Thursday 18.05.17, Grocery stores are wonderful places to be

When I went to Prisma in the morning nobody had pain or wanted to be prayed for but when I left the shop there was a young  foreign guy, around 25y, waiting on someone. I firstly asked in Finnish: “I study Finnish, but speak just a little bit of Finnish” …the guy interrupted me and said: “English?”. Ahaa, he couldn’t speak Finnish, so I went on with my questions in English. He was a very open guy and said that he had a Bible himself. In the end I discovered that it was just the Injil (New Testament). I asked him if he had pain, and he said: “Yes, my neck is hurting”. After two prayers all pain was gone. I gave him my contact information and said that he should look to the movie of TLR. If he wanted to hear the gospel in a nut shell he could contact me again and we could meet in a cafetaria and I would explain the gospel with “cups and cookies” to him. I didn’t do it right away because I had planned to practise the cups and cookies method more because I needed to get better in that. Anyway, the guy was very glad and said that we should defenitely meet up again. I hope that he will contact me and that I will be able to explain the whole gospel to him.

Then I went home. I ate something and received a letter. My passport had arrived to Citymarket so I should take it from there. I knew that I could have a possibility to speak there again to some youngsters who would be standing outside of the shop. I went to the shop but nobody was standing outside so I went inside the shop but immediately realised that the letter had been send to another shop so I went out again. Just before I went out I saw a guy who was just standing with his hands in his pockets so I decided to ask him if he had pain. When I stood before him I would say he was a 40y old man, he also looked a bit drunk so I hesitated a bit if I should go to him (it’s mostly very hard to have a good conversation with drunk people). I still asked him in Finnish if he had pain. First he was not answering but then he said “yes, I do have some pain”. I thought, ok now I should not leave him behind. He said he’s also a christian and he let me pray for him. I prayed three times and all the pain left. Glory to God! I gave him a DVD of the TLR documentary movie and my contact information card. I told him: “God wans to give us life, but we all have sinned and  have done things God said we shouldn’t do. From those things we should repent, ask forgiveness and not to do them anymore”. He was nodding and said “thank you” and wished me a good day. I told him he should watch the DVD and when he would have questions or just want to talk about it he should write an email to me.


I bought some TLR-movies to give away!

When I came out of the shop I saw that the youngsters had come: there were maybe 5 of them. I asked if any of them had pain and a girl that Jesus had  healed already once said that she had some pain and pointed to her heart. I was cautious, if she was being honest, so I asked her in English, “Is it emotional or physical pain”? She didn’t understand what I asked and said something to her friend who translated it for her.  The pain was physical, like 2 from 10. She let me pray for it. The pain left already after one prayer. Hallelujah! Now the guy who was sitting in his car came out of his car and said that his fist was hurting. I could pray for it and all pain left after the fourth prayer. First prayer, nothing changed; after the second prayer he wasn’t sure, so I prayed a third time for it but he still wasn’t sure if it was all gone. “Surely something has changed, and it’s better”, he said but he still couldn’t say if the pain was 0. “In the beginning it was 5, and now? …”, I asked. The guy couldn’t feel it anymore. “Wonderful, the Holy Spirit just healed you!” I told him. I had no TLR cards or DVDs with me anymore but told them, that they will very likely see me again. He seemed to be the leader of the group and said it was ok. I said goodbye and many of them said goodbye back. “To be continued” 😉


Today I forgot to take pictures, pity! Still I’m very happy. You will see things happening as often as you step out! Yesterday I skyped with a guy I kickstarted and he is doing very well: lot of muslims are now coming to church because of him! Wonderful! THIS IS LIFE! 😀

Do you seriously think God can’t use you?




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