Weekend 26.-27.05.17, 30 minutes in Kamppi


We were  visiting Helsinki to see friends and on Friday we took a train to Puistola. I sat down next to a young man, because the train was quite full. After some minutes, I asked him in Finnish if he had pain. He smiled and said he had a hangover. I asked if I could pray for it (I knew that it can also be healed, because Jesus had already healed 2 people with a hangover by me praying for it). He agreed, so I asked how much he had pain from 1 to 10 and he told that the pain was 5/10. After the first prayer, he said that it felt the same. After the second prayer he looked surprised and said it was much better, though still 3/10 so I prayed again. The pain was all gone after the third prayer and I could share about Jesus with him. He nodded with the things I said. I shared my contact info and a link to the movie and told that he should really check it.

In the evening we went to Kamppi at 20.15. We only had 30 minutes before we would have to go for dinner with our friends. We didn’t have anything to bring to them, so my wife went to search for some chocolate etc. and  I went around to pray for people. The first two persons (2 African ladies) I asked were very amused and laughed. After some time I still could pray for the first lady but nothing seemed to change what made them  smile/laugh even more. The person next to them (an African) said he was a christian too. I asked him if he had pain and he said he had some back pain. I prayed for it and he said thanks. “No no”, I said, “How is it now?”. I realised I forgot to ask him how much the pain level was, so I quickly asked him that question. “Maybe 4 from 10”, he answered. I still prayed four times and the pain level went down to 2/10 but not totally. I still wanted to pray more because “pain” has to listen (Jesus took ALL our pain on the cross) but the guy told me two times that it was ok and that it could still go away later. Whenever people say “it’s good, it’s good” I think it’s better to leave it and go on.


I asked two girls sitting on a bench. They didn’t have any pain, but when I explained that I wanted to pray for people, the other girl said that she was a Christian too. I asked her if she had ever heard somebody praying for people on the street and she said “no”. I told her friend that she should ask her Christian friend to pray for her whenever she has pain. I spent some minutes to tell them, how easy it is to pray for sick and how powerful tool it is for Christians to use. They both looked a bit amused but seemed to be agreeing. I left them and asked many different people, but no one had pain or seemed to be interested or had time for a conversation.18789862_10208279257609376_1654910551_o

18838442_10208279257449372_477648164_oThen I went to three teens: two girls and one boy.  One of the girls had a sore throat and she let me pray. After one prayer the pain went down from 4 to 2/10. She was shocked and because of seeing this, the other girl also admitted, that her knee was hurting. I said I would first pray a bit more for the the girl with the sore throat. I prayed again and all the pain left. She started to swear, because she was so amazed. I prayed for the other girl’s knee and all pain left from the first prayer (see a very short video clip). Now the two girls looked unbelieving to each other, exclaiming: “It’s really gone! Also with you?”, and the other answered: “Yes, yes!”. Amazing! They were so shocked and I could give them my contact information and a link to the movie of the Last Reformation (the beginning).

On Saturday we went to meet one friend of my wife, who’s a christian. We walked around a Maailma kylässä-festival and I told about my life at the moment and how I’m reaching people. The friend had already seen the TLR movie and was interested to see, how I aprroach people etc., though she wasn’t sure 18789862_10208279257089363_203845442_oif she would have courage to do it herself. After asking from several people, I found two muslim women: the other said that she had pain in her knee.  I prayed for it, since she let me. It became much better already after the first prayer, but since it wasn’t so clear, if it was all gone, I prayed again. I told her that Jesus, “Isa in Arabic”, healed them. She was so happy with the healed knee, that she also asked me pray for her head, that was hurting.


After the head became good, she asked me to pray for her arm which was also hurting 😀  They asked me, if I was a doctor. “No, I’m not a doctor, but Jesus is!”, I answered. While I was talking with them, my wife and her friend were close by seeing all what was happening and seeing the happy expressions. After I had talked a while with them, a muslim looking man came (husband of either of them very likely) and the conversation ended.

My wife and her friend + me on the backround with the muslim women

 I’m so happy, that they could have a meeting with Jesus who healed them! I’m sure the Holy Spirit will go on with them. Hopefully, until the day comes that they give their life to Jesus, receiving Christ as messiah!

“Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. ‘Therefore pray the  Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into His harvest”.”      Matthew 10:37-38



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