Wed 31.5 & Fri 2.6, Approaching indifferent teenagers

On Wednesday I went to Prisma and had a good conversation with a couple from a bible group my wife attends. I basically asked when their vacation was and what they would do. Since the husband had no plans I told him that if he wanted I could kickstart him. For many people it’s too big of a step to go on the street alone, because of fear, but I’m so greatful, that Lord gave me the amazing gift of “boldness” through my accident, (at Novemeber 2000 when I was hit by a car and lay for 2 months in a coma. Quite severe as I was having a brain trauma.. It is a miracle that I’m still alive, and that I still could go to the university when I was 18-years. Praise God I would say; I count my accident as one of the biggest gifts God has given me. Isn’t it wonderful how God’s word is true for all, And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” Romans 8:28).

I went out of Prisma and saw three girls sitting on a bench. One of them had kind of “punk” hair (purple). I have a big heart for people and especially those teens who try to provoke with their clothing or hairstyle (Maybe because of my experience as a teacher of religion on Belgian schools). I went straight to her and asked the girls if some of them had pain. Two said “NO”, but one said: “Yes, I have some pain in my “leg” (not sure about the exact spot any more). I asked if I could pray for her and put my hand on her and she agreed. At start the pai was 4/10, but with the first prayer the pain level went down to 2/10. With the next prayer everything was gone! “Isn’t it amazing?”, I asked and they all agreed. I told them that Jesus had just healed her and that “healing” is the way Jesus wants to show people that He is alive and they should start “thinking again” if they really do not believe in His existence. I also gave them my contact information and said that they should contact me if they wanted to talk more after they would see the movie or talk about Jesus in general (I put a link to the movie, the last reformation, the beginning on my contact info paper). Everyone took a card and I went on.

Passing by the Pizza buffet I saw a group of I think 6-girls sitting together so I walked to them. I had seen that one of the girls was the girl who always laughs at me. I don’t want to get discouraged by it, so I remind myself that she’s on a wrong track and needs someone to tell her the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  When I approached the group that girl saw me an said from a distance “No pain, no pain!”. I still went to them and when I stood before her I looked to the other girls and asked again “onko teillä kipuja” (do you (plural) have pain?). The “leader” of the group said “no”, but one of the girls said after some hesitation “Yes, actually I do have some pain”. I asked if I could pray for it and then prayed two times over it and all the pain left. While I was still rejoicing in the fact that the “offensive” girl had seen her friend healed, another girl in the group said she had also some pain, which I could pray for. This time all pain went away after the third prayer. I had given away all my contact information papers but they said they would often be hanging out in the Pizza buffet during the vacation. Later on I could give my contacts to them. After that I returned home.

On Friday my wife and I went to Forssa’s bus station to take a bus to her parents. Through a glass door I saw some youngsters on the other side of the building so I said to my wife that I would go to them.  I opened the door and asked if any of them had some pain. None of the boys had but when I asked the girls on my other side, one of them had and let me pray for it (some of them had seen me before). After two prayers all the pain left. I shared my contact info and gave the movie-DVD to 2 of them who were interested. I told them that I wanted to tell them more, if they’d be interested. They could contact me by writing me an email. The girl who was just been healed went away but all the boys were very attentive now. I told them that God had made a way to have eternal life but people still need to do something to accept Gods grace and to be forgiven. People need to repent: they need to realize and admit their sins and ask forgiveness from God. If they wanted to know more I could explain them the full gospel of Jesus Christ in a very easy way but then they needed to contact me. Our bus came so I needed to leave them.

Forssan bussiasema
Youngsters and me through the glass doors


2 thoughts on “Wed 31.5 & Fri 2.6, Approaching indifferent teenagers

  1. Hello Tim!

    More amazing testimonies, praise God! You are seeing so much healing and people’s lives are being changed 🙂

    You certainly do have an amazing boldness and I don’t think I knew about your accident and the coma. I’d like to hear more about your testimony of what happened.

    I am planning to go out on the street with my friend Anthony on Friday afternoon so please pray for us!

    God bless you my friend.



  2. Thanks Steven! Yes, it is quite amazing; because I wanted to be in time for school I ren through red light when I was 16y old (06.11.2000). A car hit me and I went into coma for two months.

    I woke up with a new life; I had seen no tunnel or such like. I couldn’t walk/bicycle or speak normal anymore. I had to go to another hospital after I went out of my coma (what was a miracle; the doctors had written down that they expected me to die). I rehabilitated for about 8 more months in The University Hospital in Ghent/Belgium were I used to live! On 1 Sept. 2001 I could go to school again but as a changed person! 😀

    There is just to much to tell about that but please if you have specific questions you can ask me; also on my Facebook “Tim D’Hooge” there is a section INFO> DETAILS OVER JOU> … and there my testimonie is quite detailed… it is in Dutch though, but surely you can aks me anything!

    Greetings, Tim!

    Yes, I’ll pray for you my brother!!! We are strong together!! I keep you up in my prayers Steven!! God bless!! 😀


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