Sunday 16.07.17; Easy Sunday!

Yesterday was Sunday! A happy day to take it a bit easier. I met with my friend Dmytro at a St. Baafs cathedral in Ghent city!

Last time my friend went out to share the gospel, he had met a friendly American pastor who had invited him to his American-Romanian  house chuch. When I contacted my friend to ask if my friend had time to go out he explained his situation.  I decided to go with him to the house church and later on go on the streets with him.

What  happend?:

When we were talking to the pastor couple the Holy Spirit told me the wife of the pastor (who ws sitting on the bench) had  back pain. When I asked her she said she indeed had but had taken some medicine and had no pain at the moment. Still I asked if I could pray for it as the Lord had revealed this to me . I prayed and send the back pain away! I try to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit so whenever I have the feeling the Holy Spirit says somehting to me I try to know if it was really the Holy Spirit. (Mostly by asking the people if it’s true that… ). Yes! It had been the voice of the Holy Spirit! Thank you Lord!

After the service was finnished Dmytro and me went to eat something at a Christian Egyptian who ran a kebab place. We went in and I asked if anyone of them had pain. No one had praise the Lord! We ended up with some nice conversation about the school system in Belgian, and how important it was to raise your children with good bible teachings. When we were finnished we went to the streets and we met the whole gang of Sport Quest Belgium. We had a very nice conversation and after that I asked if we could pray for them, one of them said he just wanted to ask the same to us so we prayed on the streets for each other. It was kinda funny; while we were in a group shoulder to shoulder blessing- and praying for each other I could see some people looking at us with surprised faces.  What a blessing it is to  be part of a such a lovely family!


It had become late and we decided to go home and meet each other still some more times while I still was in Belgium 😀

Some hours ago I went again to the city center to have a meeting with someone who asked me to go with him to India. While I was waiting on him a group of youngsters came to sit next to me. I started to think, should I ask them if they have pain but I didn’t felt like asking them. After I heard them say something about leaving I turned towards them and said that “I love people and I don’t want anyone to have pain”. Does anyone of you now have some kind of pain or sickness? … They all answered. “no, but thank you!” The last girl said “… euh, yes; actually I do have some pain, while scraping her throat.  I said, “Ooh, that’s really said. If you have to give it a number from 1-10 how much would the pain level be”. She said; “a five!” “Whaaw, that”s a lot” I said. “Yes”, she replied; “I defenitely feel it”. Then I asked her if I could pray for it and she said immediately; “sure”, so I send all the pain away and thanked Jesus for healing her. After this I asked her to check her pain. She scraped her throat again and said a bit in amazement; “Yes, it truly is gone”! Her friends were not confused but said; “waaaw! Thank you! It surely must help!” I told them about Jesus and that he wanted to give them much more than just a little healing. They needed to go but said they would check out the blog with a link to the video.

This group of youngsters was amazing! Some people are caught in doubt and don’t want to believe that Jesus also wants to heal “little pains” like “head aches, throat aches, a sore back” but when I read the bible I read that we can ask the Father what so ever in Jesus name and it will be given unto you so that it would lift up the name of Jesus! I believe that is still valid, but do we trust Him to keep His word? Do we pray according to His will? Do we know His will?

I have experienced that the more you “risk things” for Christ,  like your own dignity; the more you’ll see! We have to be BOLD LIKE LIONS! It is time for the children of God to know their authority and to use it!


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