Tuesday 23.05.17, Meeting people at the bus station

I went to the barber in the morning. The hairdresser showed some interest by asking all kind of questions. We had a good talk and I could tell her what I was doing these days in Forssa.  I could share about God and some thoughts of “The Last Reformation”. I also asked her if she had pain because I wanted to show her what I meant with “praying for the sick” but she didn’t have any pain. Anyway it was a nice conversation!

I went home but had to pass through the bus station. I saw a guy there, that I had prayed for before. He had had neck pain, which got totally healed after the third prayer.  So when I saw him now I said “hi” and looked at him. He recognised me and said hi 23.05.2017.jpg (2)back. He was together with some friends. I asked if any of them had some pain. They went quiet and looked at me weird, not because they didn’t understand what I was saying but because nobody has ever asked them that question. Without expecting it my 40-or-so year old “friend” that was healed on Thursday 18.05.17 said to all his friends in Finnish: “yeah, that guy has prayed for my neck last time and it was healed”. Waaaw, Wonderful! I didn’t expected him to say that to all his friends. It had made an impact on him and he still remembered it. I had been afraid that he would just forget what had happened that day, because he seemed to be drunk then. No one had pain today and they needed to go so I said goodbye.

At home I went on with reading my Bible. I was in the book of acts and the sun was nicely shining on my face. I was praying to God that I also wanted this life to be mine and wanted to see God moving much more. Still there was that little voice saying; “don’t run before the feet of God my son”. My spirit is hungry! I couldn’t stay at home and we23.05.2017nt out searching for people to pray for. I also wanted to buy still something so I could easily go to the shop and ask all people that I would meet if they had pain and if I could pray for them. When I was again at the bus station I saw a guy sitting on a bench. I went to him to ask if he had pain. He had 4 from 10 back pain. I asked if I could pray and he said “yes”. I prayed 2 times and all pain was gone. “Wonderful, isn’t it?”, “Yes”, he said. I asked if he was Christian and he was but when I asked if he was baptised and how old he was when he was baptised he said that he was a baby when he was baptised. I told him that it was not the right way we should do it. God wants our obedience in our free will. I gave him a TLR-DVD and my contact information. I told that he should contact me if he had questions after seeing the movie or if he wanted to be baptised. I told him that it’s not only one specific person that should baptise in church, but Jesus told his disciples to baptise  people and make them into disciples. I’m a disciple, so I can and I should do it too. I told that I had already baptised 4-persons. I asked him if he had already eaten something because it was time to eat, otherwise I could buy  him something from the shop.  He said he didn’t eat yet and looked happy with my proposal. Together we went to the shop. I took what I needed and he took a yoghurt. I needed to go because my sister in law  had called me that she was standing at my door. I didn’t need to rush but I had said that I would come as quickly as I could, so we left the shop and went our ways.


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