Thursday 20.07.17, I didn’t bring my swimming pants in vain!

Thursday 20.07.17 would be the last day I would be praying for people at the Ghent Festival because on Friday I needed to be in Brussels before leaving to Scotland!

On Wednesday I could pray for many people in an evangelical church in Ghent. It was a perfect location to share the gospel because there the people were at ease with coffee and one or two pancake(s) for free. While eating them somebody from the church or from the teams who went out could go to the people and start a conversation with them.

Like I said I could connect quite easily with some people and talk about God. A friend of me was talking to two muslim ladies and asked me to come and pray for them because they were in pain. We all know that my friend could also pray for them but she felt more at ease if I would do it.  So I prayed with one lady and all her pain left from the first prayer, the other could still feel some little pain after praying, but when I commanded the spirit of infirmity; and false religion to let go,  this woman spoke in Arabic to her friend and then said to me that she could feel like all kind of ants moving inside her body. She defenitely felt better but not all the pain of that lady left. I knew that their could probably be a spirit of false religion (Islam) causing her to feel pain as she felt something moving inside her body  when I commanded the spirit of false religion and infirmity to let go. Another friend of me knew that she still needed to be delivered from some demons and could also feel in her body something going on as she was sitting on the same table. I was unaware of what was going on in my friend so I asked her to hold hands (the four of us) when commanding those evil spirits to let go of that lady. My friend didn’t want to hold hands as she was afraid of what could/would happen to her. She had already an appointment with someone who would cast out those last demon(s) in her (this I heard afterwards). Anyway I put my hands on this woman and first asked her some questions concerning her faith.  She said she was a muslim and didn’t want to leave Islam as she felt this was the way. Now I took my hands back because I knew that this woman couldn’t be total free as she didn’t want to let go of ISLAM. I’ll pray that God would draw this woman near to Him until she finally would recognise that Islam was not the way to God and would find total deliverance in Jesus.

Then some other American brother who lived now a days in Belgium asked me to come to his table where he was talking to someone who also needed to be free from pain. I quickly spoke with the guy and asked him where he had pain and how much on a scale of 10. He said he had very much pain in his arm. A 10 on a scale of 10 so I prayed for it. After the fourth prayer it already had be going down  to a 2 but on that pain level  it stayed. I started to speak with this young man and shared the gospel in the cups and cookie style which I learned from Thorben Sondergaerd (see minute 5:50). I asked this guy if he was already baptised on his own faith but he said  he hadn’t been baptised. I asked him if he wanted to chose for Jesus and be baptised on his own faith for the forgiveness of sins. A bit surprising to me this guy said “yes”! Hallelujah! The fruit was being harvested. Tomorrow we would go to some water pool in Ghent! Hallelujah!

Even though this had to be a victory story it more became a story where I learned a lot!
The thing I learned was that when you baptise you should do it with someone who is “TLR-minded”. What do I mean with that? … I mean; someone who first of all want to ask to the person who will be baptised if he/she needs to confess something to God/something he/she wants to leave behind in the water! Why? Because then you know where you can pray for when you baptise him/her and which spirit to adress after baptising him/her. Thorben says he always command the demons of (rebellion, false religion, fear, hatred, etc… have a talk so you know which demons to adress) to go when he has baptised someone; in a way as there would be this kind of demon. If there is that kind of demon you’ll see it and can proceed in commanding that spirit to leave until you see this person is free from it! If there isn’t you should stop and start praising God for total freedom and deliverance. Yesterday my American brother and his wife had prayed the sinners prayer with this guy and believed this guy didn’t need to confess more before baptising him and didn’t need to pray for deliverance after having baptised him. I didn’t wanted to start a fight in front of this new believer with my brothers and sister in the Lord so togehter we went to the water pool in Ghent. We baptised him and went back home. I saw this guy touching his arm and I felt  very strongly that this guy needed deliverance but shut  up because the American couple already told me they didn’t wanted us (I came togehter with another TLR-minded friend this time) to do a real repentance talk before baptising this guy. They also didn’t want my TLR-minded friend to be part of the baptism and didn’t want to take him with us when we would go to the water pool in Ghent.

While going home I didn’t feel amazingly  happy; what normally should be the case because we had baptised someone. I felt that we had done half work and now had left the guy being UNfree.  I felt a bit like I lost a game.  Happily not the match because I had learned again (something my brother had told me already) that when you baptise you should do it the right way. Because baptism is very strong you should also pray for deliverance at the same time. Anyway, the American couple would keep in contact with this guy and connect him to some churches in London where this guy would soon go to.




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