Monday-Tuesday 26-27.06.17, It’s that person of peace you have to find.

I understand that it’s not always because people have no pain that we can’t share Christ with them. I mostly ask the Lord to lead my day before I leave my home. By doing this you can have the assurance that the people you’ll meet are not there by accident. Yesterday I met a brother in Christ were I had prayed for before. I had asked him before if I could give him a DVD of the Last reformation, the beginning but he said he didn’t have a computer of DVD-player. After I had asked him if he wanted to come over to my house to have a cup of coffee he said; “o yes, than we can watch the movie togehter”. So he didn’t forget!?! I didn’t know anymore that he didn’t have a DVD-player. Together we went to my home to watch the movie of TLR   and have some fellowship as he was a believer himself.

26.06.17 (1)We spend a nice time with each other and he even saw my wife who came home from her work. Together we prayed for each other and could stir each others faith. Lovely!

It’s all about finding that “person of peace”. With that I mean, somebody who’s open and wants to know more about “what you are doing”. That person is mostly just healed and brings you in contact with a lot of different people who need Jesus desperately,  but without that special contact you wouldn’t be able to reach them.

27.06.17(1)Today I went to Prisma; but found no person of peace. When I went to K-market in the afternoon I spoke with several people but no one had really time or wanted prayer accept one woman who’s back was hurting a lot. She said she took medicine for it and had already taken some medicine this morning but was still in pain. She said the “hurt level” was more likely a 5 on a scale of 10. During the morning it would have been 8. She let me pray for it and after the first prayer, “no, no change!”. I prayed again and she said: “yes, it is better now”… Not all pain was gone so I prayed again and again she said; “yes, it’s certainly much better now”. Than she said she needed to go so I let her go. At least I had a good -5 minute conversation with her and she had felt the power of God. I pray that God would still put different people on her path as she didn’t know what to think about God.


This morning I listened to a wonderful preaching from a guy who’s life is a true testimony. His name is Keith Green; and if you don’t know him and want to hear a good sermon I strongly suggest you listen to this one; Keith Green, devotion-or devotions?



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