Thursday 22.06.17; Walking with Jesus on the streets!

22.06.17 (1)

I saw this picture from one of my sisters in Christ; needless to say but I love this picture a lot!

I went out this morning to do some grocery shopping. I must confess that I actually wanted to find people to pray for, more than I wanted to buy the food I had to buy. So after arriving in the grocery shop and finding my stuff I walked for 10-minutes around and asked different people if they had pain and if I could pray for them but no one let me pray! It sometimes can drive me crazy to hear them confess they have a lot of pain, but they don’t want to let you pray over it!  Anyway it had become time to go home and eat my lunch so I left.

When I was home I ate my lunch! I felt a bit discouraged because of the many “rejections”, but I was thinking; NO! I won’t let the enemy have a victory over me! I am happy because all God has done through me already! After the lunch maybe I’ll go again to have a prayer walk; who knows who’ll I meet to pray for? Who knows???

After my lunch I first prayed a bit at home (Yesterday I listened to a sermon that a brother had shared with all his fb-friends and it had encouraged me a lot). Now I applied all I learned and prayed with a specific goal (Charles Spurgeon, true prayer, true power ). I went out my door proclaiming and knowing God had already answered me; I would meet people where I could pray for this time!  Hallelujah!

I’ll summarise my meetings in the afternoon before my wife came home from her job:

  1. A woman was selling some stuff inside of a grocery shop; after having asked some questions about the products I asked if she had pain. I could pray for her back pain and all pain left after (I think) the second prayer. She was very thankful and told me she was a believer too and believed that my prayer would work, already before I started to pray. Great! I asked if she was baptised and when but she was a pentecostal and was baptised on her own faith! Great! I asked if she had received the holy spirit and the accompanying tongues but she said she had! Amazing… now that I write this I should have asked her if I could take her on the street with me some day. She could (maybe?)see her first miracle and see how God uses those miracles as a means to make “new disciples” 🙂 … but I forgot! Actually this blog is good for me because it is a sort of reflection on what I just did.

2. Then I saw a man  who had been healed already few times. I asked again if he had pain and he said he had (again) lots of back pain. After 4 short prayers all the pain was 22.06.17 (4)gone and he asked me again if I would go to the pentecostal church this Sunday. I said I didn’t know were my wife and I would go. Now it also comes to  my mind that I should have asked him the same question. Does he wants to be kickstarted by me?  The guy alway asks me if I would go to church this Sunday than he would also go, but I never saw  him in church (or maybe one time). Next time I’ll ask him if I can kickstart him!


3. Those girls I met when I wanted to go out of the shop and passed the toilet. The girls were just standing still so I asked them if someone of them had pain. One girl had some 22.06.17 (3)pain in her stomach. 5 on a scale of 10. I could pray for it and the pain left after the first or second prayer.  The girl  looked a bit surprised and I told them  that Jesus had healed them. I gave them my contactinfo, said that they should see the movie and contact me if they had questions. (on my contact information paper there is a link to the movie).

4. Finally I managed to go out of the shop were I met a Romanian guy that I had prayed for before who was healed.  I asked him how it was and if he had pain. The guy said he didn’t had pain but his wife had. He said she would come in 10 minutes so I decided to wait on her. (A pity that I din’t ask him if he didn’t want to be kick started by me… now I know what I have to say to them next time I meet hem :- ). Because I see the same guys on th22.06.17 (5)e same shop hanging around I’m sure I will see him again.  I waited more then 10 minutes but his wife didn’t came… While I was waiting I had the time to ask many people who  came in- or went out of the shop if they had pain.  There I met this  older lady who was very happy that I wanted to pray for her back and legs. Both were healed and she thanked me and shared with me that her daughter was not in faith. I said that we could pray together on the spot for her daughter. She was happy with the proposal so I prayed for her daughter and she said something like “Amen”.


After my wife came home from her work!

We decided to go to a shop. My wife would still do some grocery shopping because tomorrow would be a free day. A long free weekend in the whole Finland.

When we passed the pizzabuffet there was again a young gang hanging so I asked them if they had pain what made some laugh. I told my wife that she could do the grocery shopping and I would talk to them so we separated from there.  I asked again and one guy had some pain which left him after the first prayer. They were not attentive so I kept it short. I gave my contact card to the guy who was healed and I moved on as my wife came out of the shop.

Now we still wanted to go to some other shop “K-market”  as we wanted to enjoying the nice weather.

22.06.17 (6)My wife went into K-market and I first went to the guys outside the shop to ask them if I could pray for their pain. One of them had pain so for him I could pray; one prayer and he was healed. I had already prayed for him before and he was also healed at that time; but now the group of uninterested people was to big to start a good conversation. I should speak with him later and ask him if he has some more time to tell him the gospel in an easy way (cups & cookies) and if he wanted to be kickstarted by me.

I wanted to go to my wife but then I just saw the nice couple I had given already a DVD of TLR so I went to ask them what they had been thinking when seeing the movie. The tall guy said it was quite a crazy movie; but he didn’t know if it was true. I asked him again if he had pain, he said “no; but when I have pain I’ll contact you because I want to know if it is really true”! I said he should surely contact me because just today 6-people had been healed already. God is no Christmass man who JUST want to heal your little (or big) hurt; but he actually wants you to understand that he’s REAL and He wants to give you something that’s much more; LIFE ETERNAL!!!  That’s why it would be cool if you would have any pain because than you could feel and see it yourself that it is NOT FAKE! 😀 They smiled and said they would contact me! Even  though they look really “punky-ghotic” I really feel a great love for them! I said to them that I really would like them to see that its true because I like them! We said good buy and went both our way!



2 thoughts on “Thursday 22.06.17; Walking with Jesus on the streets!

  1. Hey Tim! Wow, praise God for an amazing day with many people getting healed! I love reading your blog. Also, pleased you enjoyed the Spurgeon sermon, I found it really focused my prayers.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll look forward to your next blog post. God bless you and your wife 🙏🏻✝️

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  2. Thank you Steven! Yes, I was very happy to listen to the sermon you posted!
    Let’s keep ut the good work; and let Holy Spirit lead us!

    My dear brother; I wish you lots of Gods grace, wisdom and power to impact the nations!
    God bless!


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