Monday 22.05.17, Hello Finland!

 What a nice day and it ain’t finished yet!

Around noon I read few times The Cups and Cookies-video transcript. If you want to become better in sharing the gospel in an easy and understandable way, you should certainly learn the Cups and cookies -method. I decided to go to a grocery shop where teenagers are often hanging out. When I entered the shop I could see two older people sitting on a bench. I decided to go to them even if I knew that they would probably speak only Finnish and not understand English. Today I received a certificate of my first Finnish course (see the pic) so that should be a proof that I’m able to have a very basic conversation in Finnish.

18674986_10155341890804993_732408978_o - kopie

I spoke with the two older people and asked if they had any pain. One didn’t have pain but the other had everywhere pain but pointed to her stomach. I asked if I could pray for it and she thanked me. I firstly asked how much the pain level was on a scale of ten and she said “5” so I started to pray very shortly. I asked her how much pain she could still feel, 1,2, 3,4, 5, or 0. She happily said it was all gone! “thank you, thank you”! Crazy! Some people get healed so easily and others don’t seem to get healed even after four or five prayers.  The Holy Spirit can heal through every believer because it’s not us but it’s Him who is the healer. The difference is that some people give up after few times when the healing doesn’t happen? but many times I have seen that the healing happens after the third, fifth or even ninth prayer. So it’s very important to persist and have guts to pray again and again without loosing faith. It can sometimes feel embarrassing, when your prayers don’t seem to work, but then you need courage to go on (if the person still lets you pray).

22.05.2017Suddenly I saw two youngsters who I really wanted to speak with (see picture). I went to them and asked in Finnish if they had any pain. They said they were ok and had no pain. I said that that was very good but explained them what I do and why, because they looked very open for a conversation. I shared the cups and cookies with them using some cans that they had. They were really attentive to everything I said and were interested, so I gave them the TLR movie, The Beginning. They looked very happy and said that they’ll watch it. I gave them my information card, so that they can email me, if they have questions about the movie. We said happily goodbye and I went to a close-by barber to make an appointment.

On my way home I asked all kinds of people if they had pain but nobody wanted prayer or had pain. When I was home I mailed with a Finnish friend who’s a full time disciple maker. We made an arrangement to see each other these coming weeks to go out together. To be continued!!


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