffet I again saw a bunch of youngsters sitting so I went to them and asked them if someone had pain. I want all to know that I’m praying for people who have pain and that they can get healed in Jesus name. I want to write more stories like that one time when I went in Prisma and …  “teenagers are starting to know me“. The guys didn’t had pain but still I explained them that Jesus just had healed a girl 40 minutes ago at Elisa shop and that they can get healing too if they would have some pain. I told some more things and I could see that most of them were laughing and looking to the ground or to each other but I could also see that some were really listening to what I was saying. I gave some a card of TLR and said goodbye. They said good bye back. Happely I left the shop together with my wife. What a nice start of my “new life”. From today on I have a new job description, “full time disciple maker”.

10 thoughts on “Thursday 11.05.2017, Prisma shopping with my wife(2)!

  1. Keep sowing seed Tim, you have a lot of passion for God in your heart. I’m also happy that you are such a great team with Anni)


    1. Thanks Dmytro! Yes, we’ll have to go on with this as it is still light! 😀 Be blessed Dmytro; and be the blessing! Hoping to hear more from you, greetings! Tim


    1. Thanks Elisabeth! Much more is coming. God is good! Know one thing. I’m no “super disciple”. If I can do this you can do this too. Just put your hands on the sick and say “in Jesus name, pain GO NOW!” Ask how much pain is on scale of 10 and see it going down too 0! Bless you 😀


    2. Thank you very much Elisabeth! Sorry for not answering you earlier! My hope is that you will be encouraged by it and that at some point you’ll do the same! It is Wonderfull and so life giving 😀 Be blessed!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing brother! You are an encouragement to me. I’ve prayed for some people lately with some being healed. If you have a moment to pray for me it would be appreciated. I hurt my back this morning but no change yet.


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