Sunday 23.07.17, Going out on my own in Scotland!

Amazing, amazing! You got to believe that there is a super power in every one of us who  has the Holy Spirit. Who has the Holy Spirit? I can write a sermon about that because the ministries of the Holy Spirit are often confused.

The beginning of the Church of God was announced with powerful miracles, and Peter preached an inspired sermon describing how we can receive the Holy Spirit:

“Then Peter said to them, ‘Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit’” (Acts 2:38).

Other passages show that the Spirit is usually given to the repentant believer after baptism when a minister lays his hands on the person and asks God to give the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:14-17).

Like I said I don’t want to talk to much about that because there is a lot more to cover but maybe just this one thing. When filled with the Holy Spirit there is a super power inside of you where, very sadly,  not many of us are aware of! At least, I wasn’t until I saw the movie the beginning, the last reformation . Seeing that movie changed my way of thinking totally! After seeing the fifth lesson of the pioneerschool, “preach and heal” I went out myself because the God I saw in the movie was the same God I knew. After two weeks of seeing miracles happening on the street where  I was walking, I decided with my wife to go to a Christian music festival in Finland (M&N festival). The country I am currently living in. Out of that happening a blog was born! “”  ‘I’m living the miraculous life, you can have it too’

So, on Sunday I had decided to go to the streets of Glasgow. I was Excited to see what God would do this evening. These are my meetings:

  1. This guy had no pain, and asked me if I was going to the church (building) 😀 Sadly I had to disappoint this fellow. “No; I am not going to the church building right now,  I am the church and want to go to the people who will maybe never step in to a church building! Question; do you have some pain at the moment?”. No he hadn’t and wished me a good day! It had been an encouraging short conversation to begin with! 😀



Honestly I don’t remember what, where and how much pain this man had. What I do know is that this man had pain and was healed in Jesus name. He said something about Islam but I could tell him that the Jesus I believed in was the son of God who had just healed him! I also told him that the Jesus he believed in (the Koranique Jesus wasn’t the Jesus from the Injil, NT. for muslims!). He thanked me and walked away.

This seemed to be a homeless guy as he was living on the streets. My wife and I saw a lot people begging for money on the streets of Glasgow. It felt weird to me to see also “white” people begging for money. Anyway, their situation can be totally different than I expect so whatever the case I am not in the position to judge.
Anyway I felt really drawn towards this guy (who was sitting on the ground). I went to him and asked him if he was in pain. He said that he had no pain while sitting on the ground but when he had to walk he had been in pain for about four months already. I asked if I could pray for him. He thanked me and said, “of course”. I prayed and asked to check it out. This guy started to walk a bit and than said that he had no pain no more. At least not at the moment… but that’s a phrase you hear a lot because people don’t expect to be healed! Glory! I shared the gospel to him in the cups and cookie style of Torben but he also began to talk about Mohammed and Islam and our good conversation was gone. We said good bye to each other and wished each other the best!

Don’t know any more but this guy was healed from something! I didn’t got much time from him to explain the gospel to him, which is sad because that’s the aim of the healing!

Girl on the left and on the right their feet were hurting. Got healed immediately!

I saw a gang of girls sitting on the stairs so I went to them and asked if someone had some pain at the moment. They said; “No, not at this moment, or just some pain from to much walking”. I said, “can I pray  for it to leave”? They both said; “ok. no problem”! I prayed a short prayer and commanded the pain to go in Jesus name and immediately all the pain left! They were amazed but enjoyed to much “the time they had with each other”. Their attention was “zero” so I decided to leave them quite quickly.
Sore feet! Pain level 4! All pain left after one prayer!

Ok! These woman had sore feet and let me pray for it. Result; all pain went away after one prayer! They were very happy but not focused enough to listen very carefully to what I had to say. Anyway, Jesus told us that “these signs will follow those who believe” so I don’t have to be afraid from this power living in me. On contrary it is the sign of being a believer cf. Marc. 16:17  I know I throw my “gospel seed” everywhere around; not always checking if it would be good ground to fall on but who knows; their might be one or two seeds that will fall on good ground surrounded by al kinds of weeds! Bringing in that one lost sheep is my motto! This will give my daddy lots of joy and that’s why I want do this.
Her eye was “totally closed” at the start; after the first prayer it started to open very slowly!

I wanted to find some person of peace (someone who is open to listen to the whole gospel, not just to accept the healing) but had to wait for that. The hardest thing is always finding a person who is sick or in pain who allows you to pray for their pain. This foreign looking woman had some kind of hurt in her eye. When she was walking towards me togehter with her friend I could see that her right eye was totally closed. A clear situation of someone who had a physical problem! I walked to her and asked her if she had some pain. Her friend said she had and let me pray for it.  When I started praying the girl changed form language and started talking to her friend next to  her. I asked her how it was but it was like she didn’t hear me and continued talking to her friend in her mother tongue. I think it was in the end “her friend” who told me that she felt her eye opening. Sadly they were on their way and had to go quite quickly after I shared some very short Jesus message.

Then I met a gang teenagers. I love to meet  those guys and went straight to them when I saw them. No one had pain except the tall guy.  After letting me pray very  shortly, all pain left. They were impressed but also on their way  so I had not much time to share the gospel. Anyway they had an encounter with Jesus’ power and the Holy Spirit could bring the short conversation back in their mind when they would be searching! What is even more is that the Holy Spirit is on the way with each of them and this little healing of their friend could be one of the many things they will see God doing in their life; until they finally will give up (their own proud) and surrender to God.

It had become around 22h so I decided to go back to my hotel


Still I passed by a couple who was hanging around in the streets. I asked them if they had any pain and they did. After having prayed for them I could share some gospel with the  h23.07.17.9-10-11jpgusband but not for long because after one minute his wife started talking to me “yes, but actually I’m also a Christian… ” Her husband tried to calm her a bit down because the timing was a bit inappropriate but she didn’t let him to. Not long after this the husband started to accuse me from all kind of things I wasn’t doing. Sad!  But I had to proceed on my way home as it became worse and worse.  A pity, this guy seemed to be open at the start.

This guy and his wife had both back pain (as I remember correctly) and were both healed.

The receptionist of the hotel was healed from a back pain level 4! He was healed and very surprised! Person of peace!


The last person I would ask if he had pain was of course the receptionist of the hotel were my wife and I were staying. It seemed that he had a back pain already from the morning. I could pray for it if I wanted it. After one prayer the guy was totally amazed! What? How did you do this? … He checked his back over and over again and was perplexed. I explained him the whole gospel in the cup and cookiestyle of Thorben. Finally someone who listened attentive to all I had to say. Great!

When my wife and I wanted to leave the hotel to go back to our home, the receptionist of the hotel said he had told his family what had happened but they didn’t believe him. It would have been great to say;

“yes, that’s the same thing what happened with Jesus when he rose from the grave and later on went to heaven. More than 500 men have seen him go to heaven but no one they told  believed the word of their testimony because they hadn’t seen it themselves. I know it must be frustrating. But now you know it, go  and check out yourselve who this Jesus of Nazareth is, because if He really is what he claimed to be (the son of God) you would be stupid not to check everything he said. Go and discover Him! He is the true light and  He   also went on the cross to save you! :)”

But I didn’t because we were in a hurry and I wasn’t expacting this. (That’s why much practise is very good, at least for me!)
We said goodbye after a few minutes and proceeded towards Glasgow airport.
What a nice visit it had been! Now (Tuesday 25.07.17) we were ready to leave the country! Goodbye Scotland!

10 thoughts on “Sunday 23.07.17, Going out on my own in Scotland!

  1. Hey Bro, Are you here in Scotland? I would really like to team up with you some time;)
    Contact me if you ever near Edinburgh!

    +44 7895328417


    1. Great Eliot! Would be very nice indeed!! If I’ll be near Edinburgh I’ll let you know! But for now this aint gonna happen very soon. Still much appreciation for you suggestion; I’ll keep it in mind:D Kind regards and lots of blessings, Tim&Anni


  2. Hi!
    Where abouts in Finland do you live? We are a family who have also seen The Last Reformation and feel it really reveales what the true Christian life is all about, just as it is written in the Bible. We would like to hook up with people who want to live the true LIFE!
    We live in Sipoo.


    1. Hi Bettina! What a joy to hear from you! We live in Forssa. I’ll have to ask my wife the “whereabouts” from Sippo! But indeed, it would be nice to meet each other and go out together!! I’ll do my research! Bye 🙂


    2. Dear Bettina, can I have your mail adress than we discuss in mail what the possibilities are 😀 .
      My email adres is “”

      talk to you later!


    3. Waaw! Amazing! …. sorry that I didn’t reply earlier! First this mail came into the “junk folder” and than I forgot! Excuse me!
      Yes! Would be really nice to see you guys!
      Have you already been to a kickstart?
      We live in Forssa! When would fit you best to meet?

      Blessings&lots of greetings


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