Thursday-Friday 20.08.17, Some Fishers advice!

My dear brothers and sisters; Friday I read this post from my brother in Christ! Doug Collins I think it’s a very good one that I want to share with you!

1) DON’T GO FISHING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO CATCH A FISH. This is not sport fishing. We are not doing CATCH AND RELEASE fishing. We do not go out on the streets to just do miracles in Jesus name. He commanded us to make disciples. Make sure it is your heart to make a disciple by not only baptizing them but teaching them what Jesus commanded us. This means making friends and spending lots of time for several months.

2) CATCH THE RIGHT KIND OF FISH. Make sure you are looking for a person of peace as per Luke 10. When I started out I didn’t have this mindset so I passed by so many persons of peace. A person of peace will invite you into their home. When you get there usually its not just them but their family and friends who all want to get healed too. This is your chance to heal and preach the Gospel and possibly start a bible study or home church in their house. Make sure you are able to present the gospel using cups.

3) DON’T GO FISHING IF YOU ALREADY HAVE TOO MANY FISH TO CLEAN. Its ok to go out with others and help them fish, or to take the new disciples you are making out and train them, BUT don’t just go out fishing and let the current fish you are working on fall by the wayside.

4) USE LIVE BAIT. Jesus sent out the 12 and 72 with two main instructions. HEAL THE SICK AND PREACH THE KINGDOM. Your instructions are the same. If you try to argue people into Jesus you will produce little fruit for your efforts. Instead heal the sick as Jesus commanded us to do, then when you present the gospel they will be ready to hear what you have to say. I have prayed and seen Jesus heal thousands of people now and I can’t even remember someone arguing with me after the miracle. If you need help, attend a THE LAST REFORMATION KICKSTART.

5) IT’S NOT A FISHING CONTEST !! It’s not about the biggest miracle. Yes we have seen the blind see. And it is ok to get excited about the miracles Jesus does. However, don’t let it become about who has seen God do the biggest miracle. We are all disciples and we all have the EXACT same Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it is about making disciples!! Remember that although you may have seen many back healings, to the person getting set free from 10 years of debilitating back pain this is the best thing that ever happened to them!! It’s not about how big the miracle is or how many miracles you are seeing, or even the rate of healing, its about demonstrating the love Jesus has given you to people and preaching the gospel, finding a person of peace, and making disciples. If the only thing you ever see healed is sore backs, but you make disciples for Jesus, on judgement day you will be a very happy camper!!

6) DON’T JUST TEACH YOUR FISH HOW TO FISH, TEACH THEM HOW TO CLEAN THEIR FISH. Your job isn’t to just kickstart the disciples you are making. You have to teach them all that Jesus commanded us. He commanded us to make disciples. So teach them to do everything you are doing. Don’t teach the disciples they are making for them. If you do this you will just end up with one large group of disciples. Instead encourage your disciples to make disciples and you support their efforts. If they break off into their own group you have succeeded!! You have now given birth to a new group of disciples!! (Exact opposite of traditional thinking)

7) ITS A “GO” GOSPEL SO DON’T TELL THEM TO COME !! Our first instinct is to do like the world and tell everyone to come to our group. Instead go into their homes and heal the sick and make disciples. Start a bible study in their home!!

8) GO FISHING AT LEAST ONCE PER WEEK. If you don’t make this part of your weekly routine it is very likely you will not continue. If you consistently go fishing every week you will become a better fisherman with each trip.

9) WASH THE FISH RIGHT AWAY!! Each fishing trip I get a few nibbles where people seem interested and agree to get baptized. Many don’t follow through. When you preach according to ACTS 2:38 you will soon find out the Devil hates baptism. He will use every trick to get them to back out. My advice is to do the baptism right away if they are interested. Don’t give Satan time to work out a plan to stop the baptism.

10) DON’T GET UPSET IF YOU DON’T CATCH ANY FISH. Just like real fishing you don’t always catch a fish. If you aren’t having any luck. Pray and ask Jesus. Move to another fishing hole. I was recently out kickstarting someone and we couldn’t find anyone to say yes to prayer, and then the people we did pray for were unimpressed. We prayed and God said to go to the cereal isle. WOW. Tons of miracles and they came to us!! Similarly yesterday we were in a Home Depot and about 20 people didn’t want prayer. God told us to go to the Dollarama and bam.. Tons of miracles and we even found a possible person of peace!

11) BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT BUT START WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS FROM JESUS. Absolutely be sensitive to who the Holy Spirit wants you to approach, BUT if you are not getting a particular leading fall back to LUKE 10. Jesus has already given us instructions… We are to “heal the sick we find”. Which means you have to FIND them. So if I don’t have a particular leading from the Holy Spirit I don’t just walk around wasting time. Instead I start finding. So I just ask everyone I run into. But if the Holy Spirit points someone out, I make a bee line straight to them.

12) SMILE. You might be nervous at first when you approach people but a smile and cheerful attitude goes a long way to putting the person you are approaching at ease.

13) DON’T SPOOK THE FISH!! Don’t come from behind. If you spook the person by surprising them they are unlikely to be open to what you are proposing. Circle around the isle so you are not coming to them from behind.

14) DON’T GANG UP ON THE FISH. You may feel more comfortable in a group or 5 or 6 people but when you approach someone they will be intimidated by a larger group and will likely shut you down. When Jesus sent out the disciples, he sent them in pairs. Two people is optimum. Of course at times you will be alone and sometimes you might be 3 people. That’s ok but once you reach 4 people, split into pairs and then meet up every 30 minutes to compare notes and switch partners, matching the strong with the weaker.

15) PREACH THE REAL GOSPEL. Do NOT use the sinners prayer. It is not in your bible. A clear presentation of gospel can be found preached by Peter in Acts 2. Pay special attention to Acts 2:38. Memorize and use this as your base when presenting the gospel. If you copy Peter you can be sure you are not preaching a false gospel. In the past I used the sinners prayer but always felt something was wrong. I got them to pray and prayer and then said goodbye. However we are commanded to make disciples, not get people to pray a prayer. If you follow acts 2:38 it naturally creates a discipleship relationship. You have them start repentance on the street. Then they need to be baptized. If they agree go baptize them right away. Once you have baptized them you are already making friends!! If you continue the friendship and keep teaching them about Jesus you are now discipling them!! Simple, easy and effective.

16) ATTEND A KICKSTART. This is not mean’t to be an advertisement, but their is no substitute for hands on training. The Last Reformation holds kickstarts all around the world. You can go my website at and their are links to find kickstarts or you can sign up for a personal kickstart with me and my team. There are also many other teams around the world fully qualified to kickstart you. I have a link on my kickstart page to find those kickstarts.

God Bless and Happy Fishing !!

Doug Collins – A disciple of Jesus

On Thursday I was looking to “being led by the Holy Spirit, by Thorben Sondergaard”,  it was an amazing teaching of “How the Holy Spirit wants to be involved in our lives”. I would go running this evening with my friend here in Forssa, Finland were I live and went outside to wait on him. When  I came out of the door I said to God why I don’t hear as clearly as Thorben hears the Holy Spirit. The moment I said it out loud  a woman came out of the door and approached her car. I get the feeling that she had some pain in her shoulder. I decided to check it out and went to the lady (as my friend didn’t came yet). I had to knock on her window because she just went in her car, but now I was determined to know if it was the Holy Spirits leading I had felt so I knocked on her window and she opened her door. I asked her is she had pain in her shoulder and she said she indeed had pain in her shoulder. Amazing, my faith jumped up! I told her that I wanted to pray for her and all the pain would go away because I felt that “the Holy Spirit just told me that you had pain in your shoulder” without me knowing you. The woman became a bit interested and came out of her car so I could pray for her. I prayed one time and, I think all the pain left. (It was still difficult to understand her totally as she couldn’t speak / or just didn’t want, to speak English. I think it was not because she didn’t wanted to speak English, I think it was because she was still a bit in shock by what just happened. Anyway as I was a bit sharing the gospel to her my friend came. The woman also had to go to some location so she thanked me and said goodbye! Waaw, what a nice Holy Spirit led encouter.

On Friday my wife and I went to her parents in Hämeenlinna  My mother-in-law came to take us and we went togehter to a shop. When we entered the shop we passed by a youngster. I don’t get a super voice who tells me to whom I have to go and pray but sometimes I have a strong “desire” to go and talk to some persons that I see I’m walking. In those times they often have pain and let me pray for them. This time I got that “desire” so went to him and asked if he had pain. He didn’t understand so much English (which I heard later), and said he did not have pain. His friend came to ask me what I was doing so I also asked him if he had  pain. He said he did not have pain but his friend (the guy I had just spoken with) had a lot pain at his feet. I explained him that I had already asked the friend but he didn’t have pain. I leaned from him that the first guy didn’t understand  English s  and that the pain level was even a 10 on  10! Already from the first prayer It seemed that the pain was gone. After telling them that Jesus  healed had healed him, the English-speaking guy told me they needed to go so I wished them the best and told them again that Jesus had just healed him. The English-speaking friend said, “yes, Jesus” and guy I prayed for, came back to me and pointed again to his feet. I understood that he still had some pain so I prayed again. Now he smiled again and said “thank you”!! 😀 and left!

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