Wednesday 28.06.17, Many people are desperate, we have to tell them that the one they search for is JESUS! He alone can save!!

Ooh, my heart broke when I heard this guy his story!

… Let’s start with the begining; after I had visited the friend of Juuso, I went to K-market. These last days I visit the friend of Juuso quiet often. He lives very near and needs to have someone around. I believe God connected us! At least God has a plan with this, that I’m sure; it wasn’t a co-incidence that I met his friend while waiting on the bus to Tampere.

28.06.17 (1).jpgIt was a nice day; not too hot, not too cold. People were walking outside, though I needed to pack my bag for my 3-week visit to Belgium so I just would have one hour to search for people; talk to them and pray with them.

God clearly knew this. The first guy I met was so much in need of Jesus. When I heard his story my heart broke. This guy was addicted to “everything”. I discovered he was on drugs, so I prayed for him. He also said that he was afraid to die because he had a heart disease. I told him that he didn’t need to be afraid from dead when he would gave his heart to God and be baptised, after repenting from his sins. I prayed again to Jesus and commanded the heart to be totally healed and he started to talk about why it was not fair that God sends people for and eternity to hell if they don’t want to follow him. I tried my best to explain a bit why it was totally “fair” but he still had a difficult time with it.

I prayed a last time for him, gave him a hug and a DVD. Also my contact information I gave him. On Thursday I would go for 3-weeks to Belgium but afterwards I would like to meet him again. He said he lived very close to the shop and needed to do still some grocery shopping so I let him leave.

I went to some other lady, who was already a Christian.  I showed her the trailer of “the beginning” with English subtitles (have to change it to Finnish subtitles, but didn’t had the time for it). She looked a bit unbelieving and looked to the other guy (which I knew form the intercultural meetings in Forssa) who had just joined us. In the end they just walked away.

When I wanted to go out of the shop I still met another 20+ guy which I asked if he had pain. Yes, his back was in pain. A 4 on a scale of 10 and I could pray for it. After one prayer the pain went down to 2/10; after the second prayer he was a bit surprised. “Yes, no pain anymore. “So it is gone, 0 now?  I asked. He said, “yes”. He was a believer so I told him about the importance of baptism on your own faith. He listened but didn’t react much. I gave him my contact information and I said that if he wanted I could baptise him too. Just send me a mail. He smiled. We said good buy  and I went quickly to my home. (He didn’t want to be on the picture, so no picture this time).

Before I forget, yesterday evening (after I had already written down the blog post of the day) we were invited to go to the parents of our neighbour who has a sauna next to a lake. Because the sun was shining and it was a nice temperature yesterday, we could go with our neighbour to her parents. Once on the spot, also the cousin of our neighbour was there with his wife. When all the men (3)  went to the sauna I asked if someone had pain and the cousin said he had some neck pain. After praying two times for his neck all the neck pain was gone! Glory Hallelujah! A pity that I didn’t take a picture, but I didn’t want to make them feel that it’s all about the pictures. When I’m with youngsters it is more easy to ask because they live in that culture of “taking pictures” of everything that moves. 🙂 So, no picture, anteeksi! (sorry in Finnish).

Be blessed!




2 thoughts on “Wednesday 28.06.17, Many people are desperate, we have to tell them that the one they search for is JESUS! He alone can save!!

  1. “why it was not fair that God sends people for and eternity to hell if they don’t want to follow him” >> my former colleague used to think exactly the same. I tried to tell him that he could look at it from a ‘glass half-empty’ or ‘glass half-full’ perspective. But indeed, he still struggles with that thought until today.


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