Tuesday 18.07.17, Much more than healing!!! Feasts in Ghent (2)

Part 2

This was the last group I went to, to ask if someone of them had pain. One of them said he had some pain. After having prayed one time all the pain went away! Amazing,  I heard (I think it was) the youngest saying to his brother that he was hungry and wanted to eat something. I quickly asked them if they had already eaten something.  The girl (who was the “voice of the group”) said “No”. I asked if they wanted to eat something in the Mac Donalds. They all said: Ooh, YES!!! I could see their eyes sparkling from excitement! I wonder if they had ever eaten a menu at the Mac Donalds. I felt blessed of being able to treat them with something they really liked!

After the food I thought of going a bit around the city with them (at a certain moment I even had to protect them  because there were some Moroccone or Turkish youngsters who wanted to fight with them (without a reason!) ). Is it because they were children from Roma gypsies? Did they know each other and were those children lying to me? Or was it something spiritual going on? The Devil wanting to take their blessing/joy/peace away? It felt strange to me.

Anyway, the older guys started to ask me if they could go and have a ride in the bumper cars. I decided to pay “one ride” for all of them on those “bumper cars”. Each one of them received one coin and they could decide how to use it!

After this it had become late; time to end this day.  We said good bye and off they went.

What a perfect day it had become, the morning was wonderfull; but also during the evening it had become a nice experience of sharing Christ with some people I felt drawn too.


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