Monday 24.07.17, My wife finally got kickstarted! :D

This is my beautiful wife! She is a huge blessing God has given me! After we married in summer 2016 we both have found a new understanding of being a disciple. We watched the TLR-movie together (Oct 2016) and after that saw all of the Pioneer School lessons in only few weeks. We were and are still hungry to experience the Life of a disciple to the full!


For me, praying on the streets started right away in October 2016. After I heard Torben say “whatever you have learned, you immediately should put into practise” (I think it was in Pioneer lesson 5) I went on my own to the shopping mall in the city where I live, Forssa (Finland). I didn’t want to wait on a Kickstart-event because God had given me lots of courage and I believed people would get healed on the spot when I would pray for them. In the shop I asked all people who passed me if they had any kind of pain that I could pray for. It took some time but after two hours I had seen two teenagers getting healed! Hallelujah! Amazing, but I still had a bit of doubt; were they really healed? Didn’t they just say , “Yes, the pain is gone”, to get rid of me?… I needed more practise and was determined to go after it!

After I  realized in practice that God wants to use all believers and we don’t need to wait for that “special anointing” I have been on the streets almost every day and have seen lots of people getting healed and becoming open to hear the gospel. This is life! Now I really live to make disciples and share the gospel everywhere I go! I had been talking about Jesus to strangers even before starting to pray for people on the streets, but with the healing, it has come much more powerful and effectful (thanks to TLR that pointed me to Bible)!  Hallelujah!

For my wife the story has been a bit different: “I’ve seen more people been healed in the streets than I can count, but mainly by my husband. I’m not as courageous as he is. We’ve been together in few kickstart events, where I’ve been praying for few people on the streets, but mostly the healing wasn’t so clear, or it was partial. For me, it has been hard to believe that prayer works every time, which gives me fear. Of course I want to fight the fear and not give into it and anyway, it shouldn’t stop me, even if I don’t see healing every time, if it still happens on the other times. Still, it’s easier said than done!”

My wife has seen people getting healed by her prayer but I know from myself that it usually needs more than one person who get healed by your prayer, to be kickstarted, meaning to really know that you can do it (because it is God’s power, not ours).

We started our search from the Central station. I asked around dozen of people, while my wife was waiting a bit further, but nobody had pain. Just when we stepped out of the station, there was a youngish man (30-40 y) before us. I asked him if he had any pain. He told that he had had a lot of headache for a long time (even 3 weeks, if I remember correctly). I asked if my wife could quickly pray for it and after only one prayer (“Pain go away in Jesus name”) his pain went down from a 6 to a zero! Waaw! He was very happy and asked our names and shook our hands. Also he had a lovely but quite thick scottish accent, so it was hard to get everything he said 😀 He was a bit in a hurry, so we didn’t get the chance to explain the gospel. My wife saw this guy clearly getting healed by her prayer. Thank you Jesus!

Half an hour later (after visiting some shops and asking all kinds of people) I saw a guy, maybe in his 50’s coming from behind us walking with a crutch! Ahaa! This might be our next person! Just when he was about to pass us, I asked him my “normal question”. He had pain in his back due to a car accident that had happend years ago and that’s why he had to use a crutch. My wife prayed for him and now two prayers were needed to let his pain go down to 0! He was amazed! Waaw! How did you do this? “This was God showing you that he’s there”. We had by chance met him just at his front door, so the chat was quite short (also his accent was quite scottish which surely makes the communication harder). You really need to learn how to present the gospel to everyone in the time you get from the persons.

Not every one is truly open to hear the gospel, only some; these persons we call persons of peace. These persons are really open and connect you to their friends/family! This was the case with the hotel receptionist the day before. When we came back to the hotel, he was shaking our hands and was still very thankful of the healing that had happened. When he had gone home from work yesterday, he had told his family that he had gotten healed. He told us laughingly, that the family didn’t believe him. When we shared that my wife had also just prayed for two people who got healed, he said: “You both are doing a great work!”. (Next morning my wife had a nice small chat with the receptionist: My wife: “…Thanks! You’re really wise!”, Receptionist: “Nooo, I don’t have such wisdom as you and your husband”, My wife: “Well, our wisdom is from Bible, which is accessible for anybody!” :D)

Thoughts from my wife: “Today was a great and encouraging experience! It was the first time that I prayed for a stranger on the street so that the healing was clear and total! It was amazing to see how both the men reacted and were happy and surprised. It was truly like I was giving a gift for them. I thank God, that he let us meet these people for both my sake and theirs. The fishing (searching for people with pain) is a hard and sometimes discouraging job, but when you find the right people, it brings you great joy!”
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