Friday 21.07.2017; leaving to Scotland
Starbucks café in Ghent Sint Pieters

What a pleasure it is to go around with the Holy Spirit living in you!

When I went to the station on Friday I saw two sportive black girls at the Starbucks café. People who know me know that I love to talk; and especially about Jesus. So; having the Holy Spirit in me I know that I have the power (given by The Holy Spirit) to heal people so I asked those two American sportive ladies if they had some kind of pain because seeing that they were really sportive I think they didn’t wanted any pain restricting them to come to their full potential. They told me they were indeed two ladies who did competitive sports. I asked them if they had some kind of pain at the moment. The first girl looked a bit weird at me but said; “no, no pain at the moment”. The other girl was quiet so I asked her again the same question. This girl said after some hesitation that her neck hurted quiet badly since this morning. I asked if I could pray for it and she said after some seconds. “Yes”. I prayed one prayer and all the pain left her immediately. This girl was shocked, but they needed to go for their train. She said that she wanted to have my number. I said that she was in need of Jesus’ number! He could fix more than she thought. They were very thankful and both said good bye. Again I told them they should check out who Jesus really is and what He said from himself. “I didn’t heal you, this was the power of God himself, healing you. He wants to give you something much more than a little healing! LIFE ETERNAL!!!” 😀
My firstly “frustrated” taxi-driver who became very happy and open after being healed!



When I came in Brussels airport I took a taxi to my hotel. I knew it was very close but I first wanted to check the way to go to my hotel  while sitting in a taxi.
I asked for a taxi and the guy quickly said that I had to go in his car and he already left before I could ask him something. I told him where I had to be but the taxi driver didn’t know the way so he took his GPS and started to complain to me that I shouldn’t had to take a taxi to go to my hotel which was 800 meters away from the airport. I said I didn’t know the way and wanted to check it out but this guy was frustrated as he was already waiting for 2hours for someone to go with is car.

Before I knew (2 minutes later) we were at our destination. The taxi driver took my luggage out of his car while he kept on complaining to me. I asked him if I could ask him a special question. Seemingly a bit surprised he said: “well, go on” so I asked him if he had somewhere some kind of pain. First he said “no” but after a while he said, actually I do have a lot of pain, why?!”. Now I said that I wanted to pray for it and it would all go away. I asked where he had pain and the guy said that his but hurted a lot. A 10 on the scale of 10. I asked him if he felt ok with me praying for it and the guy said; “ok! You can do it”. I took his hand and commanded all pain in or on his but to go immediately and asked the taxi driver if he still could feel the pain. The taxi driver was quiet for a moment and then said; … No! I don’t feel it anymore at the moment. I said that it had gone because I had prayed in Jesus name and Jesus had given his disciples the power over all pain and diseases. Hallelujah. The taxi driver was totally changed now and let me explain some stuff to him. He said that he also believed in Jesus but I told him that the Jesus from the Christians is a different Jesus than the Jesus for the muslims. The Jesus were I put my trust in is Gods son. He is the one who healed you! The taxi driver was listening very attentive and told me now how I had to go to the airport partly on foot when I needed to be there on saterday at 5h30. Very thankful he said goodbye. I’m sure this guy will have a lot to think about when he went back to the station.

Finally I entered my B&B in Zaventem. I asked the owner where I could find a place to eat so I went towards the place. Nobody had pain so I decided to eat my evening meal. While I went back to the B&B I met a guy who seemed to have problems with his leg. I asked him what the problem was and het told me he had been operated twice on his leg and had to walk now on a crutch to give his knee the time to recover. I asked if I still could pray for it on which he agreed. I prayed for it and it ended up with having a very good conversation.  It had become late so we  both needed to go home. We left each other and wished the best for each other! I genuinely love this guy but don’t know how to make the best out of this good conversation. Lord Jesus help me as I’m your disciple wanting all to accept your sacrifice on the cross! Lord, help me with “our commission” Thank you!!! You’ll always be my God!



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