Wednesday, 14.06.17; Loimaa, here we come!

I’m living in Finland, and Finland has to know that I’m taking my God with me where-ever I go! We take God where-ever we go if He lives in our hearts! We are the representation of God to a lost world. God send his son to die for us while we were still sinners. This world needs to hear this! Be a living bible! Maybe you’ll be the only bible some people will ever read! He wants every individual to come to Him; because meeting the Master can change them forever! You could arrange that meeting, what will you do with it? Every where I go I ask people if they have pain and if I can pray for them which opens a door to talk about the gospel to them, no matter what they say 😀 I encourage you to do the same!!! You’ll see what happens! : D

On Wednesday a friend of mine had asked me to come to his (quite new started) church. I agreed. Firstly we drove to his parents in law to hand over his young child to watch over it. When we arrived we said “hi” to the mother in law and had a nice chat.  His mother in law told me that her neighbour needed some prayer. Because it was good weather we were still standing outside. I went to the neighbours who were also standing outside and introduced myself to them.  After my introduction I asked the (older) woman if she had any pain because I pray for people with pain and Jesus heals them. The neighbour said she had “reuma” and I said, Ooh, Jesus can handle that; you’ll see. I asked if I could pray for her and after her positive answer I had to pray two times before it was all gone. From painlevel 9 it went to 0. Quite amazing! There was not a huge reaction but that can be because of her age, I suppose 😀 Hallelujah! We were up for a good day!  😀

The first people my friend and me went to  was a group of older women. Two of them had some kind of pain. They got healed by 4 or 5 prayers… I must admit that we didn’t took a lot of time to tell them the gospel because not all pain was gone but still they were very happy about what we did. I think “our love” was already a gift to them. Even though one of the  ladies was the waitress from the cafetaria (who was working) I should have a clear mind to focus my speech on the Gospel, which we did but not enough!

After having said good buy we went to some teenagers who were sitting at the market square. I asked if they had pain and one of them had pain and got immediately healed. She started swearing (as people often do when they don’t believe but still get healed). I asked her if she believed. She said she didn’t but obviously she had to think again, (is what she 14.06.17-1said!). Amazing, we could share with her that Jesus is alive as she had felt and He wanted  her to know that. I gave her a DVD of the movie “the beginning” of the last reformation but as I’m writing this now I should have tried to explain her the gospel with “cups and cookies” . But it didn’t came to my mind. I know that it shows to me that I should start sharing the cups and cookies more with the people I approach because this is such an easy and understandable way to share the gospel with people who know nothing about the GOSPEL! The more I’ll do it, the more succesfull I can become in it. With succesfull I mean, sharing the Gospel in a natural way without forgetting anything. If you haven’t seen the “cups and cookies” method, I really encourage you to watch it by clicking on the link I put above! It is a very good method!

The girl her reaction you see on the picture was a very surprised and “loud” reaction we all want to see, obviously not everyone reacts in this way.

14.06.17-2We went around and asked a lot more people but no one had pain, or wanted prayer any more. My friend had to do some other stuff before the church meeting so I went on my own. Now there was another girl on that same square who had just been operated. She had not so much pain anymore but I could pray for it. Pain level 1 it was before the first prayer but after my prayer she defenitely could feel the difference! “It’s all gone” she said and I could share about Jesus! Wonderfull!

We ended the day with a great meeting! Some songs and someone with a very nice testimony how  he came from being a alcoholic to be a “preacher of the gospel” who went to different hospitals in Finland to minister to people who were waiting to die. I know you’ll probably say, “ooh, but that is not possible in my country/city, they never let you sing and pray for the people who are in the last  phase of their life; waiting to die. No not in my country/city! Yes; that’s what I was thinking too; but also in Finland this is not possible. It is only because God opened doors for that guy to come and sing/pray for those people. Yes, he has led already many people to Christ just before they died; isn’t it wonderfull how God wants to use us, every one in his way! One thing you have to know; he wants to use you ANYWAY!  Just go to the Master and say, here I am Lord; use me! Be blessed 😀



2 thoughts on “Wednesday, 14.06.17; Loimaa, here we come!

  1. It is so good to read your blog! Encouraging and inspiring so much! God bless your family and country where you live! 🙂
    Greetings from Riga 😉


  2. O that’s so nice of you Ilze! It is an honour to walk this life out here in Finland where I live (since 18 Juli 2016). I went to the kickstart in Riga. How’s life since than? Were you also at the kickstart? Has it changed you? Jesus is changing me a lot and I’m blessed by my brothers from whom I saw the example of being a disciple of Christ; now I want to show an example for “my” beloved brothers and sisters! 😀 Thanks for the encouragement!


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