Saturday 12.08.17, Kickstart in Shoppingcenter Goodman

On Saturday my wife and I went again to Goodman shoppingcenter to meet a man Ulf. We contacted through the TLR-map. We sat in a cafeteria and told each others about our walk with God and how we had come to know the last reformation -movement and how it had changed our lives. Actually TLR has nothing new to tell, if you know what bible teaches. Still through TLR and their many videos in YouTube we got to know and see how to apply Luc. 10 in your daily life.

Ulf told that he had seen Gods power already as a child when he had prayed for someone in his football team who had gotten injured in the game. Nobody had told it, but he had just somehow got the idea from the Bible stories he had heard. He had quickly put his hand on the hurting spot and commanded the pain to go. The friend had jumped up surprised and had been healed. Later in life Ulf had forgotten all about it and had searched answers in all kind of stuff, but after many years of searching God had pulled Ulf back to Him. Now he wanted again to see how people would be healed by his prayers. He still had a lot of faith and believed he would see it happen, but just going to people and asking them if they had pain and if he could pray for them was still a big step! I have totally no problems of starting a conversation with people I don’t now so that’s something I can use for His kingdom. Everyone who wants to be kickstarted can ask me for a kickstart and we’ll go together somewhere with lots of people and you’ll see the first miracle Jesus performs through your hands!


Ulf and I


After one hour of sharing testimonies about God with each other my wife had to leave. After some more talking Ulf and I went out of the café to search people in the shopping mall. I asked lots of people and in one hour we found 3 people who had pain and let us pray for them. These were the stories:

1. When I take somebody with me to “kickstart” I always show first an example. After asking many we saw a teenager sitting alone on a bench so I went to him and asked if he had some pain. He had pain in his neck (level 8/10) and let me pray for it. After 4 prayers he was totally healed from the neck pain: First prayer nothing changed, Second prayer the pain went down to 6, third prayer to 2 and after the fourth prayer everything was gone. Halleluja! I explained the gospel to him and asked him what was he thinking about all of this. “The healing you just experienced shows you that it isn’t fake what I’m telling you”, I said. He answered he couldn’t really put it into words but thanked me that he was healed and gave me a non-verbal message that he wanted me to leave him so we did. Next I was going try to find another person with pain and ask if my friend Ulf could pray for him.

12.08.17. nro1


2.  While searching Ulf needed to go to toilet so I was alone. While waiting I saw a young man with children. I went to the guy (not really expecting much) and asked him if he had some pain at the moment. He said he had a little bit of pain in his feet or back (I don’t remember anymore). The pain level was more like a three on a scale of ten but everything left after the first prayer! This guy was amazed and thanked me. I pointed to God and went back to Ulf who just came out of the toilet.



3. After all searching we decided to have a cup of coffee before ending our kickstart. When I sat down with my coffee I saw a group of Arabic-looking youngsters passing by and prayed in my heart that they would come to sit at the table next to us if God wanted us to pray for them. After Ulf had ordered his coffee he came to sit next to me. We talked ten minutes and then this group of Arabic looking youngsters came to sit next to us (they had walked passed us but had returned)! Hallelujah! This was our chance! I told Ulf that I would just go to these men and if they needed prayer I would call him. It happened just like I said so I called Ulf to pray for one of the guys who had back pain. Ulf prayed several times and slowly but steadily all the pain left! This guy was very happy and let me take a picture of him and Ulf . Though after I told him that it was Jesus who had healed him and explained him the gospel he became uneasy and asked me to delete the picture. No problem, but a pity because it was such a nice picture! Anyway the aim of this blog is not the pictures, but to tell others that Jesus still wants to use everyone and healing is one of the best way to make disciples! See Matthew 10 & Luke 10. We can read that Jesus said “these signs (healings, etc…) will follow all who believe” and not “these signs will follow all who have the gifting of healing”. So, this blog can also function without pictures but the pics just makes the story “more alive”.

Ulf and I said happily goodbye to each other. We will surely stay in contact since he doesn’t live too far away. It’s so uplifting to share stories about God’s works and to create new stories when going out! 😀

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