Mon-Tuesday 02-03.08.17; Back in Finland!

Aah, it has been a great experience to go out in a country that isn’t yours (Scotland I mean).  So being back in Finland after three weeks Belgium (see nine blog posts), and 5-days in Scotland (2-blog posts) felt good.

Being back on Tuesday I took a break ’till Sunday.  On Monday I would hit the road again. Going out to grocery stores in Finland and just trying to be sensitive on where the Spirit would lead me.

Picture taken from our balcony! Finland can be very beautiful!

When I went to the grocery stores on Monday I spoke with some guys at K-market who were very open. Actually one of them was really interested, the other ones disappeared one by one. I Spoke with him about the necessity of being baptised on “your own faith” because he was a believer who had been baptised as a baby. I let him take a picture of 020817.3my contact information card and we said good bye. When passing the bus station I asked a group of three 30-ers sitting on a bench if someone had some pain. I could pray for one guy who got healed from a head ache pain level 5 by the first prayer. Thank you Jesus. He thanked me for the healing and I pointed out (again) that it wasn’t me who had healed him but Jesus Christ. This guy immediately said, “no no! You just healed me”. I said that I had no super powers just Jesus living inside of me by witch I can command all pain  to go. He was not sure and they started to talk among themselves so I decided to leave them and go home. Tomorrow was a new day.

Tuesday I went again to the same shop (Prisma).  No big things happened in- or outside the shop. Teenagers who were sitting at the Pizza buffet were not really interested and were using bad language when I asked them if they had pain so after having spoken with them for about 5-minutes I decided quite quickly to leave them. A bit disappointed I went home. 100-meter before my appartement I saw a young guy walking very slowly with his head down. I decided to go to this guy to ask him if he felt good or if he had any pain were I could pray for because people were getting healed by Jesus power all around me! This guy looked at me and said that he recognised me from the Prisma-shop and that I had been praying for him before.  I asked him if he knew if he was healed but he didn’t know any more. He then let me pray for his psychological pain and I get a very strong feeling that something was wrong with the relationship between him and his father. I asked him about it and the guy said “yes”. He also said that he was addicted and so the conversation became very interesting. This guy had been raised Lutheran but had left his faith. I spoke with him about what it really meant to “be a Christian” and I could see that he was really touched by the prayer and the conversation we had. I let him take a picture from my contact info paper but I forgot to take his phone number what is a pity. Anyway we said good bye and he promised to watch the movie “the beginning from the last reformation” and to write me a mail if he still had some questions (and wanted to talk more). He would see in the movie that baptism is really powerful and if he wanted to break with everything (drugs and other addictions)  and take a new start with Jesus I could baptise him in the lake. (After repenting of course) but that he seemed to understand. I would pray for freedom, pray for Holy spirit to come, and he would receive the Holy Spirit who would be with him for the rest of his life! He looked very happy at me. I said good bye and could see that this meeting was a not a co-incidence. Hallelujah, praise God!

In the evening my wife went to a Christian women group so for me there was again some time to go out. It was nice weather so happily I went out and started to thank God for his providence! These are my two meetings:

Before K-market was a gang of youngsters, the girl with blond hear got healed from her headache pain level 5 by one prayer! Glory!

I couldn’t share so much of Gospel to them because they were not interested.  Anyway they had all seen that “praying for the sick” was serious business and that Jesus still heals today. The Holy Spirit can use these kind of meetings with his power. Maybe not immediately but later on!

No pain but a very nice conversation.

The guy in the middle let’s call him “Jan” (not real name) had been healed before by me and was telling all positive things from me to his friends. By hearing these positive things his friends became very open to what I had to tell. Again I spoke about baptism when I heard that they had been going to church. Finland used to be a very religious country were babies are baptised. These two people (brother and sister) were also baptised as a babies. Sadly they had to go. They thanked me with a big smile and said good bye!

What a great day it had been!




One thought on “Mon-Tuesday 02-03.08.17; Back in Finland!

  1. Hi Tim, glad to hear that you carry on despite the disappointments. Keep up the good work of God’s kingdom) I’ll pray for many breakthroughs in your life. And that prophetic word about the teenager was definitely a highlight!


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