Tuesday 04.07.2017; Visiting my home town!

040717.2jpgTuesday was a great day to go out and walk on Belgian ground! (my home country).

Our trip to Belgium was an amazing trip where a lot of things happened. Not because I was so active and asked thousands of people but because the people I spoke with were all open for the gospel after they got healed! Now was a time to go out on the street to buy some stuff in some shops because of the amazing weather and free time.

This is a short summary of what happened:

1. This picture is from a guy who was advertising “work amongst refugees” in Flanders (the Flamish speaking region of Belgium). He was a very nice guy and spoke with us about projects amoungst refugees in Flanders. When he asked me if he could ask a question I said, “yes, if I can later on ask you a question too”. He said: “yes”. So after his talk was over he asked me what my  question was. I said, “well my question is just if you have some kind of pain right now”? He said: “Yes, actually I have a little pain at this moment”. I asked him where it was and after he told me his feet hurted I could pray for it. After the first prayer the pain level went down from pain level 4 to PL2, and after the second prayer all pain was gone! Hallelujah! The guy looked very happy and a bit surprised and said he had seen some of the youth of the church community I attended in Ghent. I wonder how he met them etc… but I couldn’t ask because he was working. Anyway, later on my wife heard him tell to a girl who was standing next to him “that guy” (pointing to me) is praying for people and has just healed”. Amazing; no need to advertise 🙂 I always say that it’s not me who’s the healer but Jesus, and that it is the proof that He’s still alive as they have felt “something”.


2. This picture is taken right after the last one when I went to search for some other people to pray for but the first one I asked after the guy was healed didn’t had any pain or didn’t look like she was open for a talk so I went on.


3. Then I met a girl who had some “monthly pains” as she called it. I was a bit surprised by her openness but I said that I wanted to pray for her so she could feel the power of God. She was ok. with it so I prayed for her. I took her hand and prayed one or two times (don’t know any more) and all pain was gone. Halleluja!


4. The next person who got healed was an African guy who was waiting on a tram. I started a conversation with him and he said he was a Christian too. I asked if he had some kind of pain and he did had some pain. Amazing, sometimes you have to ask 100 people before you find someone who let you pray for his pain; today was different. After I could pray for him all pain left after 1 or two prayers. His bus arrived so he had to go, but surely he had something to think about! Jesus is our healer!!


5. The fourth guy I prayed for is a happy story.

040717.6jpgI was sitting relaxed next to my wife and was happy that we went home after a good day! I was also a bit tired of the day so I was very happy that we were on our way home. Then this guy with his girlfriend came also on the same tram. I saw that he had a brace so it was very obvious that something was wrong. When I finally get convinced to go and talk to him he said that he had pain. I think he said PL6. After I asked if I could pray for him he looked a bit surprised and said that “it felt better” after the first prayer. After the second he said; “yes, it’s surely better”; and after the third prayer he said everything was gone. “HOW DO YOU DO THIS”???  I told him that I didn’t heal him but Jesus Christ had just healed him. Sadly they had to go off the next tram stop so I didn’t had all the time I wanted but he surely had an experience with the power of God. He also said that he surely would read my blog which I shared with him “disciplelife.blog

We came at our destination were a young couple was sitting. I decided to ask them also if they had any pain. The guy said he had some pain (in his hand or his head I do not know any more). I asked if   I could pray for it. He said he didn’t believe in that but I said that I did and that was enough. He said I could pray for him. After the first prayer he was very surprised and said; “yes”, it is surely better. After the second prayer all pain left. The guy was really surprised and looked to his girlfriend when he said that al pain was gone. You could see that he was honest. She said: “really”?” Than his girlfriend looked her boyfriend in the eye and said with a stern voice; “you know what I think about that”. Immediately the boy turned to me and said, hehe, joke; it’s just the same. I said really? People are healed all the time in Jesus name, but he said: no, not with me. This won’t happen with me. I was sad to hear this but I decided to leave them. Very sad that people estime the approval of men higher than the approval of God. Walking in this world and being like Jesus surly gives you much joy but it can also give you a lot of pain as you feel love for the people and those same  people reject you or don’t want anything to do with (what) you (do).  I guess this is were we signed up for?!!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 04.07.2017; Visiting my home town!

    1. I watched your testimony video! Impressive! Yoo came a long way! …. and it’s just the beginning (like the TLR-crew would say;) Wish we could meet someday but the closest I’ll come in these weeks will be Scotland 😉 Wish you the best Steven!

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