Sat. 13.05- Mon. 15.05.2017, Life as a Full time disciple

Saterday I had not much succes; no one had pain or wanted to  be prayed for; still I had some nice converstations; and that’s what counts in the end. I like it more when I can show Gods power because that’s much stronger than just words. Today it was just one good conversation. That’s not much, but if it saves a soul it’s much better than the many miracles we see happening when we pray but the people don’t repent afterwards.

Sunday morning I didn’t went to the chuch building but instead was very  enthousiast to go on the streets and share the gospel. I made two papers to give to the people with all my contactinformation  so that they could contact me if they would have questions or … when they would see the movie and…,

After asking some people in the PRISMA-shop I spoke with one mother with her children who was curious in what I had to say. After my converstaion (nobody had pain) she received the card and I went away. I went out of the shop and saw that there was an older couple sitting on a bench at the play ground for children. I decided to go to them and ask if they had pain but they said “no”. I said “Oh, that is good”, but also said what I would have done if they would have had some pain. Suddenly the man said; yeah, I do have a little bit of pain in my leg and arm. Can I pray shortly pray for it I asked, “yes” he said. I prayed for it and asked how it was but he didn’t know. I prayed just a last time and asked again if he could feel a difference. Because it was such a little pain, he said he didn’t know. I do believe that he was healed otherwise he would have said that nothing had changed, but, “ok.” I had done my job. Time to move on! So, I went!

On Monday morning I went again to Prisma and asked people if they had pain… No one seemed to have pain, or dare to confess they had pain. Soit, I just have to  do my job and be faithfull.

When I went home I had a very good conversation with a older guy who seemed to be very interested in everything I had to say. We spoke for about 1 hour about all kind of 15.05.17 on the way home!things. It seemed that he couldn’t sleep well because of demons. At least that’s what he said. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I commanded the evil spirits to leave him and that the Holy spirit would gave him rest. I proclaimed “Freedom” over him but nothing very big happened. My friend has said that it sometimes could take to aprroximity 4hours before a certain demon was cast out. Therefore we did not have the time. Anyway, I send the demons away and if (lets call him) “Patrick”wants to be truly free he can visit me.  (I gave him my phone number so he could visit me and together watch the TLR-movie because he had no internet at his home.)It felt strange when I prayed for him. Sometimes I had the feeling that there might be demons, but than just some seconds later I would say that there weren’t demons. Anyway I pray that that guy would come to visit me when this was Gods work. Joyfully I returned home 😀

On monday the sun was shining in Finland so just having experienced a long winter with just a small bit of sun (1 Mai it still snowed here in Finland!) it now meant to me that I should be “on the streets”!
There is nothing more fulfilling than to pray for people with pain and seeing them set free from the pain. After that it’s your job to explain them what just happened. That’s mostly the time for you to explain to them the gospel, on their level.
Ok, this is “all” a learning process. You have to learn “how” to approach the people, “when and where” to approach them and also “how” to pray for them… with this I mean you can sometimes pray for someone and put your hands on their forehead, … They get so surprised that they want to leave and can’t or don’t want to check if the pain left. Or just say “no, no change cause they want to go”. You also have to learn “how” to explain to them the gospel in a very basic and simple way. I love the way Thorben does it in his “cups&cookies“. It is an amazing way in explaining the gospel to an unbeliever!! I think that everyone should check this out!

So in the afternoon I went to K-market. While walking to that shop I passed the videostore. I thought, Ooh, let’s go inside and ask the lady who is working there if she has pain… so I did. I looked at some films and then quite quickly went to the lady after the pay desk to ask her is she had pain. I smiled and said “can I ask you a maybe strange question, but do you have pain, like head ache, pain in the knees, pain in… any pain. She smiled at me and 15.05.17said, “No, now I have no pain”. “Ok, great”, I said! “These days I’m asking people everywhere if they have pain cause when they do I ask if I can pray for them and 7/10 gets healed in Jesus name”. “Ooh, that’s nice” she said. “I love people; and who doesn’t want to get free from their pain? … but you have no pain”?  “No” she replied… so I said goodbye and left her!

When I arrived at K-market I saw some youngsters at the parking lot and I went to them and asked the same question. Nobody had pain. I went inside of the shop and saw a Roma-lady. Those Roma-people are very recognisable by their different clothing. I went to the woman and asked if she had pain. She said, “yes” my head (or leg, I do not know anymore) hurts. “Can I pray for it” I asked. “Sure”, she said. I prayed one time and it went better, with the second prayer all pain went away. Halleluja! I told her that Jesus just healed her and she smiled, knowing that this was real! I went on to search for people; than I saw a young lady and I asked her in Finnish if I could ask her a question, “sure” she said. “Ok, do you understand English also? Can I continue in English cause my Finnish is not so good”.”Yes, of course”, she said. “Ok, this is maybe a bit of a strange question but do you have pain at this moment”,  I asked. She said, “actually I do have pain”. “Missa?” (Means “Where?” in Finnish language). She pointed to her throat. Then I asked if I could pray for it, see clearly didn’t expect this question but said after some hesitation, “yes”. I also asked her how much the pain level was on a scale of ten and she said, “”7” (if I remember correctly). I prayed once and asked her how it felt now; “No difference” she said quite quickly. She added, “thank you” and wanted to go , but I quickly said that it needs mostly more than one little prayer so I asked if I could quickly pray again for her. Again she was surprised but agreed. When I asked her how it was after I prayed the second time she said she could not feel the pain anymore. “So it is gone” I replied, …. she looked a bit shocked and said … “I don’t know….” I said: “you don’t feel the pain anymore, before it was 7 so it is 0 now”. Again she stumbled a bit perplexed, “… euhm… yes, maybe”.
People don’t believe that God exists and when He shows up they have problems with acknowledging it…. even to the degree that they just “lie” about it. I saw that she was confused and walked a bit backwards so I greeted her and gave her my contactinformation, + a TLR card and said good bye.

I wanted to go out of the shop but met another foreigner and just tried once again. It seemed that he was a doctor, he lived now almost 2-years in Finland and was a muslim. 15.05.17.bHe was a very friendly man; I told him what I was doing but because he had no pain I encouraged him to look to the movie (gave him a TLR-card) and said that he should check it out as he seemed to be a man with wisdom. We happily greeted each other and said goodbye. Than I still met two young guys. One of them had pain in his shoulder. He laughed a bit when I asked if I could pray for it and said automatically, “NO, NO CHANGE!” when I asked him how it was after I prayed; also after the second  prayer his “voice recorder”  said: “NO, NO CHANGE”. I asked if I could pray a third time but they had to go. Sad it is. When I was almost home I asked a girl that I passed if I could ask her a question… She said that she had a hangover and smiled. I said to her that I wanted to pray for it because I’ve done that before and pain went away. She said, “but I have a hang over”. Than I asked her if I could put my hands on her cause bible teaches that “when the disciples put their hands on the sick, they shall recover”. She looked a bit weird but said “yes”. Now she looked a bit like she wanted to go so I quickly put my hands on her and commanded the pain to go. I asked her how it was but she said, “hahaha, no change; I told you, I’m having a hang over”. I said, “no problem, you’ll see!”. But no change happened… than she needed to go. Now it was time for me to be a bit confused. Why didn’t it happen ? I just had prayed for two people who got healed and immediately after that two persons who didn’t got their healing. I was still very happy and didn’t want to let the Devil rob my happyness . I had to think on something I had heard from a guy who was also in the “disciplemaker business” 😉 “when you put your hands on people without asking them they can get scared or very cautious in a degree that their focus goes to your touch and they can not “feel” their  healing anymore” (at least that’s what I remember, I should ask my wife). I thought that that should have been the reason why the girl didn’t get healed (even though she gave me the permission to put my hands on her, she was still surprised when I put my hands on her forehead”).
The last guy in K-market didn’t get healed because he didn’t let me pray more than twice so I had no questions anymore… PRAISE GOD! 😀 He is so good! I’m getting more and more in love with our Master Jesus!





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