Friday 11.08.17, One open person

On Friday my wife and I took a bus to Hämeenlinna to her parents. We arrived at 8 pm, but we had to wait for some time, before someone would take us, so we went to a shopping mall to wait. We were reading some poster about Finland’s 100 year celebration this year, when a man with a crutch came next to us to read the same posters. My wife could right away feel what I was up to while she was still explaining about Finland in 40’s and 50’s. Just when I was about to ask the guy next to us he started to talk to us and tell some facts about Finnish history. After some sentences it was very easy to continue and ask, if he had any pain. He told us right away, that he has already had 8 back surgeries. He was very open for prayer. I asked if his legs were same length. I asked him to sit on a bench close by, but the legs seemed equal. I prayed for his back few times and every time he said surprised that it was better and also his other leg that was often in much pain.


He told from the start that he’s not religious, but told later that he had been thinking about God and these things in his life and had talked about them, even earlier that day. I explained the Gospel to him and told how just like in a chess game there is rules to follow and turns to take, God has made his turn to save us from sin, so the turn is now ours.


We talked about different things (about 30 mins all together) and I gave him my contacts and link to the TLR-movie and we told how it has greatly changed our lives for better! Since he had clearly been searching God, but hadn’t met him, my wife asked if she can to pray for him in Finnish that God would show himself to him, that Holy Spirit would touch him. We also pointed out that God had already touched him by the healing that had happened.

Still in the end of our talk he wished us well and hoped that nobody would be mean and unpolite to us when we talk about God to people. My wife laughed cordially and said: “Well, they are some times and they will be in the future too. That’s what Bible promises us, so I think we should just pray to have strength to go on despite the people who reject us.” (Happily many of those, who are not ready to hear about God say already “No” from the start, so it doesn’t take our time or theirs.). He also said that he’ll surely watch the movie and will send some email to talk about some thought or theories that had already come to his mind. I hope the story continues! 😀

The man was clearly happy to meet us and so were we! It was a very encouraging meeting were we could all share about our life and experiences!

2 thoughts on “Friday 11.08.17, One open person

  1. Yes, thanks for the prayer Steven! As he said it was always better and better while we were praying for him, we hope and pray that he will, indeed watch the movie and will be touched by it!Let’s see how it continues 🙂


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