Wednesday 24.05.17, Persistance is what you need!!!!

On wednesday I went out in the morning and asked three persons at the play ground if they had pain and if I could pray for them. It was a beautiful morning, so I hoped that I would meet some positive people who are open to the gospel. In reality it was far from that: one man started to speak in Finnish in a hard and loud tone that made it clear that he was really against everything I wanted to share with him. I quickly “brushed the dust off from my feet” and continued my way towards the grochery store, Prisma.

24.05.17On my way I met some teenagers and talked to them, but they weren’t interested. Once in prisma I asked all kinds of people; even a worker from Prisma. It’s not my first choice to ask the staff, but I felt very drawn to him, so I convinced myself to put my fear aside and just ask him. It seemed that it wasn’t God’s leading in the end, since he didn’t had any pain, but I smiled and said friendly that I was studying finnish and needed some practise (I want to point out, that it’s good to act, when you feel drawn to do something that’s in line with God’s word. Sometimes it might be God’s voice leading you, other times maybe not). Talking to all kinds of people in Finnish and askin if they have pain and then to pray for them is a very good excersise, I would say! 

Then I went to an old man and asked if he had any pain. He said he had some pain in his hand. I asked if I could pray for it and he thanked me. He wanted to walk away but I asked if I could quickly pray over it then and there. I spoke healing over his hand and commanded all pain to go and the man said “thank you” and wanted to go. I asked if he still could feel pain or if the pain was gone. He tried it and said in a surprised way that it was better. I saw that his wife was waiting on him and that he wanted to go away so I said that he should go to his wife now. He smiled, said “yes”, and walked away.  

24.05.17-2Later I went back to Prisma around 14h. Nobody that I asked had any kind of pain so I went to another shop. In K-market, there were two  youngster sitting on a bench. I asked if they had pain and the girl seemed to have a very little bit of pain in her head/neck/leg, I don’t remember anymore exactly. It was only 1 from 10, but I wanted to pray for it and it had to go away. I prayed and the pain just didn’t want to leave her. Sometimes she didn’t know if it was gone but a bit later she said, that it was still there. It was a bit frustrating because I knew that it had to go, I just didn’t want to ask her millions of times if I could still pray again. The pain had to listen!! After the seventh prayer I gave up and said that I don’t know why it sometimes doesn’t go away, but the pain was also just 1/10 so nothing really bad. I explained them the gospel in the same way as I would do with someone who got healed. They looked interested at me so I gave them my info card and said that they should surely contact me if they wanted to know more… they were attentive, which was very refreshing after all the people I had already met!


I went out of the shop and saw that there were again some youngsters (5-6) hanging around at the parking lot. I went to them and asked if any one had pain. The girls said quite quickly “NO”, but a blonde guy (see pic) said his toe was actually hurting, 4 from 10. I asked if I could pray for it and he said, “sure”. Everybody who stood around the cars (there were two cars with youngsters in and  some others standing around them) was now very attentive and quietly watching what would happen. I prayed  for the first time but nothing happened (some youngsters were amused).  With the second prayer, the pain went down to maybe 3 but then I prayed 5 more times but it stayed the same. At a certain time the guy said: “yes … maybe…”, but I stopped him saying: “Really? You have to be honest!” and then he said: “No, it’s still three.” I was not panicking, I just prayed again. I would go on until the guy wouldn’t let me pray anymore. The pain had to go! There was a lot at stake now! (the honour of my Lord Jesus!) I prayed again and he went quiet, checking his toes… He said something in Finnish and then said: “Yees, maybe.” The others were saying something to him and I asked him if it was “0” now. He plainly said: “Yes!”. “Well this is Jesus.”, I told him, “Everybody always says that ‘if God showed himself to me then I will believe you’, but that’s not how it goes. It’s more like playing chess. Do you know that game?”. Everybody said “yes”. I continued: “Well first it’s my turn, then it’s your turn, then again my turn … If I would want to make two moves at one time, am I allowed? … No! Why? Because there are rules. The same with God. God created men and men sinned. But because God “loved” the people in this world he sent his son to die for us so that anyone who asks forgiveness to the Father could be forgiven. There is a lot at stake here. Our eternity, were will you spend it?? A lot people check for a long time  where they will spend there 1-week vacation but where they will spend eternity, they think ‘we will see…’. That’s crazy! Here, I give you my contact information with the site of a movie you should really check. It’s the same what happend here today but much more. And if you have some questions or want to talk with me, please write me an email. You can find my email-adress below! Do you see how important this is?” They all said “yes”. 

Let’s see if someone will send me a message. They have seen the power of God and also I had learned a lot. (Next time I want to put still more stress on the fact that their eternity is at stake. Do they even know where they’re gonna spend their eternity? If they say they don’t believe in eternity I would say: “Ok. But  you also didn’t believe your friend would be healed by my prayer, did you”?

After that it was time to go visit the friend of Juuso and I basically listened to him and prayed for him. It was the third time I visited him (let’s call him Marc).  Marc needs friends around him. At some point in his life, he had become very anxious and didn’t want to go outside from his home. Walking around his flat was now the most far place he could go. I spoke about repentance and the importance of baptism. He speaks in tongues, but still had that fear over him. I prayed that every unclean spirit would go away, every spirit of infirmity (I didn’t know, if there was any unclean spirits, but it’s inportant to try). Nothing happened so I prayed freedom over Him; lots of courage from the Holy Spirit and God’s indwelling in him in a stronger way than before. Let’s see how it will be with him next week. To be continued 😀

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