Sat. 16.09.17 Kickstarting a mother with her son in Aalborg 

On the weekend fri-sunday 15-17.09 there was a kickstart organised by the PLS. We gladly were part of the kickstart.

On Saterday the persons who would want to kickstart some other (you could choose how many you wanted to kickstart by raising the amount of fingers/persons you could kickstart) came in front. I raised two fingers and a mother came to me with her son. Together we would go to the city of Aalborg.

These were some of our encounters:

1.  I first wanted to show them how it went and searched for someone with pain who wanted to let me pray over it.

I found someone on the bicycle with tooth ache. I pointed to her soar teeth and after the third prayer all pain was gone. What was special to see is that each time I pronounced the name of Jesus “… in Jesus name” you could see that their happend something in her mouth. After the third time comanding the pain to go in Jesus name, pointing to her teeth, she almost fell from her bike.

Waaaw! This was strong! My persons to be kickstarted had seen how it went so now they could pray foe the next. I asked all people I could find and after some searching I found an older Asian looking guy with his wife who had pain in his hand.

I asked if my friend could pray for it and he agreed. After the young guy (who wanted to be kickstarted) spoke out a simple prayer, the Asian looking guy was astonished! He checked his hand over and over and asked “how did you do this”.

Waaaw! If every healing could be so clear as this one I believe that a lot more people would already be almost every day on the street healing people. Sadly this is more exceptional than normal. But anyway, we have to endure. God commanded us to heal the sick. Some healings are more clear than other. We can just hope to become better in it by doing this more and more. Faith is like a mussle, the more you use it the more it grows (Thorben S.).

We found someone with pain in his arm. I think he said that he had been operated before and because of that he could not lift his arm very high. The boy who wanted to be kickstarted prayed for it and all pain left. Now this foreigner was again able to lift his hand on high. He was very happy and thanked us.

We found a very impressive guy with pain in his feet that left him after one prayer!

Waaw, this boy was really kickstarted and saw everyone he prayed for getting healed after one or two prayers.

Then we went to the bus station. We found a group of youngsters who were muslim. I asked them if they had pain and one admitted to have pain. The young guy I kickstarted prayed for it and the muslim guy was healed. He immediately said to his friend that he had to try it because he was just healed. His friend didn’t want to let us pray for him and started to discuss with his friend in Arabic. I could see that he was not happy about this healing and that  he had become very angry on his friend who had said that his pain was gone after we prayed in Jesus name. Now the guy who was just healed turned to us and changed his mind declaring that he had been joking because he was not healed.

This was really sad. This guy had been healed, that we had seen by his reaction but because of the reaction of his friend he now lied about it.

We left them knowing that he was lying to us.

The mother of the young boy found somebody else with tooth ache were she could pray for. After one or two short prayers all pain left.

Nice we all could return home, having seen different people getting healed, we had seen people lying to us and had seen that God wants to use us all. He is waiting on us to lay our hands on the sick and proclaim healing over it. Jesus has already paid the price by which he took all the pain of this world on him (Isa. 53:4) so now we just have to proclaim this victory over all the sick and believe it.

Happely we went back 🙂

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