Thursday 15.06.17; just going to the grocerystore(s)…

Well, the summer vacation has started here in Finland; that’s for sure! Teenagers are just hanging around at the supermarket to have a nice time! Wonderfull!!

First of all I needed to go to the bookshop “suomalainen”  to buy a small notebook were I could write my contact information when I would heal someone in Jesus name. After the healing I testify about what Jesus just had done and just lately I also give them a DVD of the last reformation, the beginning. On the little paper I write my name, a link to the movie and my email adress:

Tim D


Questions, mail me!

I found quite quickly what I was searching for. Before I went to some people I sat down at the Prismacafé to write already some of my contact information on the little papers I had just bought.

I did my little grocery shopping and when I came out of the Prismashop and passed by the Prismacafé I saw a group of teenagers. As usual I asked them if they had pain. From the start some people were already shouting “no pain, no pain” but when I came to them I looked to some other guys and asked them if they had some pain. One of them said he did have some pain. It sounded first like a bit of a joke, so I asked again, “your serious hé!?”… he replied “yes”. “Really”?  “yes, yes”.  So I asked”  how much pain on a scale of 10 and he said 8! “Waaw, that was quite a lot” .”Yes” he said. So I prayed for the first time and asked him how he felt. … “Yeeees! Better” 🙂 … “Ok, not all gone than I pray again”.  I prayed a second time and asked again how it was but now he said with a smile; “yes; all is gone”!

I was happy for them but knew that this would happen! Finding people with pain is always the most difficult. Now it was time to share the gospel! I firstly asked who of them was already a Christian so I could know what  would be important to say.  They all were Christians. Now that I’m living already for 10 months in Finland I know that this most probably would mean that they were baptised as a child so I told them the “cups and cookies” starting from the point were God created mankind …  they all agreed and were attentive listeners. After my short speech I asked who would want a DVD and all said they wanted a DVD so I gave them one. I also gave them a paper with my contact information that I just had written down. I said that they should contact me if they wanted to be baptised on their own faith cause that’s what Jesus wants.  You have not yet decided on your own  faith if you want to follow Jesus, your parents have. They all agreed. I left them knowingly that most probably I would see them again this summer.  Waaaw, I like it

Teenagers @ Prismacafé Forssa








Coming out of Prisma I decided to make a D-tour and pass the other grocery shop “K-market”. Yes, also there were some guys hanging out. These guys were a bit older; more drunk and more agressive. When I walked to them they started already swearing at me but I didn’t care and still asked if someone of them had pain. Lots of them were not listening but one of them  (a Roma-guy, obviously the most gentle of them) said he had a head ache. I asked again how much pain he had and just as in the Prisma shop he said “8”. I prayed 2-times for it and already from the first time the pain level went a lot down. The guy said “thank you” and thought it was finnished but I told him that I would pray again if not all the pain was gone. A bit startled he agreed. I prayed again and asked how it was and the guy was amazed! “yes, thank you it is gone”! “Amazing hé?!” “yes; thank you!” I smiled and said “no no, sana kiitos Jesus” (say, thank you Jesus”) what he did 😀  I said good bye and went to my home.

On the way home I passed all kind of people but no one had pain. I even  passed a  playground and asked the woman who was sitting on a bench if she had pain. I also said why I was asking this, but she left and said she had to take care of the kids. When people know that you want to talk about Jesus they sometimes try to run away as quick as they can, but there are also people who want to listen to you and are curious. Those are the people I want to meet. I don’t think you can say; “Ooh, but in my country it is very hard ground; you don’t know!”. As it is becoming more and more dark, more and more people are opposed everything that Jesus came with. Jesus wants to send us out as sheep among the wolves. He IS our greatest comforter! Or like the song of Matt Redman says; “Ooh no, your never alone”…! 😀  BE BLESSED!!!



Before K-market



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