Thursday 06.007.17; Kickstart of Sara & Heleen; a wonderful day!


Our team, picture taken after the kickstart!


What a wonderful day it was! Some hours ago I would meet in Ghent with Sara and Heleen. The aim was to let them pray for people with pain; and let them see “how people get healed by their prayer”. They would pray and I just had to ask people if they had pain and if my friends could pray for it.  If the plan would work, my friends  could go home totally lifted up by the testimonie(s) that there were people who got healed by them praying for it! Amen, that’s what I wanted them to see because I believe that praying for the sick/people with pain; is the best method of evangelisation that our Father has given us!

A short overview:

  1. First I would show them how easy it is to pray for people and see them getting healed so my eye started searching for youngsters to pray for. I saw a group of teenagers sitting at floor -1 below us so we went down. I went to the boys and one girl and asked if someone of them had pain. They were with 3-1 as I remember correctly and one of them had pain were I could pray for. Two prayers and the guy was totally healed (from painlevel 7 on a scale of ten, to 4, to 0). The guy didn’t expect this to  happen and was totally amazed! I told the guy the gospel in the “cups and cookies” method of Thorben but without the glasses. The guy who got healed and the only girl of the gang were very attentive. I gave this guy a DVD of the last reformation, the beginning and let them take a picture of my contact information card. They said they would watch the movie and contact me when they would have some questions or when they wanted to be baptised! Hallelujah; this is LIFE!  (I forgot to take a picture with them, but that’s ok!)
  2. Now it was time for the two girls to pray; and they were ready for it!
    060717.2jpgSara would pray first. I went to a guy who’s foot was in pain. He said the pain level was more like a 4 on a scale of 10. After one prayer it came down to 2, but then nothing helped anymore. It remained 2.  The guy was a bit amused but most important was that he was also thankful and said it out loud.  He didn’t look weird at us or started to  insult us.  We don’t know why things didn’t get better after 3 or 4 prayers. I know you sometimes need to pray more than 8 times to see healing but I didn’t want to make it to awkward for their first time so we could leave the guy with a smile now. He was happy, and we were happy he had felt his pain reduce.
  3. Then we met a girls group were one of them had pain in her shoulder. pain level 8 so that’s a lot! Now it was Heleen who prayed and the pain went down from an  8 to 4. The girl was shocked! Strangely it didn’t go  lower than that but as we know we had prayed healing over it and it had go down from 8 to 4, two or three times Heleen still prayed but nothing happened anymore. Time to move on. We said goodbye to the girls and I said that it still could go down later on. The girls were thankful and said goodbye.
  4. 060717.3pgThis was a young guy with back pain, pain level (PL) 2. Sara prayed once for it and the pain went away! PL.0! The guy was impressed but even more his friend who was a moslima girl. She looked very surprised and we could share some gospel with her and gave her a DVD. Wonderful!
  5. Then we met a young woman who’s shoulder had be going out of her joint. Heleen prayed for it but she didn’t wanted to check it out because of her doctors advice.
  6. Then there was that guy in a gang of youngsters who came across us. The leader of the gang had pain on his tongue but didn’t want me to touch him. I pointed at his mouth and spoke healing over his tongue for three or four times but nothing changed. I had prayed before for people with pointing and people were healed but this here it didn’t work. Anyway, the guy didn’t believe anything would happen so we could leave him as this guy was heading somewhere with his gang. A pity that it didn’t work out for him but we have to move on so we did!

HeFor 6-years pain in his upper back PL7; and pain in his breast PL6 from working out!Both girls prayed for this big guy who didn’t want to be in the picture. He was a friendly youngster who asked us what we would do after I asked him if he had pain. I said that my friends would pray for it and pain would leave. He said his upper back was in pain for already more then 6-years. After one or two prayers all pain was gone and he was impressed. The girls could pray for his breast who was also in pain. He said it was not such a problem but after Sara and Heleen prayed for it all pain left. Hallelujah! What a nice story to end with (we were thinking)! We shared Jesus with him and left.


060717.5pg This was a real victory story to (really) end with!  We were walking to the exit of the shopping center and were talking about what just happened. Everyone of us was really happy. I saw an African looking woman standing at the exit of the mall so I asked her is she had any pain. It turned out that she had already four months pain in her hip. After Heleen prayed two times for it it went down from PL 6, to PL4. She was thankful and was checking it still a few times. She said that she could now put her leg against her but what she couldn’t do before! Hallelujah! At the same moment the youngster group were I had prayed for at the very beginning of our kickstart passed us. Sara went to them to tell them that Jesus had just healed the big guy who was standing a bit further. They were saying in amazement; “really”?! I put my hands on her hip and commanded all the pain to go and the woman immediately said that my hand felt “very hot” when I put it on her leg. I said that that Jesus was busy healing her and she started to check her hip. After I asked again she exclaimed! Yes, it’s gone! Thank you!! This woman was a woman of peace and we shared all our contact information because this woman wanted to meet with us again to hear the full gospel! Amazing,  TO BE CONTINUED!!! (sadly the follow up would be without the other girls because they are living so far and have a busy schedule! I’ll make up a date with her and meet in a café to explain the whole gospel in peace). Now it was time to go home. We all said good bye with smiles on our faces and greeted each other.

THIS KICKSTART WAS A SUCCES! This is what the woman who were kickstarted said after their experience:

Sara: it was very nice to go on the road togehter and to experience everything from the front row. It is a totally different experience than when you read those stories in a book. What will stay in my mind was the simplicity of this kickstart. It all went very naturally, nothing was forced on me.

Heleen: Yes, it felt so normal, without some kind of mysticism.

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