Sat. 02.09, Somebody who was healed after I left him!

When I went to a second hand shop with my wife I saw somebody my wife and me now from the pentecostal church we visit sometimes in Forssa. 

I asked her how she was and she said she was good but had a head ache pain level 5.

All pain left after short commanding the pain to leave her! God is great & Satan is a loser.


This is a picture from a youngster that I met in an international church in Forssa (once in two weeks this international church was held in F.). He remembered that I prayed for him when I was close to his school and saw him with pain. He wasn’t healed at the moment but short after I left him he was. The next day, he said, he had been searching to find me. But without succes.

Now I met him here in this church. Wonderful! The Lord had brought him to this place where he was following a course to become a follower of Christ! Halleluja!

He didn’t want to be on the picture so I took a pic from his shoes! 

God is good!

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