Thursday 08.06.17, Two days in Tampere with fellow disciples, Day2!

Having baptised someone yesterday I thought; “now I want to be better prepared” so I put on swimming pants under my clothes 🙂

Yesterday we had finnished the day with some fellowship. It was such a nice time that it  had become 24 o’ clock before everyone went to his house/or place he slept. Everyone could use some sleep now. The next morning we would meet at 13h in a big shoppingmal in tampere.

08.06.17-2jpgI slept with a young couple who had every week a house fellowship at their house. When we all met in their house they told us about all the challenges they now faced.  I was very interested cause I was also thinking about starting my own house fellowship at some point. They spoke about the hardships they faced and the reasons why they left the church they had attended for multiple years. Together we prayed for the couple and wished each other a good night.

Around 12h I left to the big shopping mal. We met and eat together and because it was raining today we decided to stay in the big shopping mal. Opportunities enough as we would see.

08.06.17_LIToday I learned that a person who you want to  kickstart should be really motivated to be kickstarted. Someone who really want to see result and is not afraid to ask a second, third, fourth or even a fifth time to pray. I know that it’s not so nice if you have to wait a long time before you see results; but we have to trust the promise of God above  the circomstances and press on. Then we’ll see result! I think I was more eager to see miracles happen than the girl I tried to kick start today so the kickstarting of the girl didn’t work out.

In the picture you can see two girls who were healed at the beginning of this day. I was reminded on the many miracles I’ve seen at the  maata näkyvissä -music festival. The reaction from the second girl (girl who’s eyes I have covered) was just the same as one of the girls who was healed at the festival. (ie. the girl became totally red when she felt that Jesus was healing her). At the beginning the blond girl said that she had some pain and when I prayed for the third time all pain went away (I think I had to pray three times for her, don’t  know so good anymore!). When the other girl saw that her friend was not lying or exaggerating she also said she had some pain. She asked if her friend who was also a Christian could pray for her but I was not sure as she didn’t spoke in tongues and wasn’t baptised as an adult… as I’m writing this now I think I made a mistake and had to let her friend pray for her because I think that the blond girl would have been encouraged if she had seen that people were healed by her praying for it, and than would have done much easier the other steps that she still needed to do (baptise fully/not sprinkling, on her own faith and then accept the holy spirit). In the end the disciples of Jesus were sent out to heal people before they had the Holy Spirit; it’s just faith in the name of Jesus. But awesome miracles we saw again today!

I wanted to go on, and just ten meter further there stood a group of 08.06.17-4jpgfive friends. I asked if they had pain and two of them had some pain. I prayed for it and it all the pain left from the first prayer. I think it was stomach ache with the first and the other had pain in his feet. After I told them that Jesus healed them I gave them a DVD and told them they should investigate “Jesus” more, cause he promises eternal life for his followers. I also said that they could find more when they would google “LASTREFORMATION”. Suddenly someone of the group pointed at the hand of the guy with his red jacket. His hand was in a bandage. I asked him if he had some pain and he said that he actually had so I asked if I could pray for it and all pain left after the second prayer. Wonderfull! God is good. I could see that the girls who were healed just before were watching at the “happening” and smiling. The guys were really amazed just as the youngster group in Ghent Zuid! (See picture). When the first guy felt that he was healed he shouted “whooo”, and all the others knew it was no joke. Yes, Jesus is no Joke! He is real and is alive, still today!! 😀

I still went to some other people who get healed; though I didn’t ask from everyone to go on the picture with me as I don’t want to discredit the work of God. Some people like to be on the picture with you; others don’t care so much  and still others I didn’t want to ask cause I didn’t want to give them the impression that it’s just about “nice pictures” I wanted to take with everyone.

08.06.17-6jpgIt had been a good two days were we had seen all kind of things, many healings, much sharing of the word of God, one was getting baptised and we could comfort people with the peace of God. At one point for example we saw a girl sitting on the ground, next to a car. We knelt down beside her, spoke and prayed for her and we could see the tears rolling down her face. My friends spoke with her as they could speak in Finnish with her and helped her as much as they could.

It was time for me to take my bus to my home in Forssa so we said goodbye to each other and went to our home..







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