Thursday 29.06.17, On our way to Belgium a lot of things happened!

Firstly I have to tell everyone that it is a privilege to travel.

Friday we went to Belgium by plane, a nice opportunity to meet a lot of people on different spots.  29.06.17 (1)

The first spot was “the train” we had to take to the airport in Vantaa; Helsinki.

When we were waiting on the train to come I asked the foreign looking guy standing close to us  if he had pain (let’s call him Ghadi). He said he didn’t had pain but out of this first sentence became a whole conversation. My wife joined the conversation and it started to become very interesting but then our train came. He went into the train form a different door so I thought the conversation had ended. Pity this guy looked open to the gospel. Anyway we can’t force things.

We were already sitting and suddenly Ghadi came to sit next to us.  We had a great conversation together about all kind of things about bible, Jesus and religion. My wife was also very much involved in the conversation with Ghadi so I went to the other side were an African guy was sitting to ask if he had some pain. I hoped that, even if Ghadi had no pain, he could still see Jesus’ healing power. He didn’t have pain so I told a bit what I was doing and told him about my blog. He was reacting very positively so my wife asked if he was a Christian (Ghadi  was also listening to the conversation with interest). He was a Christian and searched the blog with his own phone. He was going to a Christian camp to help and he had a good connection with my wife who has been on the same camp.

29.06.17 (3)When we were already going to our boarding gate at the airport we met some girls who were advertising a humanitarian work. I said that I wanted to listen to them if I could also ask them afterward a question. They agreed and after there conversation I asked if someone of them had pain. One girl said she actually had back pain already from the morning (pain level 6 on a scale of 10). I could pray for it and all pain left from the moment my hand touched her back. The girl said that she could feel the healing already before I had started to pray for it.  The girls didn’t want to be on the picture because they had there work uniform and were working.

Another great meeting on our travel to Belgium was the moment we were sitting in the train to Ghent.

On the other side came a group of youngsters. These is the kind of age group I feel very connected to (because of my former job as teacher). I asked if someone of them had pain and when one girl said she had pain I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed but was surprised with my question. I prayed for her throat ache (pain level 4) and already after the first prayer there was “a clear difference”. Not all pain was gone so I prayed again.  I asked if all pain was gone and the girl said; yes all pain is gone!

29.06.17 (4)

Her friends were asking her, “really”?? She replied; yes, truly! It’s all gone; really! Ooh I was so glad that everyone of them could see that Jesus is still alive and is healing people by the prayers of his disciples. Glory!! Now the whole group was very open en interested in what I still would do or say. I started to explain to all of them that this/healing people, was Jesus his way to show people that He is still alive and that they should start to “rethink” whatever they have been thinking about Him”. I said that Jesus didn’t want to give them just a “little healing”. “He is not the Christmas man, you know?”. Jesus wants to give every one of you much more; LIFE EVERLASTING!  But to have this life people should first of all be obedient to what He says. To receive LIFE EVERLASTING they should 1 Believe that Jesus is raised from the dead, 2. Repent from their sins, 3. be baptised on their own faith,  4. Be filled with Holy Spirit and than live the life together with this Holy Spirit living in you.

29.06.17 (2)

When we arrived at the station (Ghent Sint Pieters, Belgium), we still needed to wait for around half an hour on my parents to take us. So, what could be better done than to ask those four girls who were sitting in the grass and eating a pizza if they had pain. I went to them and asked if someone had pain. One of them said she had a small hurt (infection) in her mouth. I asked if I could pray for her and she said, “could this go away by prayer?” I said, “surely, you can feel it  yourself after I’ve prayed for it”. She agreed and after the first prayer all pain went away. (Don’t know very good if I prayed 1 or 2 times for it before all hurt was gone). They were surprised so I started to share for about 5-minutes about Jesus who is alive. One of the girls said after 5-minutes listening that they were very happy with the prayer but wanted to eat there pizza before it went cold. I said happely “no problem” and left.

What a nice travel to Belgium it had been!!!


4 thoughts on “Thursday 29.06.17, On our way to Belgium a lot of things happened!

  1. Wonderful, Tim! So delighted to read about your trip and all the healing and gospel sharing. Your blog is inspiring I love the fearlessness you have when you approach people 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend brother 🙏🏻✝️


  2. Hi Rocky! Yes, now we’re connected also on Fb! As I’m now back in Finland and my next visit to Belgium will probably just be in 2018 I would encourage you to connect with some people I get to know while spending time in Belgium who have the same mind set! It is amazing to see how God is working these days! I’ll connect them with you on fb! Thanks for the reply! I believe Belgium needs the revealing of the true sons of God! Let’s keep in touch!


  3. Hello, Tim, I am glad to hear your reports of time in Belgium. We would like to have you back. We are training others to do this in Belgium. It is valuable to have a Belgian who knows what we are talking about. I believe we have some common friends. I would like to connect with you more.


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