16-17.06.17, Arise & Shine -event in Turku

17.06.17 (17)On Friday my wife had her graduation ceremony! What a blessing to have her in my life! Thank you Jesus!

As we both are called into the harvest field we had decided to go to an event “Arise & Shine- armor renewed”. It was an event with 4 different workshops and one of them was given by a finnish couple from TLR Sweden and it was basically a kickstart. I was there in a role of a kickstarter: God has given me the gift of fearlessness so I want to take as many people as possible on the street to pray for sick people. I love Kickstarting because prayng for sick is a very effective way of making disciples. To give you an example from my own life; on Sunday 18.12.16 I healed a friend without knowing; a week later I baptised him , and one day after that  I took him on the street to pray for sick (kickstarted him). Today he prays for people everywhere he goes and has his own blog (mybookofacts). He’s life has totally changed. This is how I believe discipleship works.

On Saturday we started the workshop around 10 am and firstly had some teaching by Ville and Sanna (TLR Sweden). After the teaching and sharing some testimonies we were soon sent out on the street in small groups of 2-5 people. We were around 20 people and 10 of us hadn’t yet been praying for strangers on the street. Half of us had already experience with praying for the sick, so almost every one who wanted to be kickstarted had their personal kickstarter. The woman, let’s call her Doris, who I kickstarted was a former muslim who is now teaching bible to other former muslims. She was very eager to see the  power of God on the streets!

17.06.17 (2)_LIWe firstly went to the train station, where I saw some people sitting on the benches. I firstly showed Doris an example how to approach and pray for people. I prayed for someone on the bench who got better but then we had to go because there were some drunk people who didn’t like what we were doing. I saw that on the other side there were also two people sitting on a bench so I decided to go to them.

Now Doris had seen how it worked so she could pray for the next one. I went to a guy with a baseball cap (see the pic) and asked if he had some pain. He said he had lots of pain in his back and because Doris wasn’t with me yet, I prayed the first time for him. His pain level went down from 9 to 5. Then Doris arrived and I asked her if she wanted to go on with the praying because God was not done yet. She was happy to do so: she prayed a second time and now it went again down to 3. Then a third short prayer and it was almost gone, only 1/10. After one more prayer everything was gone. The guy himself was really surprised and stood immediately up to test his back and neck properly. He looked at Doris with big eyes and said: “I don’t feel it anymore!”. Praise Jesus! Doris still said something about the baseball cap he was wearing with some skulls on (he shouldn’t put it on again, because that could bring the pain back again as those skulls are more likely signing to hell were the pain came from, than they are signals to heaven). After sharing some more gospel and giving him my contact information we happily left. Great, the first person got totally free from pain after Doris’ prayers.

17.06.17 (3)_LINext we went into a shopping center to buy some food. I was walking a bit behind and starting to have some hurt at my feet because of my new shoes. I asked for some prayer from my friends, so we stopped and they reached to my foot to pray for it. When we were ready to go on, there suddenly came a young man to ask, what we were doing. I said I had pain and had asked my friends to pray for it. Since he had approached us, I ased him if he had any pain. “Yes, actually I do!”, he said. I asked were an he told that he had some back pain. I asked if my friend could pray for it and he agreed. Doris was happy to pray again and I think after one or two prayers all pain was gone. Glory Hallelujah! We said he had to thank Jesus for the miracle!

17.06.17 (7)

At some point we met some other “kickstarting groups” and shared some of our stories together 😀 The other group had two girls who were around 11-15 years old, who were also kickstarted and prayed for people who got healed! God doesn’t look to age! 😀

Then I was looking around to find the next person with pain but  … Oh no, Doris was already going to another table to ask it herself. She went to some muslim ladies who were eating together. She told afterwards, that there was a language barrier which made it a bit difficult. The muslim ladies had no pain but Doris could still bless them and had a nice small talk with them. Just being kind and considerate can already make a big impact on people!

17.06.17 (4)_LIWe went out of the shop and walked towars our home base: it had been a good day. Doris and some others were walking a lot ahead… or actually I was a lot behind 🙂 I truly enjoyed walking around with all my brothers and sisters and enjoyed myself fully. Suddenly I saw a young girl sitting on a bench alone. I thought, “Well Tim: give it a last shot!” I threw my -now already famous- opening sentences in Finnish to the girl: “Anteeksi, minä puhun vähän suomea; mutta minä yritän! … (Excuse me, I speak just a little bit Finish, but I try). Mostly the person I talk to is a bit amused and has sympahty for me.  “Onko sinulla kipuja”… (Do you have pain?).  Long story short: the girl had pain in her back and when I had asked if my friend could pray, I called to Doris, who had seen me and was already returning to me. Doris prayed three short prayers and all the pain left! Glory hallelujah! We shared some gospel with the girl and then had to continue our way to meet up with the whole workshop.

17.06.17 (10)_LIAll the groups of our outreach came back with smiles on their faces. Everybody had seen some miracles! Wonderful! After sharing many nice testimonies, Doris asked me to pray for her shoulders and neck. I prayed few times and all the pain went down from 7 to 6 to 5 to 3.5 to 2 to 1 to 0.5 … but it didn’t go away totally. I prayed one or two more times but it stayed on 0.5 but Doris was very happy with this. I spoke total healing over it for the last time and gave it to God.

After some more teaching from Ville & Sanna we came together with all the other workshops and had a meal together. You could definitely see who had been on our workshop because many of us were praying for each other during the dinner 😀

17.06.17 (13)  17.06.17 (11)

We ended the weekend with worship and prayer and shared testimonies with the whole group. What a lovely and encouraging event it was! We got to now many new brothers and sisters who share the same heart with us! 😀

17.06.17 (15)


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