Fri-Saterday 25-27.08.17; “Whaaw, is this magic?”!

On Saturday there was a wedding of my wife’s friend. It was a very nice wedding. It was and is really beautiful “to see and know” a young couple getting married who have waited for sex. That is hard to find these days but I’m happy that it still exists! Hallelujah!! Anyway I saw a man who was walking with a cane and immediately I wanted to go to this man and pray for him but I firstly asked my wife what she thought about it. She said, “hmmm; maybe not”. Aaaah, that was a pity. I was hoping for some support but my wife was maybe afraid of losing another friendship (since I get to know “The Last Reformation” you can find me praying for people quite often on several social occasions and because of that I have seen lots of people getting healed. These days I’m full of testimonies of what God does through my hands and I can’t stop talking about it. Not everyone is happy with this so I try not to talk about it to non-believers but when they ask me what I am doing for work I tell them that I don’t have a payed job because I want to work for somehting that is much more important. Getting people saved. Me talking about Jesus  has made many friendships become colder (Friendships towards people who call themselves Christians) so I didn’t go immediately to this guy . After going for a second round (wedding buffet) I saw the man with a cane again and now I asked God if I should go to Him. My wife didn’t gave me her support but didn’t stop me eather so I waited on what I would hear from the Holy Spirit. Being married with this wonderful wife of mine I am used to hear the Holy Spirit say to me; “Tim, just listen to your wife” so now I was a bit surprised to get the Holy Spirit’s conviction: “yes Tim, go to him”. I didn’t need more support so I went to him and asked this man why he was walking with this cane and if he had pain. He said he had pain in his back so I asked him if his legs were the same length because it happens quite often that the problem is due to the different lengths of the legs..

He said his legs were different and he let me pray for it. After 20 seconds of commanding the shorter leg to come out I could see that the legs were now the same length. I said to a young guy who was watching it if he could also see what I saw. He confirmed and said that he also saw that the legs were not the same length at the start but after 20 seconds commanding the leg to grow out in Jesus name they were now the same. Amazing!

I was very happy because this was the first time that somebody let me pray for his/her shorter leg to come out. I knew that it would happen but it is not easy to find people with different lengts of legs who let me pray for them. At least not for me.


Now I thought that the man’s hurt would be totally fixed so I said that he should walk around again without cane but he couldn’t do this very easily. I asked him if he could feel a change but he said it was the same, the only thing, he said, was “my leg feels very hot now”. Ahaaa! Having prayed for more that 200 people who have been healed I knew that this was a sign from the Holy Spirit that he was busy healing. I said to the guy that I would let it be and would speak to him a bit later. At the end of the wedding I went to the guy but everything was still the same, walking was still very difficult and his leg was still “hot”. I said that the Holy Spirit was stil healing and that I would try to connect him with people of The Last Reformation in Norway as he was living in Norway. He was not a believer and had been searching for cure for his problem for more than 15-years. I’m am excited to hear from him what will happen. Sunday we went to the city center to eat lunch. While we were eating in RAX- there was a group of three young men sitting close by. I felt I should go to those guys and ask them my favourite questions. One of the guys was a bit laughing and told me he has a hang over. I said that God could heal that also. The pain level was 6 from 10. One prayer and everything was gone!  One of the guys said; “really” and the guy confirmed strongly!

My wife went to buy some clothes for our travel to India and I prayed around (haha). After asking different people I met a group of Middle eastern looking youngsters. One of them had some pain and let me pray for it.  All the pain left after the first prayer. “Waaaw! Is this magic?” Me: “NO! This is Jesus, you know …” and I explained some gospel but he started with asking some stupid questions back. Then he pointed to another of his friends who had pain. I could pray for him and all his pain left also after one or two prayers. Then one of his other friends asked me to pray for his pain. He had a lot of scarfs on his arm. I prayed for him and all his pain left (also from the first prayer). His pain level was more than 10 on a scale of 10 (so VERY MUCH PAIN) and it had gone  to 0 by just one simple prayer! I think I was more amazed than he was, but he was very happy. And was talking to his friends in his mother tongue! Now there was still a fourth guy who let me pray for his pain that also went away after on prayer! Waaw! What a manifestation of the Holy Spirit! Everybody healed but they were to much enjoying the social gathering with friends who were came and went. It was very hard to talk to their heart as they were not focused enough. Really sad but I pray that they will still meet other people who present them Jesus at a time when they will be searching for a Savior! At least they have came to know the healing power of Jesus!

Sadly I was not allowed to take a picture from this group of youngsters as they were afraid to be recognised.

I checked my watch and knew that my wife and I had to go very quick to catch our last bus so I said goodbye to them and started to search for my wife.




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