Tuesday 08.08.17, When healing doesn’t happen

Tuesday morning I decided to go to the Prisma shop, and buy some little things. But that was secondary; my primary goal was to find people/especially teenagers,  youngsters and foreigners, who wanted to listen to what I had to tell them.

I left my appartement at 10am. and after I had bought some stuff I prayed and walked a bit around in Forssa. Then I saw that there was a market. Nice!

I went to the market and asked different people if they had pain but no one had, only one guy at a cafetaria but he let me pray just once and didn’t even want to test it but said; “no it’s just the same” and walked away. A pity because not many people get healed by the first prayer; it might need some prayers. Anyway, even though this never feels good we should quickly “brush the dirt of our feet” (like Jesus told us) and  go on. I had compassion with this man; he clearly was against what he thought was “Jesus” and didn’t want anything to do with it.

The people on the picture were offering tea that you could win. I had a good chat with both of them. Especially the girl as the man had to run his business. The girl didn’t had any pain but was still open for a talk. I spoke about everything I did and why I asked all the people if they had pain. She was from Indonesia and said she knew were Christianity is all about. This girl was listening very carefully to all what I had to tell her but had no pain. So I quickly asked the Lord if I could give this girl something by which she could know that the “thing” I did was not “fake”. I got the feeling that there was something wrong with her mom so I asked her and now the girl said very surprisingly that she just (+/- 10min. ago) got a phone call from her mum (out of Indonesia). She said that there defenitely was something with her mom but her mom couldn’t tell so I asked her if I could pray for her and her mom? Gladly she gave me permission so I put my hand on her shoulder (after asking) and prayed for this girl and her mom.
This girl was clearly touched. What a nice encounter I had been!


In the afternoon I went out again. I met a lot of rejections at first but when I pushed trough I met a lot people were I had nice conversations with.  When I heard that they were already “Christian” I told them about the necessity to be baptised on their own faith(because everyone in Finland who belongs to Lutheran church is baptised as a baby) and that I could baptise them if they wanted to follow and obey Jesus. When they didn’t believe I asked them if they had pain and if I could pray for them.

To be honest, two people didn’t get totally healed in the after noon. One of them didn’t let me pray more than three/or four times (what is a pity), the other one let me pray four times but then I was the one who gave up and said that I didn’t know why not everyone get healed but that I’m learning to become like my master Jesus. “If He would  have been here, you would defenitely be healed”. The guy didn’t care so much and was (still) very friendly towards me!

Like I said, I had lots of good conversations and in the very end I could pray for a woman with schizofrenie. I prayed a first time and asked her what she felt and she said that it was “tingling” all over her body. I know (from watching a lot of testimonies on you tube) that this is a sign that the Holy Spirit is healing. But stupid enough I prayed just one more time (it was still tingeling) and said good bye after I had given her the blog, a link to the movie/reportage + my email adress.

I still need to learn so much. How long should I go on praying before leaving the person? How to cast out a/or more demons ? How do you know it is a spiritual matter or just “renewing of the mind” and how to deal with that?

God is our master and He knows what we still need to learn, He’ll teach us as we’re willing to learn from Him!


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