Saturday 03.06.17, Shoppingmall in Hämeenlinna

On Saturday we woke up in Hämeenlinna were the mother of my wife lives. I had made a plan to go with the stepfather of my wife (Jyrki) to Goodman a shopping center in Hämeenlinna. Jyrki had said that he wanted to be my translator when needed. I could ask people in Finnish all the questions I wanted them to ask and if they would respond back in Finnish and I didn’t understand he could translate.

I know that God actually asks all his disciples to “go to all the houses, heal the sick, cast out the demons and preach the gospel”. All the disciples, not only the ones Jesus called on that specific day because Jesus called 70 (or 72 in some translations, depending on which manuscript the translation uses) disciples to be send out, he actually says; I send out every disciple of every nation, of every age. Genesis 10 lists a total of 70 original founders of the nations of the world or racial groups. The number 70 was not a co-incidence. Now I gladly act on this contextualised command from Luk10.

Today this is more easier than ever since the world is camping before everyone’s door. Hallelujah! We don’t need to go on the plane to see Arabic, Chinese, American or African people; the ‘re all living among us. We don’t need to go to the houses because the culture of today is totally different than the culture in Jesus time; what we can do is meet all kinds of people were they are; that means that every one has his own field were nobody other than you come; that’s  your “mission” field. This can mean; your sport club; the shop were you do groceries, your work, your friends, your music band, etc…  This really is life changing, the more you’ll do it the easier it will go.

So now I was in Goodman, what happend? To summarise:

– I had great conversations with many youngsters… no one had pain, nor their surroundings but I could preach the gospel to them and they were listening.

– We (Jyrkki&me) met an old friend of Jyrkki who had been thinking lately about being baptised as an adult since he was only baptised as a baby. We told him that this was a neccesity and he said he would visit Jyrkki who lives close to him to talk more about it. Jyrkki can later on baptise him in his paljo outside if his friend would want to be baptised!



Me, the friend of Jyrki & Jyrki himself.



Paljo (the same concept as a jaccuzzi)

– I had a good conversation with an old man who could only speak Finnish. I’m very happy to have followed the first course of Finnish language (the very basics) cause now we could have a very basic conversation. He said he had pain in his shoulders which left him after the first prayer. Hallellujah! My God is BIG! And I want all the world to know this!!! I told him that Jesus had healed him but I also saw now that the time to leave had come so I quitted my conversation (I couldn’t speak much more Finnish eather) and searched for Jyrki! God is Wonderfull!


2 thoughts on “Saturday 03.06.17, Shoppingmall in Hämeenlinna

  1. “I told him that Jesus had healed him but I also saw now that the time to leave had come so I quitted my conversation (I couldn’t speak much more Finnish eather)”. What a familiar feeling! though in my case it is Dutch and French 🙂


    1. Hahaha! Amazing! We share the same language strugle ;S In three weeks or something we will come to Belgium. Anni just stays for the wedding of my brother (thurs-sund.) I will be there for about three weeks 🙂
      I hope you’ll still be in Belgium? We could go sometimes together on the streets! 1-21 July 🙂
      Be blessed my brother! 😀


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