Sunday 09.07.17; Kickstart Oostende (Belgium)

Through the network that TLR has made I get into contact with Noel who told me that there would be a kickstart Sunday the 9e of Juli in Oostende (Belgium). As a Belgian I wanted to be part of that so I decided to go, although there was not much time to think about it because the kickstart would be just two days later than the text message came to me. So on Sunday 09.07.17, I didn’t visit the church building but I decided to be the church in power amongst the people. These the highlights of the day:

1. At the station of Oostende was a Romanian beggar who asked me €30. I told him that I wanted to give him something else and asked if he had pain. He said he had a headache (4/10). I asked if I could pray for him on which he agreed. After one prayer all the pain left. Hallelujah! A nice start of the day! I shared Jesus with him and had to leave quiet quick because Noel came together with Veerle to pick me up.

What a joy it wasKickstart OOSTENDE 3. to travel together to the kickstart in a car. We were all very enthousiast how God was and had been working in our lives so we spend a nice time telling testimonies to each other in the car.

Once at the place (Oostende) we first waited on all who would join us. After 15 minutes waiting we were with 7 (if I remember correctly). We went to the seashore and split up after agreeing on a place to meet.  (we would meet up at the bin -waste recycler, see pic). We decided all to come back at our meeting place after one hour. Off we went!

I would kickstart a guy who had  prayed before for people to get healed and had seen healing but wasn’t so experienced in it and wanted to go with me. I searched for some people were the guy could pray for but found nobody at first sight. When I saw some skaters I saw a possibility because those people mostly have some kind of pain. I went to them in full confidence that somebody would have pain and indeed one of them had some pain in his leg. 4/10. I asked if my friend could pray and after three or four prayers all pain was gone. Hallelujaah!

Kickstart OOSTENDE 4.

After this it was time to come together again. Noel explained to us how easy to understand and practical it was if you share the gospel in the cups and cookies style of Thorben (from minute 5:50 on) of TLR. We all saw Noel doing it and saw that it was really powerful!

Kickstart OOSTENDE 5

After this we went together searching for some more people to pray for and met the family of one of our team members. The father was also interested in everything the Last Reformation had introduced (Luke 10 in practise) and was very open. While everybody was talking to this couple I asked his kids if they had pain. One of the kids said he had pain in his knee (I think it was his knee, not sure anymore). He said to me his pain level and after the second prayer the pain level went down. After the third/or fourth prayer all his pain was gone. Hallelujah! His father saw it happening while they were talking. Great, as it will surely make the faith of the parents and the boy stronger it is wonderful to see how God wants to heal all of us, small and great! Big and tiny 🙂


Kickstart OOSTENDE 6
While Noel was playing his guitar and sharing life with some- the search to meet people to share Jesus with went on!



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