Wednesday 09.08.17, Lifestyle Christianity!

Some hours ago a friend picked me up to help moving another friend who had to leave Forssa.  Gladly we helped our friend. When it was noon the job was done and we went to eat somewhere in Forssa. We decided to go to Musta Kissa (black kat).

When waiting on our food I was thinking on previous experiences of people who were healed at the pizza- or kebab place and also on the many movies I had seen from many brothers in Christ who had done the same. I had to conclude that eating places are a perfect spot where many people got healed.

So, I grabbed my courage together and went to the desk where I could see two people who were working there. I waited a moment and then turned my face to one of the two people who were working. “Euhm, sorry can I ask you a question, do you have some pain at the moment”
The woman looked a bit confused at me and said, … how do you know? Yes I have pain. I asked where and she told me that her back hurted a lot. After I prayed one time I asked her to check it and she said, “yes, it’s better; yes, it’s better”. I asked if all pain was gone otherwise I would pray again because all pain would leave. But she was totally amazed and didn’t answer my question but asked me if I could pray for her (grand) mother too. Off course I could so I asked her If she could give me her hands so that we would be connected when I was praying for the mother of the person I hold hands with. I don’t know for sure if you need to do it this way but it went automatically. When I was finnished the woman of the shop thanked me and I went to my place to eat my meal.

Waaaw! I like this kind of Christianity. It is a lifestyle of a Christian; the woman didn’t had much time to sit down and to talk about a lot of things but a seed has been sown! Now the Holy Spirit can water it! Glory!
Some of my friends who helped with the moving!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 09.08.17, Lifestyle Christianity!

  1. Thanks Steven; not always evident and I forget it a lot. But I know that it’s nicer to read/make an idea of the story with a picture 😀 Steven I would like some more of your writing skills, can we change? 😀


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