Saterday 08.07.17, Going on the streets of Ghent, with my friend and fellow believer!

A wonderfull evening it was! I made an appointment with Dmytro a  good friend of mine. Together we had a dinner  and had decided to walk through the city and ask people if we could pray for them. As we already knew; every day is different and this evening would be good!!

This is a quick overview:

08.07.17(1)When we walked through Ghent Veldstraat I saw a jong lady sitting on the ground waiting on the tram. I decided to go and ask her if she had any pain. She had lots of pain in her leg she answered. I asked how much on a scale of 10. 8 she replied. Waaw! That was a lot. “Can I pray for it” I asked. “Yes” she replied. I prayed three times and all the pain was gone! After the first prayer it stayed at pain level 8, after the second it became 4, and after the third prayer all pain was gone. The girl was surprised and very happy with the healing. I said that God wanted tjo give her something much bigger than the healing, “eternal life” and I explained her the gospel in the “cups and cookie-style of Thorben” but without any cups;) . When I was almost finnished her tram arrived so I ended my talk and we said goodbye! What a nice start!





This woman had a little pain in her throat (2/10). She didn’t believe in “those things” but I could pray for it after asking. Two or three prayers and all the pain left. She was surprised but to much enjoying her day with her friends to be focused enough on the gospel I shared with her. Anyway she had an encounter with the power of God! Now the Holy Spirit can bring this into her mind whenever he wants! We’re all send out into the harvest fields, what  a joy it is to share the goodness of our Creator with his creation! 😀


As my friend (and fellow brother in Christ) went to some people I went to a gang who had seemingly a bachelor party. I asked if anyone of them had pain and one of them said he had much pain in his finger. I asked how much on a scale of 10 and surprisingly the guy said “8”. Waaw, “today was a good day to find people with lots of pain” I was thinking. I asked if I could pray for it and he agreed immediately.

I could hear his friends 08.07.17(4)starting to laugh a bit but I prayed once for it and all the pain left immediately! Halleluja! I still asked a second time if  “ALL” the pain was gone to be sure, but the guy said with a surprised face “yes”! And looked with amazement to his finger. Few of his friends said to him, “no, that can’t be”.  But the guy was firm in his reply “YES, TRULY, NO PAIN ANYMORE!”   I looked the guy in his face and started sharing Jesus with him. Then one of his friends asked me what Jesus thought about homosexuality but I said “wait, I’m talking to your friend, afterwards I’ll come to you”. After I had finnished sharing Jesus with the guy who was just healed I said to his friend that the bible is clear about that. “Neither people who sleep around, nor homosexuals shall inherit the Kingdom of God” (Rom1:9-10). We all need to repent be baptised and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Some didn’t agree, some began to joke about it so I decided to leave them. Some had been interested others were not; anyway they all had seen the power of God.


08.07.17(5)We found a cyclist who had a little pain were Dmytro could pray for. (He wanted to be incognito so I blurred the picture a bit). He said it was 0.5, not much but still he could feel it. Dmytro prayed once and he surely felt “something” but the little pain was still there. He said it was now more like a 0.25 so my Dmytro prayed again. After the second prayer all pain was gone and the guy was very open to hear all what we had to say about what just happened. I gave him my contact information and he said he would contact me if he had questions. We said goodbye and we all left with smiles on our faces. Nice encounter it was!


Here was someone with an  obvious need of prayer (we were thinking) but the guy had no pain and said everything was alright with him. Still we could pray for him when we asked for it. This gang was very open and was happy that we prayed for them. This time they were first to ask for a picture. The guy with his brace wanted to show it to his girlfriend.  



We ended the day with having a drink at a terrace. I asked the waitress if she had any pain. She smiled and said with a friendly voice that she didn’t had but that she would ask the staff it they had pain. She didn’t return and I didn’t dare to ask her again as she was working hard. Anyway it had become time to return home after a very nice day! Thank you Jesus!!!



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