Wednesday 12.06.17, What an amazing day!

The aim of writing this blog is to encourage my brothers ands sisters in the Lord and to tell them what I have learned as I am stepping out of my “figurative faith-boat”. Today I learned some lessons, though some lessons I learned are more likely assumptions. Anyway, I think it can be important to keep them in mind when you  go on the streets.

So on Wednesday there was a teen which I had led during a Christian camp for teenagers in Germany  who had read my blog and wanted to see it with his own eyes! Also Noel (a brother in Christ, see “Kickstart Oostende, Belgium“) wanted to be part of it because he lives in the area around Ghent.

I was a bit earlier at the station so I could still pray for some people. I was praying and thanking God for this perfect day and I saw an African guy walking towards me. I decided to ask him if he had pain, but he said he had none. We had a nice conversation so I asked him if he wanted a coffee. He agreed. I went to the coffee place and saw that there was one other guy just standing/waiting/talking at the coffee shop. I decided to ask him if he had any pain. He said he had so I asked where, and if I could pray for it in Jesus name. When he heard the name Jesus he started to laugh a bit and told me he was a muslim. I said that Jesus also wants to heal muslims. I asked again if I could pray for his pain and he finally said it was ok.  But when I prayed I asked if the pain in his arm (pain level 8) went down. After the first prayer he said “:NO”! After the second, :”NO”! After the third: “No”! and after the last/fourth prayer, again, “NO!”. I didn’t want to go on praying (what I sometimes do but I looked to the guy and was thinking that even though he would be healed he would still say “NO!” because it looked like he enjoyed to say to me that Jesus hadn’t healed him! My faith didn’t 12.07.17 .2go down as I had a guess “why it didn’t happen”. I asked now the coffee seller if he had any pain. Also he had a lot of pain. I think he said his hand hurted a lot.  His pain level was a 7 on a scale of 10 so he had lots of pain in his hand. I prayed three or four times and all pain went gradually away. First prayer nothing happened. After the second prayer it came down to 4, after third of fourth prayer it was gone. Now there came another guy. I thought let’s ask him too so I did. It seemed that he had a lot of pain in his neck (8/10).  After my first prayer it went a little bit down but after the second or third it was all gone. The guy was very surprised and tested his neck all the time and exclaimed, crazy!! I don’t feel pain anymore! Now the guy I had prayed for in the beginning which had said he didn’t feel any difference after my prayer asked me again. “Can you pray for my feet”? I was thinking… strange! If the guy wouldn’t have been healed during my prayers I prayed for him at the beginning, why would he ask me again to pray for it? He had seen that it didn’t work with him, or did it actually work? Maybe he had no pain but just wanted to make fun of “prayer in Jesus name that didn’t work” as he would say “NO change in pain”! We don’t know! But what I do know is that he asked for prayer and at this time I believed he would be honest otherwise he wouldn’t ask.  After the first prayer  nothing changed, or it went a little bit down. After the second and third prayer he was totally healed and really surprised. “It really works?! All pain is gone! ? !  Now I had there full attention and I could share, first the gospel with the guy with his grey shirt and afterwards I could share the gospel to the two muslims. Waaaw, they didn’t expect healing but now they had all felt the power of Jesus healing them!  The teenager were I was waiting on had already arrived and had seen Jesus  healing these guys! He had also seen how I shared the gospel with them so actually he had already seen were he came for, wonderfull!


We both went to the city center to eat something together before Noel would join us.
When we had eaten and had met Noel we all decided to go to the shopping center Zuid as it had starting to rain.  In the shopping center Noel showed the cups and cookies to Daniel (the teen that was with me) and explained a lot to him. Daniel had some problems with some theological issues but saw how we shared JESUS to people who weren’t searching for Him but still had an encounter with Jesus.

Time to go out of the shoppingcenter. As I went out I saw a group of teens (3) who were just strolling around. I went to them and asked them if someone had some pain. One of the girls had a lot of pain in her troath/her neck or her head; don’t know any more. She said it was around a  7/10 when I asked her to give it a number. When I asked if I could pray for it she started to laugh! Sorry, I don’t believe in those things. No problem I said, I believe and that’s enough. Jesus will show you He’s real! … After talking some more she was convinced I meant what I said and she let me pray for her. After the first prayer nothing happened, but already after the second or third prayer all pain left. This girl was SHOCKED! “Really, it’s all gone”! Noel came to join us as he heard the girl reacting in surprise. We shared Jesus with her and asked if we could take a picture to show our friends how God wants to use all of us!


12.07.17 .5

After this Noel and me both went our way! Noel went to a group of youngsters who were laying down in the grass and listened to their life stories.  These youngsters had no pain but had “all the time of the world” as they were enjoying the weather. Noel shared Jesus with them by singing some songs for them on his guitar.

I went to the little gang of boys who were skating. I went to them and started my conversation by asking if some of them had some pain. A lot of them had! They quickly agreed when I asked if I could pray for it. Amazing.  Daniel who was with me made a video out of the third guy I prayed for who got healed.


I shared Jesus with them but it seemed like they were really enjoying the weather and wanted to skate. One of the guys was “a person of peace” and was really amazed and open to hear all what I had to say so I told him to come with me to a bench were I could explain to him the whole gospel. After sitting with him on a bench and talking five minutes with him I could hear that this guy was already a believer. His father was a follower of Jesus and the guy also said that he was baptised by his dad and spoke already in tongues (as I remember correctly). Amazing! Now that I’m writing this, I came to understand that I should have asked the guy if he wanted to come with me to pray for the sick next week as I will be in the city center. Pity, I forgot! It was time to go home for us. Noel  wasn’t finnished yet with those youngsters and stayed with them. Wonderful!
Those three guys all got healed by one or another injury!



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