Mon 18.09.17, It’s nice to go with my new friend Petrus on the street!

Waaw! What a day! These are some pictures of some things that happened:

1. We started speaking to two other African guys. After that we could pray for them (they had no pain but asked prayer) we saw another African watching us. He had some pain in his legs that went away after one prayer. After this we shared some gospel with him! A nice start!

2 we saw two guys on a bench. One of them had pain in his stomach. One prayer and everything left. We saw that they were drunk. Conversating was difficult so we left quite quick.

3. We entered a store where we had to flee “Tim: sorry can we ask you a question? Do you have any kind of pain?

Manager: Oooh your are those Jesus people, get the xxx out of here!”

He spoke some more lies about the identity from the owner of the Jesus hotel, so we left!

4. Then I entered another shop and asked if my friend could pray for her sore back. After one prayer all pain was gone. When we aked her if we could take a pic from her she didn’t want because she thought she was not prity. We assured her she was and left.

5. On the other side of the street were 2 christian woman (we heard later). One of them had pain in her neck. Painlevel 6. After two prayers it went down to 2 but it didn’t go under that. We do not know why it didn’t go away totally but left as their friend had walked away.

6. Than we met a group of youngsters. Mainly Muslim. I was a bit “afraid that it would just be the same like last time I kickstarted in Aalborg a mother with her son, but No! This time was different. They were all interested, one of them was really asking all kind of questions and open to hear our answer. Nobody had pain but it had been a good meeting!

7. As last we encountered three advertisers. The girl was not advertising while the other two man were, so I asked her if she had pain. She said “no” but my college has. I explained a lot “gospel” to her knowing that when her collegue would finnish his talk with a client, he would be healed and she would know that everything I told her was “serious business”.

It all went like I said. The boy stopped talking and let Petrus pray for his soar back. My friend, Petrus prayed once and all pain left! Hallelujah. It was time to go home now.

Before going home Petrus and me went to a cafetaria and drank some coffee and shared some life stories! I’m sure we’ll become very good friends.

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